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    It's happened to me twice now—first with a speed-buffed Kryon sold in the last month or two, now with Explicit Violet (between those purchases, two others whose names I don't know have mentioned the same issue, I believe in regards to an Elaris, but they may not be the only ones). The marketplace description says the dragons are account-wide, yet when purchased, the dragons are given only to the purchasing character rather than the account. I'm relatively confident this is not an account bug of some kind, since just before this Explicit Violet purchase I bought an account-wide Sunset, and all of my characters did receive that dragon. So I'm left to assume this is a marketplace issue. It causes a couple of problems:

    1.) The dragon may go to a character which the player wouldn't have chosen to receive it had s/he been aware that it was a single dragon rather than an account-wide one. This is exactly what happened to me; believing I'd purchased an account-wide dragon, I opened the egg right away with the "wrong" character to get a look at my new dragon, but when I switched characters, the other character had not received an egg. I'm left to assume none of the other characters in my account have it either. Resolving this, while possible, costs diamonds a player may have intended to spend on other things, which is very frustrating as it's arguably not the fault of the player.

    2.) Any title accompanying the dragon may go to a character the player doesn't want the title to go to. Since titles can't be transferred between characters, this is clearly also going to be very frustrating (and expensive to resolve, if the player chooses to go that route).

    Of the dragons (eleven in total) currently being offered in the marketplace, four of them—Seamoon, Black Indigo, Explicit Violet, and Violet Thorn—claim to be account-wide (I've attempted to attach images of this but am getting an error message, so they may or may not be available, but I can provide them in some other way if necessary). This is in contrast to the post in the forum about these dragons, which says only Violet Thorn is account-wide. Though I check the forum regularly, I rarely check it more than once daily, so I usually rely first on the marketplace descriptions to tell me exactly what I'm buying because I'm in the game much more often. If the information doesn't match, it's impossible for me or other players to know which source is correct unless we actually buy something we a) aren't sure we want if it isn't what it claims it is (i.e., account-wide), and b) can't return if it turns out to be what we don't want, and it's unreasonable to expect us to do that.

    I hope this issue can be fixed soon, so I can trust that I'm actually getting what I'm led to believe I'm getting.

    Regole for GM when?

    Probably not, because anyone connected to the company would have to be nice, or at least diplomatic; I unequivocally despise people who knowingly screw themselves over and then try to call for the wambulance as though someone else is at fault for their lack of foresight. I dunno—maybe I'm expecting too much class from self-centered prepubescents. But the winds of their despair whistle unmourned through the gaping holes of my shriveled black heart, and I relish every opportunity to share that glorious music.

    I think I did number four right? I'm not at all familiar with the private/background user interactions; for previous events that I was able to participate in we just posted within the thread itself, and since I couldn't find anything that explicitly said "send" I assumed the meaning was to start a conversation. If this is incorrect, please let me know.

    Also, I tried to add the image as an attachment twice and I got a server error message each time, but they seem to have actually gone through just fine.

    Yes, things were only posted on the forum, because the forum is accessible for reading to anyone at any time of day or night without the demand for a login; pinning the forum to a favorite browser and performing a once-daily check to see if there's anything new is ludicrously easy and convenient for everyone who thinks it's a good idea to be informed—as opposed to those who would prefer to plead ignorance and hope for sympathy. I mean, I'm sure it would've been much nicer for you and yours if the company had taken hours upon hours to track down everyone who broke the rules and send such substandard players a personal message telling them they'd screwed up so as to make them feel important, but the fact is that time is money, and—as you yourself pointed out—money matters. Maybe if you'd paid the company to send you a special message that they otherwise didn't owe you, they would've done it.

    The thing is, you knew exactly what you were doing to people who were merely minding their own business, and more, you knew you were disobeying a specific rule. You literally went out of your way to enter a tiny cave on an island that had plenty of room left for its original purpose, just so you could grief other players who were doing nothing whatsoever to you. If you aren't sorry about what you did, that's cool, but that also means you don't get to cry over the milk you spilled. You earned your reward.

    Obviously, the permaban came because others like you (and perhaps even you yourself, had your ban ended in time) were merely returning and doing the same stupid things over and over, thus making a temporary ban a waste of time; as a result, the ban was forced to become permanent instead, and to avoid claims of unfairness and/or accusations of favoritism, the permaban was enacted retroactively. So rather than misdirecting your anger at the company's "mistreatment" of you, you should instead be complaining to your associates for the permaban they went to so much trouble to get you.

