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    Oh sh*t, here we go again :D

    Seems that way.

    First noticed when one of my toons became trapped on the Hearthwarm Sky Island (something like four or five hours ago, but I'd been afk for food and it may have broken earlier). Had no access to apartments or Arteicia. Couldn't try the Quezak Gates because after attempting to go to Arteicia I couldn't call any dragon. Mobs had vanished; only NPCs around were Territory War Officers and maybe the guys in the building I'd been in prior (apartment manager and furniture merchant in the other building were gone). Once I went into character selection I couldn't get back in through that toon.

    Tried other toons and found Puretia "not available."

    However, Inartia has been working fine for the past few hours. No mail or guild access, though. Too scared to try going into dungeons, Wintertide, or Alentia. World chat was working for at least a while, so others survived somewhere. Right now just farting around, chasing down RM merchants for location pics. Might gather more basha grass later if I can get back in after I get some sleep.

    My personal routine has been to use only green or blue eggs in the incubators, since I rarely want a particular dragon from one of them; that way, whether or not anyone dances, I lose nothing. Egg price and availability are less of an issue, as I have never bothered to buy a green or blue egg when I can easily find them lying around or trade with the lair manager for them.

    I would like to point out that I clearly recall a statement made by a GM on either the old DP EU forum or as far back as the NA server that purple and pure eggs do not increase the likelihood of getting seal breakers (I remember it because that was the first time I'd ever heard anything like that, and it explained why people advertising in chat always emphasized the rarity of their eggs); however, I admit that's not something I can confirm even anecdotally, as I don't dance specifically for them and don't always notice when I get them, so if someone can prove one way or the other I'd be happy to hear the evidence. What I can say with confidence is that I dance for just a handful of people and very rarely get seal breakers at all, which tells me that building up a supply requires making dancing a strong commitment, as you need to be dancing for dozens of people on a daily basis. Dancing to get seal breakers is definitely not efficient, though it is another way to get them for free if you can be patient. If you're dancing, you're doing it mostly for the upkeep of your own nests.

    I keep my eggs in an apartment because the apartment rent is significantly cheaper than that of any size property (I have the MS blueprints, so that's 1500 units of space for 240 gold per day)—a year's rent is comfortably under 100K, which is great for more casual and/or low-level players who still need gold to spend on frequent equipment repair, crafting, shards, and other things. I understand the observation that an apartment takes longer to get in and out of and is therefore more tedious, but I find that really only matters if you're filling up every unit of space with nests and only ever visit them to swap out eggs, and thus need to make ten or more trips to a guild sanctuary all within the same hour or two. Creating staggered nest groups can help with that, especially for people with a lot of nests or few/no extra stable spaces; I have twenty-four nests and only need to make two trips, so I don't find having nests in an apartment to be a problem and am vaguely entertaining the idea of adding another dozen.

    Just my two cents.

    And I have to admit. Idk the Reason why this happens atm but the IT is working to solve this problem.

    I'd appreciate hearing more about what's going on as the information becomes available to you; I'm reluctant to start cooking my valuable eggs when there's the looming threat of random, inexplicable server crashes/failures.

    Same issue here. All my toons are currently located in Puretia, Laedis, or Wynnadia, and all three zones are "not activated yet." Have tried to log in multiple times with a couple of toons with the same results, even when attempting to use the insta-port to Laedis from the character menu.

    Seems like Gamigo is having some major problems. First the forum, which apparently has yet to be resolved as they merely rolled it back to a previous save, and now the game itself. I feel sorry for all the egg holders for their lost time and money.

    As Kidira explained, the Dragon's Prophet you played on the NA server and the Dragon's Prophet you played on the EU servers were run by two entirely unrelated companies that never shared player data. So that both accounts had the same login info doesn't matter—you can strike that from the list of possible issues (one less thing to worry about!).

    It's good that you have a ticket in, but if you're raring to play and are willing to trust a stranger and try anything, you can see if the link below helps. This is the link that was sent to me (copy/pasted directly from the support email) when I had client problems after migration; in my case, it was an interrupted/corrupt download that had shown a 100% download even though the download had not actually completed. This .zip file from support resolved the issue for me:

    Account-wide Utyon, Seeker Dragon, and Metron have been put in market since Livjatan—Liv was my first account-wide, and I've since grabbed Utyon and Seeker. I completely missed the sale with Metron so I can't be certain, but when they listed it in the forum (pretty much when the sale was over) they mentioned it was account-wide.

    There may have been one other, but it would have been one I wasn't interested in and so didn't buy and don't remember the identity of. Or I could be completely delusional and making that up. I don't know. It might have been Eseriel, which I do like but couldn't justify because I'd already bought two and it didn't match the themes of my other characters.

    In any case, they definitely don't get put out often. One every few months would be a neat idea. Maybe a max of two or three annually? But I admit I don't know anything about dragons being account-wide other than that some are and a lot aren't, and that the ones that are also have a version that isn't, and that there's a non-account version of Frostbiter that's bugged to register as the account version so that you have to spend money to re-egg it if you accidentally buy it for the wrong character because the housing system won't let you pass it through storage.

    All I can see is this is what the real life alabaster sailhorn would look like. And now I'm scarred for life and will never look at him the same way.

    YAAAAAAAAAS, OMGWTFBBQ. Why TF didn't I think of that? That's PERFECT. The headgear is pointing the wrong way, but I can handle that, no problem. You go ahead and be scarred for life, my friend—I'LL TAKE IT. Maybe call him Fangface.

    No, better—one of my alts has a Grave Rider I renamed Tundra Wraith. That'll do. 8):thumbup:

    you get the skill by entering your house/apartment for the first time. It also costs 600gold to travel from a skytouched knight to your house, the opposite is impossible if I recall.

    If you pay the 600 gold to transport from any SDK to your house and then open the house transport, there's a button with a warp/portal spiral on it that for another 600 gold will return you to the SDK you transported from (I've been from the one in Oraville to my house and back several times). But you must transport to your house from the SDK that's in the zone you want to transport back to.

    There are also caveats that will reset that warp/portal to Arteicia—e.g., I think you can't log out before using returning to that zone, and you may not even be able to leave the housing system (or maybe it's the islands in general; alternatively, if you are allowed, you can't use another SDK).

    To add to what Aykalia said:

    To my knowledge, the Misty Moonlight transport is one-way—that is, the dragon Whirlmoon will take you to where Misty is (Arteicia) from any town in Auratia where you find him, but not back to where you came from.

    With the exception of the Christmas event, all events that offer transportation are one-way only (unless they've tucked the return transports somewhere I haven't found).


    Every zone has one town where a Giant Skytouched Dragon is standing, and near it will be a man in armor called Giant Skytouched Dragon Knight (in Arteicia, I believe he's called the Transportation Master instead). By speaking to the knight, you can get to and from entire zones, which you unlock by traveling to them in some other fashion first (e.g., train or airship). On the map, they share the airship icon (ship with a wing-like sail, colored blue and white).

    Town-to-town travel within a zone can be done through the transportation centers, which you've probably encountered already (green wheel on the map). You must have been within a town already to be able to transport there, however.

    The transport book (default key for the book should be 'P') is able to take you or your party anywhere you've been, but you have to save the point in the book first.

    I can't help with the translocation skill, since I've never actually used it, to be honest. Maybe I should give it a try. lol

    There are also airships and the train, but they're pretty self-explanatory—there's always someone on the docks/platform who can tell you where the airship/train will take you if one stops there. A few towns host multiple airship docks, so it's important to check them all if you're having trouble getting to where you want to go. If you're in Droan Town or Underworld Port (both in Laedis), you MUST be on Channel 1 for the airships to appear (you can find your channel on the lower right corner above the mini-map, and then switch channels in the settings, accessible through the UI).

    I think that's everything. ^^

    I've been wondering about the incubation lamps. I didn't buy it myself, but I saw one on the NA server shortly before it was shut down (Daybreak just started throwing everything into the market after they chose to be sheisty and underhanded), so I know they exist. Whether it actually worked I have no idea, but if it didn't, that seems like something very possible to get fixed and put out that would be of enduring interest to players.

    Tamerain, level 77 is stuck in Inartia with the yellow quest "The Old Veterinarian". The doctor refuses to be rescued so the second part of the quest, getting his doctor bag, cannot be completed. She has logged out of the game and come back in but nothing works. Unable to do the quest or delete the quest and get it again. Please help!