    You made your bed, so now you can lie in it. And perhaps, in the future, when you're considering ignoring a rule in some other game, you'll figure out a little faster that maybe you should at least feign maturity rather than submit to your inherent childishness. As for the 2K euros you wasted because you have no sense of self-control, maybe the pain of that loss will mean something to you in the next game when you fantasize that you're going to be some uncontrollable chaotic element.

    Of course, you aren't going to read any of what I've written here; you're just trying to stir up drama, because you clearly can't stand not being the center of attention. That's why you griefed players who weren't actually impacting your ability to play, and that's why you're here to whine now. So I'll just close out with an invitation to enjoy the freedom granted by your permaban and have fun being a nuisance in some other game.

    I haven't done that particular quest, but from the one upgrade quest I have taken on, I went to Larry first, and then he told me where to go after that. Based on the wiki link, the "details" text is what I figure you can expect Larry to tell you; similarly, the wiki notes that Larry is the starting NPC and Alpha the completion NPC, so once you talk to Larry you'll be able to talk to Alpha, and Alpha will give you a new quest to tell you what you actually need to collect for the upgrade.

    You may want to also have the necklace in your backpack if you aren't wearing it, just to avoid the risk of having to do extra running.

    Honestly i would be really ashamed to post something like this :)

    Well, seeing as you failed to post a better plan first despite having plenty of time in which to do so yourself, someone else had to take up your slack as best they could. If you're so certain you can do better, feel free to prove it—it can only help all of us.

    Also im wondering what you did the last 3-4 years when you didn't manage it to do RG?

    Also, I'm wondering what you've been doing that you couldn't write up and post what is apparently your much more awesome strategy, since you have literally no legitimate reason to childishly ridicule someone else's attempt to be helpful? The OP invited others to post something useful, so it's not like you'd be overstepping if you offered something of actual value rather than shallow bravado.

    The thing is.. you can't win an argument with this guy. He'll always make it look like he's winning, even if he's not. He'll just flip you off when he gets tired of his own bs

    Thank you, I thought the name seemed familiar. There are times when I find it strangely difficult to keep these one-trick ponies straight—I suppose for lack of novelty in their method.

    1) You are aware, and make people aware of this problem. DP is on its last legs, if something breaks without people being warned about it, it scares people.

    2) IF you are making progress, and what went wrong. I mean, ofcourse you probably got no idea what broke or when it'll be up, but tell us this! It's better than people making theories of DP going down with bigger conspiracy theories than whomever killed JFK.

    3) C. o. m. m. u. n. i. c. a. t. e. We know DP's state, we know SH's state. We know how Gamigo thinks of us. We know how RW cares about us. What more can you say that could harm the game? Nothing, people are here because they care about the game. The community is already harming itself to the point of no return due to lack of info.

    This is easily the most important part, particularly number three. The issue is things like when I asked in another thread, weeks ago, that someone explain what's going on with the server crashes—to share what's known as it becomes available. I didn't mean a novel, just a quick blurb. Nevertheless, the response has been absolute silence; apparently, the server is just restarted and everyone goes back to whatever they were doing before someone noticed the problem because typing up a few sentences takes too much time. If that's not the case, well, I can't possibly know the truth because it's not shared—speculation is all that's left to me.

    That said, those of us who are rational adults understand that answers may not come quickly—that a process is ongoing or that work is slow because people are wearing multiple hats. But it helps even to read a post of "Sorry, no news yet, we're still working on it," because it means we're still being thought of, and that matters. Things like the drop bonus and dragon package help too, obviously, when applicable.

    Generally speaking, the players in DP know that things aren't looking great. But we are here despite that because we love the game in some way—the landscapes, the lore, the guilds, the dragons—and we're in it for the long haul. We already knew DP isn't a priority, so the staff being honest about what's happening isn't likely to drive us off. We also understand that people can't/won't be working 24/7/365 (it would be nice, but it's understandable), but it would be great if we were checked on at least once a day.

    Because half the game has crashed yet again, and with no hope of communication I have no idea when or if I should expect to see it restored.

    Bruh, why do you cry about everything lmao. You want everything to be changed to your liking and everytime they give us something you want it better. Like the incubation lamp you want it maxed are you dumb that just bypasses the 7 days u have to wait, so what if they messed up and ruined your egg they gave you another elixir to re-egg it. Then they give us this drop rate event and u say "oH iT WaS aT An InCoNvEnIeNt tImE" shut up plz jesus.