    This is a bug I keep hearing about, but I have to admit that of the three times I've run it I've never had to deal with it, even though I don't believe I've ever run it exactly the same way twice. I did "help" someone else with it here on the boards before (I offered suggestions, but the other person resolved the issue themselves before I went in-game to try to assist).

    That said, if I remember correctly, that person mentioned having to dismount from their dragon to access the chest containing the toolbag. What I can say for myself in relation to that is that a) I don't recall ever being on dragonback when I opened the chest, and b) I may have had to get very close to the chest, zoom in to first-person, and move the camera around until I could get the right angle to interact with it and get the toolbag out. If those haven't been tried, I suggest that.

    Please let me know the results, as this seems to be a bug that is somewhat commonly encountered and it would be good to have a for-sure solution.

    Could you give us a little more info on what the quest is then because I don't remember any main quests which you have to help a doctor with tools

    I believe it's the quest involving Wayne T. (surname is slipping my mind at the moment—Tyvek?) and/or his father. At this point, Atricus has been moved to the house in Arpati, but Rykar (or someone) says he still needs help. You have to go the settlement that's past Arjak Cave and across the road from Silverthorn's path to seek the assistance of a skilled veterinarian. There, you hear that the veterinarian has been abducted by the goblins across the river in an abandoned fort. The veterinarian is upstairs, his bag is on the ground floor in the big room in the back, with the goblin leader.


    In my opinion, there should be a nice balance between items/things you can spent your real money on and things you just have to invest your time in to get them.

    *With this post I'm done in this thread*^^

    We are in full agreement. ;)

    I just don't see that it helps anything to bar people from doing something they want to do that isn't harming other players; I have fun my way, they have fun their way. That's all.

    Regole you should write books for a living lol, everytime I see you on the forum there's this huge wall of text coming right after the name xD (not complaining, it's actually entertaining to read it all)

    Ha ha, I actually do write stories for personal entertainment—have for more than twenty years now. Long comments anywhere are pretty much a staple for me; I tend toward long-windedness (thanks, Mom!), so it's a constant battle to be as concise as possible, but I don't always succeed. Some people like it, some are driven crazy by it. :P

    Well, the argument that people don't have time for certain things to grind is not valid in my eyes.


    The event isn't that hard and if someone really wants something specific, he or she is able to get.

    I do understand what you mean. But either way, the ultimate question is, time or not, whose business is it whether someone grinds for an item or buys it? Mine? Yours? Anyone's?

    Am I of the opinion that it's a copout to buy 102 Laedis gear (for the sake of discussion) rather than grind for it? Yes. But my personal belief is that a game is a game—something we should be willing to spend time on because the idea is to relax and have fun, not be the best at everything as fast as possible (I loathe the meaningless effort that is powerleveling).

    The problem is that that's merely my opinion. And using my opinion to police other people's choices when it has no actual effect on my ability to enjoy the game is a complete waste of time. Who am I to tell others that because I chose to grind, they have to also? If they spend money to get 102 Laedis gear, then get bored and quit playing, what have I actually lost? They spent money! The server lives on, and I'm benefiting from their impatience. Nothing terrible has happened to me because someone else couldn't wait.

    The thing is, people who spend money to avoid grinding (specifically for things like 102 Laedis, as marketplace-only items like the event item in question are obviously a different matter) were likely never going to grind in the first place. Forcing them to do so will only make them quit playing faster, because they'll decide it's not worth it. If the longevity of the game matters, then letting people buy what they could grind for just so they'll play the game for a month, week, day longer is fine by me.

    To be clear, it wouldn't exactly thrill me to see 102 Laedis gear (or anything of that sort) made available in the marketplace, but it isn't something I'm going to view as some personal affront and preach against, either. People who would never grind for it would buy it, those willing and able to grind for it wouldn't buy it, and in the end it's just catering to a certain portion of the playerbase.

    Closest thing I can compare is Christmas, you don't get Christmas presents every day do you? Same goes with event items in video games.

    lol Not every day, no, but certainly any day of the year when someone in my family—particularly my mother—happens to buy me something for Christmas (or my birthday) but is terrified of putting it "in a safe place" for months at a time.

    I'm kind of mixed on this. There are already some Halloween items (specifically, most of the transformation coins) in the ruby market, and they've been there for ages, year-round. I asked a while back, but the Christmas transformations aren't there (unless that was done very recently). The Skitterbunny chocolate isn't there either. Why one holiday but not the others? Why a handful of holiday transformations, but no holiday costumes?

    It's not like we're actively prevented from wearing a holiday costume (or using a holiday dragon) outside the range of that holiday—that's an entirely self-imposed limitation. Why should buying (part of) a holiday costume outside that range be any different? Isn't that money spent in support of the game, and therefore a good thing? If I love Christmas that much that I want it to be the primary (or only) theme for one of my characters, why should I be forced to accept someone else's arbitrary limitation of "wrong time of the year" being imposed on me? Is it not my prerogative to buy "outside the season," just as it's the prerogative of others to buy a seasonal costume but barely get their money's worth by choosing to wear it only when it's considered "fashionable?"

    I'm sort of leaning this way: There are some event items that you simply can't get except in the marketplace (e.g., 2h weapon skins). Placing the marketplace-only items in the ruby market would make them difficult—and obnoxiously expensive—to get outside of an event but still make the theme (generally speaking) accessible for those who have to have it. Want an item that can be found in the event, though—a 1h weapon skin or, for example, the pumpkin head or ghost hood? Too bad, so sad, you'll just have to wait until the event comes around again.

    I agree with Tenkai's post. It is an event exclusive item and that's the point why it should not be sold on the marketplace.

    Just wait for the event and farm it then, as we all did. What's the point of buying everything? Save your money, wait for the event and once you got it you or your friend will be happy even more :)

    Putting aside the fact that it was stated as being a marketplace-only item and therefore purchase is required rather than optional, the point of buying everything is to make it possible for people who lack the time, skill, or inclination to grind to still enjoy the game without it being a frustrating obligation. Forcing everyone to grind cuts out a marked portion of the potential playerbase, as the game becomes essentially unplayable for those with certain disabilities or little free time (e.g., multiple jobs and/or ill family who need frequent care).

    Let me be clear that I'm all for saving money; I prefer to farm rather than buy, and agree that the sense of pride and accomplishment is much greater that way. Still, I find the recurring tendency of players to chide, however mildly, those who choose to make purchases—particularly inconsequential purchases such as this—is more than a little silly. Those who purchase things from the marketplace provide necessary financial support for the game, and that shouldn't be ridiculed. At the same time, those who play the game but don't spend money are providing a far different support; their presence proves that the game is alive and important, but doesn't magically pay the bills for the game's existence.

    Both types of player are important to the life of the game, and both should be appreciated equally.

    Are there NA servers again?

    Is the "Migration" tool going to migrate my old Sony/Daybreak characters and dragons?

    Will I still have my Lady Vox dragon? (if migration is from old Sony/Daybreak account)

    Is Savage Hunt a different game from Dragon's Prophet?

    This Dragon's Prophet ran parallel to the Sony/Daybreak one, but is separate and unrelated account-wise; unfortunately, as noted above, all of your NA data is gone forever and you'll have to start over if you choose to play again. Migration was only from the EU servers to other EU servers, which have all since been merged into one server. There is no NA server.

    Savage Hunt is literally identical to Dragon's Prophet with the exception of the dragons—all marketplace dragons are available in-game for free, using a new mechanic to find their eggs (you support the game by paying through the nose for other marketplace items). Also, to my knowledge Savage Hunt is balanced differently (I've heard that leveling is more difficult early on) and currently only the zones through Porthis are available (i.e., Thadrea and Sitheran are only accessible in Dragon's Prophet for now). All that said, my Savage Hunt knowledge is sketchy, as I don't play it, so there may be some inaccuracy/incomplete detail to what I've said.

    If you'd like to download the Dragon's Prophet client, you have to do so from the DP forum's main page—the link is at the top of the boxes to the right side of the screen. If you download from anywhere else, you'll probably be downloading the Savage Hunt client instead.

    Wasnt there a time limit for the voucher you get after migration? I thought I read it wouldnt be possible to redeem those vouchers after a set amount of time after the migration has been released

    I believe they said the migration voucher would only work until the end of the year (2018)? That was when the dragon would no longer be available and the migration voucher would stop being accepted.

    Migration itself is still possible—until September, I think—but that's all.