    First, a request for a "stat boost" incubation lamp is markedly different from your arbitrary interpretation of a "max stats" incubation lamp, since a mere stat boost—say, from one orb to the next on the stat meter—wouldn't guarantee max stats. Second, how much good is the elixir, really, when the server is apparently going to be crashing weekly, and therefore constantly depriving players of days' worth of cares? Some eggs require two weeks of incubation, and if a crash lasts all weekend, that's up to four days lost that are pretty much impossible to make up without massive (and highly unlikely) player cooperation. A stat-boosting incubation lamp is, at this point, pretty much a necessity to give players reason to even bother to use the elixir in the first place, as it provides insurance against the next crash.

    As for the inconvenience of the bonus, the point—an extremely simple one that you utterly failed to grasp, despite the explanation provided in the post—was that since a random four-day bonus may be inaccessible to players who have actual jobs to work and lives to live, it'd be more beneficial for both players and the company to have a regular bonus event scheduled (which may actually lower expectations for certain compensations, since players can rest assured that there'll be another one soon); even if it were only for a single day each month, though two sequential days would be better, every player would likely be to take advantage of the bonus a few times a year. But in lieu of that sort of regular bonus, mailing a bonus potion to be used when the player is able to take advantage of it is much more accommodating to the realities of life.

    Further, the comment about players hoarding luck potions, and therefore spending less money overall, is a valid point that a company out to make money should consider strongly. So it's very strange that you'd ridicule a person who's merely a) asking a business to treat its customers with more regard, and b) showing the business that its current practices are actually harming its bottom line.

    it is sometimes said that this is to encourage people to play SH instead. I wouldn't have thought it was logical to think people would do that, but not very much about these crashes and the way they are responded to seems logical

    Indeed, it's not logical in that Dragon's Prophet is the players' ambassador to other Gamigo games; their treatment of it determines how we're likely to view all other games run by them (e.g., Savage Hunt), and thus determines whether we would consider it worthwhile to invest time and money in playing those other games. Therefore, mistreating DP in an effort to make players move over to SH is the definition of shooting oneself in the foot, since we can rightly assume that what's currently happening to DP is also the current fate or will be the future fate of SH (or any other game run by the company), and therefore SH (or whatever) isn't worth going to.

    That said, it may simply be that the population of DP is so small now that there is zero concern for whatever anger might be incurred by snubbing the players. We were told earlier this month that even though the TW version is being shut down, there are no intentions of shutting down the EU version and there are active discussions to continue game service. Like all of us, I desperately want that to be true. However, Daybreak made a similar comforting assertion of "no plans for shutdown" after neglect of the NA DP spurred concerns of that very thing; soon after, it was abruptly confirmed that the game would be shut down.

    Of course, Gamigo is not Daybreak, and it's entirely true that intentions can change from one company meeting to the next, but the possibility of a repeat incident remains; it's never that sudden a decision to end a game/branch/team/whatever—it's always talked about first for a bit (or should be), just to ensure it's the right decision. And investment companies are about nothing if they aren't about money, so if the money says it's more profitable to lie about not shutting down DP before shutting it down anyway without apology and angering a handful of players, that's what will happen.

    So it's incumbent upon Gamigo to prove their word, but at this point I'm finding myself not very comforted.


    my response personally is to go off and spend the day pretending I'm a 9' tall atheist space-travelling cat warrior with almost exactly the same moveset, until the server comes back online

    I just work on my stories or do something I've been putting off (like changing the oil in my car), but I'm down for this.

    I may not be fully understanding what you have and haven't done, so I'll just list a few things you can try. Please disregard what you've already tried.

    1.) To my recollection, there's no verification needed to migrate the old account, so that the old email is no longer around shouldn't be an issue as long as you're typing it correctly. Of course, you changing the name/password in the past may be the problem, and you can submit a ticket to see if the old account can be brought to you.

    2.) Make sure you're using the correct new client. Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt use two different clients, but they look very similar and everything else is done through the SH website. To get into DP, you'll need to make sure to download the client here in the DP forum, as it's the only one I know of for DP. If you have problems, try a second download—my first download showed 100% but had been corrupted, and a second was required.

    3.) Although not a problem I had, I've heard that some of the folders from the old DP client to the new don't always work out. There are a few discussions about it in the forum, or you can submit a ticket for assistance.

    If you do have to start over, rest assured that the game is entirely unchanged, and you'll definitely be able to re-earn the dragons and cosmetics you had.

    Nah. There haven't been any dragons at all for August, or items, either for the month or for a quick sale. I kind of suspected it would happen when there were none after the server maintenance on the first of the month, and the following weeks have been more of the same.

    EDIT: Correction—there is an item/special offers sale this month. My bad.

    Perhaps because of all the recent server issues. I don't see why that would matter for the market, really, but it's an excuse at the very least. In the past, there has also been a random month here or there when dragons/specials are not added, likely because it was overlooked, so it's possible that the same was the case this month.

    I wouldn't expect anything this month, unless they decide to do a flash sale, but it would be nice to see something when September rolls around. Even if I don't purchase the dragons, I will look at them during idle moments.

    Oh sh*t, here we go again :D

    Seems that way.

    First noticed when one of my toons became trapped on the Hearthwarm Sky Island (something like four or five hours ago, but I'd been afk for food and it may have broken earlier). Had no access to apartments or Arteicia. Couldn't try the Quezak Gates because after attempting to go to Arteicia I couldn't call any dragon. Mobs had vanished; only NPCs around were Territory War Officers and maybe the guys in the building I'd been in prior (apartment manager and furniture merchant in the other building were gone). Once I went into character selection I couldn't get back in through that toon.

    Tried other toons and found Puretia "not available."

    However, Inartia has been working fine for the past few hours. No mail or guild access, though. Too scared to try going into dungeons, Wintertide, or Alentia. World chat was working for at least a while, so others survived somewhere. Right now just farting around, chasing down RM merchants for location pics. Might gather more basha grass later if I can get back in after I get some sleep.

    My personal routine has been to use only green or blue eggs in the incubators, since I rarely want a particular dragon from one of them; that way, whether or not anyone dances, I lose nothing. Egg price and availability are less of an issue, as I have never bothered to buy a green or blue egg when I can easily find them lying around or trade with the lair manager for them.

    I would like to point out that I clearly recall a statement made by a GM on either the old DP EU forum or as far back as the NA server that purple and pure eggs do not increase the likelihood of getting seal breakers (I remember it because that was the first time I'd ever heard anything like that, and it explained why people advertising in chat always emphasized the rarity of their eggs); however, I admit that's not something I can confirm even anecdotally, as I don't dance specifically for them and don't always notice when I get them, so if someone can prove one way or the other I'd be happy to hear the evidence. What I can say with confidence is that I dance for just a handful of people and very rarely get seal breakers at all, which tells me that building up a supply requires making dancing a strong commitment, as you need to be dancing for dozens of people on a daily basis. Dancing to get seal breakers is definitely not efficient, though it is another way to get them for free if you can be patient. If you're dancing, you're doing it mostly for the upkeep of your own nests.

    I keep my eggs in an apartment because the apartment rent is significantly cheaper than that of any size property (I have the MS blueprints, so that's 1500 units of space for 240 gold per day)—a year's rent is comfortably under 100K, which is great for more casual and/or low-level players who still need gold to spend on frequent equipment repair, crafting, shards, and other things. I understand the observation that an apartment takes longer to get in and out of and is therefore more tedious, but I find that really only matters if you're filling up every unit of space with nests and only ever visit them to swap out eggs, and thus need to make ten or more trips to a guild sanctuary all within the same hour or two. Creating staggered nest groups can help with that, especially for people with a lot of nests or few/no extra stable spaces; I have twenty-four nests and only need to make two trips, so I don't find having nests in an apartment to be a problem and am vaguely entertaining the idea of adding another dozen.

    Just my two cents.

    And I have to admit. Idk the Reason why this happens atm but the IT is working to solve this problem.

    I'd appreciate hearing more about what's going on as the information becomes available to you; I'm reluctant to start cooking my valuable eggs when there's the looming threat of random, inexplicable server crashes/failures.

    Same issue here. All my toons are currently located in Puretia, Laedis, or Wynnadia, and all three zones are "not activated yet." Have tried to log in multiple times with a couple of toons with the same results, even when attempting to use the insta-port to Laedis from the character menu.

    Seems like Gamigo is having some major problems. First the forum, which apparently has yet to be resolved as they merely rolled it back to a previous save, and now the game itself. I feel sorry for all the egg holders for their lost time and money.

    As Kidira explained, the Dragon's Prophet you played on the NA server and the Dragon's Prophet you played on the EU servers were run by two entirely unrelated companies that never shared player data. So that both accounts had the same login info doesn't matter—you can strike that from the list of possible issues (one less thing to worry about!).

    It's good that you have a ticket in, but if you're raring to play and are willing to trust a stranger and try anything, you can see if the link below helps. This is the link that was sent to me (copy/pasted directly from the support email) when I had client problems after migration; in my case, it was an interrupted/corrupt download that had shown a 100% download even though the download had not actually completed. This .zip file from support resolved the issue for me: