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    In my opinion, there should be a nice balance between items/things you can spent your real money on and things you just have to invest your time in to get them.

    *With this post I'm done in this thread*^^

    We are in full agreement. ;)

    I just don't see that it helps anything to bar people from doing something they want to do that isn't harming other players; I have fun my way, they have fun their way. That's all.

    Regole you should write books for a living lol, everytime I see you on the forum there's this huge wall of text coming right after the name xD (not complaining, it's actually entertaining to read it all)

    Ha ha, I actually do write stories for personal entertainment—have for more than twenty years now. Long comments anywhere are pretty much a staple for me; I tend toward long-windedness (thanks, Mom!), so it's a constant battle to be as concise as possible, but I don't always succeed. Some people like it, some are driven crazy by it. :P

    Well, the argument that people don't have time for certain things to grind is not valid in my eyes.


    The event isn't that hard and if someone really wants something specific, he or she is able to get.

    I do understand what you mean. But either way, the ultimate question is, time or not, whose business is it whether someone grinds for an item or buys it? Mine? Yours? Anyone's?

    Am I of the opinion that it's a copout to buy 102 Laedis gear (for the sake of discussion) rather than grind for it? Yes. But my personal belief is that a game is a game—something we should be willing to spend time on because the idea is to relax and have fun, not be the best at everything as fast as possible (I loathe the meaningless effort that is powerleveling).

    The problem is that that's merely my opinion. And using my opinion to police other people's choices when it has no actual effect on my ability to enjoy the game is a complete waste of time. Who am I to tell others that because I chose to grind, they have to also? If they spend money to get 102 Laedis gear, then get bored and quit playing, what have I actually lost? They spent money! The server lives on, and I'm benefiting from their impatience. Nothing terrible has happened to me because someone else couldn't wait.

    The thing is, people who spend money to avoid grinding (specifically for things like 102 Laedis, as marketplace-only items like the event item in question are obviously a different matter) were likely never going to grind in the first place. Forcing them to do so will only make them quit playing faster, because they'll decide it's not worth it. If the longevity of the game matters, then letting people buy what they could grind for just so they'll play the game for a month, week, day longer is fine by me.

    To be clear, it wouldn't exactly thrill me to see 102 Laedis gear (or anything of that sort) made available in the marketplace, but it isn't something I'm going to view as some personal affront and preach against, either. People who would never grind for it would buy it, those willing and able to grind for it wouldn't buy it, and in the end it's just catering to a certain portion of the playerbase.

    Closest thing I can compare is Christmas, you don't get Christmas presents every day do you? Same goes with event items in video games.

    lol Not every day, no, but certainly any day of the year when someone in my family—particularly my mother—happens to buy me something for Christmas (or my birthday) but is terrified of putting it "in a safe place" for months at a time.

    I'm kind of mixed on this. There are already some Halloween items (specifically, most of the transformation coins) in the ruby market, and they've been there for ages, year-round. I asked a while back, but the Christmas transformations aren't there (unless that was done very recently). The Skitterbunny chocolate isn't there either. Why one holiday but not the others? Why a handful of holiday transformations, but no holiday costumes?

    It's not like we're actively prevented from wearing a holiday costume (or using a holiday dragon) outside the range of that holiday—that's an entirely self-imposed limitation. Why should buying (part of) a holiday costume outside that range be any different? Isn't that money spent in support of the game, and therefore a good thing? If I love Christmas that much that I want it to be the primary (or only) theme for one of my characters, why should I be forced to accept someone else's arbitrary limitation of "wrong time of the year" being imposed on me? Is it not my prerogative to buy "outside the season," just as it's the prerogative of others to buy a seasonal costume but barely get their money's worth by choosing to wear it only when it's considered "fashionable?"

    I'm sort of leaning this way: There are some event items that you simply can't get except in the marketplace (e.g., 2h weapon skins). Placing the marketplace-only items in the ruby market would make them difficult—and obnoxiously expensive—to get outside of an event but still make the theme (generally speaking) accessible for those who have to have it. Want an item that can be found in the event, though—a 1h weapon skin or, for example, the pumpkin head or ghost hood? Too bad, so sad, you'll just have to wait until the event comes around again.

    I agree with Tenkai's post. It is an event exclusive item and that's the point why it should not be sold on the marketplace.

    Just wait for the event and farm it then, as we all did. What's the point of buying everything? Save your money, wait for the event and once you got it you or your friend will be happy even more :)

    Putting aside the fact that it was stated as being a marketplace-only item and therefore purchase is required rather than optional, the point of buying everything is to make it possible for people who lack the time, skill, or inclination to grind to still enjoy the game without it being a frustrating obligation. Forcing everyone to grind cuts out a marked portion of the potential playerbase, as the game becomes essentially unplayable for those with certain disabilities or little free time (e.g., multiple jobs and/or ill family who need frequent care).

    Let me be clear that I'm all for saving money; I prefer to farm rather than buy, and agree that the sense of pride and accomplishment is much greater that way. Still, I find the recurring tendency of players to chide, however mildly, those who choose to make purchases—particularly inconsequential purchases such as this—is more than a little silly. Those who purchase things from the marketplace provide necessary financial support for the game, and that shouldn't be ridiculed. At the same time, those who play the game but don't spend money are providing a far different support; their presence proves that the game is alive and important, but doesn't magically pay the bills for the game's existence.

    Both types of player are important to the life of the game, and both should be appreciated equally.

    Are there NA servers again?

    Is the "Migration" tool going to migrate my old Sony/Daybreak characters and dragons?

    Will I still have my Lady Vox dragon? (if migration is from old Sony/Daybreak account)

    Is Savage Hunt a different game from Dragon's Prophet?

    This Dragon's Prophet ran parallel to the Sony/Daybreak one, but is separate and unrelated account-wise; unfortunately, as noted above, all of your NA data is gone forever and you'll have to start over if you choose to play again. Migration was only from the EU servers to other EU servers, which have all since been merged into one server. There is no NA server.

    Savage Hunt is literally identical to Dragon's Prophet with the exception of the dragons—all marketplace dragons are available in-game for free, using a new mechanic to find their eggs (you support the game by paying through the nose for other marketplace items). Also, to my knowledge Savage Hunt is balanced differently (I've heard that leveling is more difficult early on) and currently only the zones through Porthis are available (i.e., Thadrea and Sitheran are only accessible in Dragon's Prophet for now). All that said, my Savage Hunt knowledge is sketchy, as I don't play it, so there may be some inaccuracy/incomplete detail to what I've said.

    If you'd like to download the Dragon's Prophet client, you have to do so from the DP forum's main page—the link is at the top of the boxes to the right side of the screen. If you download from anywhere else, you'll probably be downloading the Savage Hunt client instead.

    Wasnt there a time limit for the voucher you get after migration? I thought I read it wouldnt be possible to redeem those vouchers after a set amount of time after the migration has been released

    I believe they said the migration voucher would only work until the end of the year (2018)? That was when the dragon would no longer be available and the migration voucher would stop being accepted.

    Migration itself is still possible—until September, I think—but that's all.

    Regular maintenance occurs on a weekly basis.

    Start Time: 10:00 AM CET (approximate)

    End Time: 12:00 PM CET (approximate)

    Note that the times are in CET—Central European Time. If you don't live in that time zone, you'll have to find a time zone map to determine what those times are for you.

    Okay, well, in the future kindly be less vague about what you're referring to—that way people know whether or not they have the knowledge to respond and won't waste your time or their own. Not everyone plays both games or knows people who play both games, so if you want cross-game information you have to provide better detail than what's in your original post.

    MP update happened the other day, and there were at least two on-screen announcements for players in-game.

    As for the launcher, I don't expect much change.

    To the best of my knowledge (recently came from a website optimization/marketing job) it's a Google thing—they decided they wanted all websites to be HTTPS for consumer protection or they'd punish the website in the search rankings.

    Which is all well and good, but not really applicable if you aren't putting in sensitive RL information (e.g., credit card or identity info). So if you're only getting the message for the game then I wouldn't be too worried about it, but if you're getting it for the SH website when you're trying to buy diamonds, that's something else.

    I think the problem with drop events is they are too infrequent and arbitrary. When one happens there is pressure to spend 10 hours farming shards, because it could be months till the next one. When we miss an announcement, it feels bad for the same reason. It would be nice to have a mechanic that visually showed when the next drop event would be, or that triggered them by filling up a counter with kills, or play time (or something) in the world. Or maybe an rng time interval so that non CET timezones get a look in. Hopefully if it was set right people would stay in the game doing other things while they watch the counter tick up.

    In the absence of these things, another way might be to make it a 24-hour drop event once a month (37.5% Saturday, 37.5% Sunday, 5% Monday, 5% Tuesday, 5% Wednesday, 5% Thursday, 5% Friday). Then it would sometimes be convenient for everyone. And I wouldn't be tempted to do a 24-hour marathon and keep an empty bottle under the desk if there would always be another one. People without RL commitments would still be at an advantage, but well perhaps they need that.

    I like these ideas, particularly the counter. Complications of implementation aside, being able to trigger a drop bonus would not only encourage play but would, as noted, reward those who play most; even if everyone contributes, those who play most—and therefore probably contribute most to the counter—will be likeliest to trigger it and therefore benefit first and longest from it. It would run for x hours, and for the duration be akin to a feeding frenzy. However, since triggering it would be relatively random, every player everywhere would have the chance to benefit.

    Or, if it were to run for a full twenty-four hours, everyone who's contributed has an opportunity to reap the reward of their contribution, regardless of global location; every region/time zone would be able to farm for the bulk of the local playable hours.

    I can imagine a counter with a high enough kill requirement that it triggers only once every month or two (maybe twice a month, if there's a holiday and everyone has extra gaming time), keeping it rare enough to be anticipated but frequent enough to be a goal worth working toward. Alternatively, a counter with a low enough kill requirement that it will definitely be triggered monthly, but the drop bonus isn't guaranteed to be 100%. It might be annoying to generally get a 25% drop bonus, but that's 25% more than what's typically possible.

    I believe you guys are talking about last year's Black Friday sale?

    Was there a Black Friday sale? I'm pretty sure I logged in expecting one and there wasn't, unless it was just that short and never announced in the forum, the latter of which I check at least once daily. I want to say the sale with Scuber and Metron was a Cyber Monday sale, which I hadn't been expecting specifically because there hadn't been a Black Friday sale and there was no advance announcement it would happen.

    Wait there was a sale?

    Yes. For example, the sale for the Misty Shroud blueprint was a flash sale that lasted for half an hour. While the time it occurred was more reasonable for EU players compared to NA players (roughly 20:00/8 PM versus 14:00/2 PM EST), the duration didn't allow in-game players much time to gather funds or alert friends or guildmates who were online but not in-game. I've heard that this blueprint was supposed to be more exclusive, which is fine, but half an hour is an extremely short time regardless.

    More recently, there was a short sale of dragons that included Scuber Whin and the account-wide Metron. I don't know how long the sale was actually going on, but I know that I completely missed it even though I'd been playing after reset (so the sale was less than twenty-four hours); the forum announcement for it was just an hour or two before reset the following day, if I'm remembering correctly. Which is a shame for gamigo, because I've been on the lookout for Scuber and would absolutely have bought it, and I would have strongly considered buying Metron as well. I can't recall the other dragons, but there may have even been a third one I was interested in.

    The problem is that these sales help no one. While the shortness is obviously intended to cause a frenzy of impulse buying, it more often seems to leave out players who would have been happy to pay for the item had they been allowed the time to get in-game and/or acquire money to buy diamonds and/or go through the diamond-buying process, thus this random exclusion and punishment of players for having lives outside the game—lives they have to have to get money to spend on the game—hurts gamigo's profits.

    Disclaimer: The following is based on an extremely hazy recollection of the Thadrea Hidden Quests topic from the old DP EU forum. This recollection may be completely correct, partially correct, entirely incorrect, or an amalgamation of multiple quests blended seamlessly in the creative mind of a longtime author. You have been warned—whatever frustration you might experience as a result of this response's inaccuracy is on you. But if any kind of answer will suffice so long as you get one that's intended to be helpful, then I offer this:

    If—IF—I'm remembering correctly, those are part of a (currently) hidden quest. There may be two more items you're supposed to have—all with very different names. They may all be stones of some sort. You might be able to find an NPC in the Norden library who mentions them, but doesn't take them from you. Unfortunately, I believe I read at the time that it was an unfinished quest and the items couldn't actually be given to anyone for anything at this point. So whether you let them take up space in your bank or drop them is up to you (may be good to base that decision on how you got them and whether you think you'll be able to get them again).

    Apologies for the lack of certainty, but that's exactly why I didn't answer you before. I hope someone else can be more useful.

    Hey heres an idea.X( Make randolphs claim to tame from the First hit and not the last. Coz then i dont have to do all the work to bring him down and then some mother fucker coming to deliver last hit and steal him.

    It has happen twice to me and im pissed. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Or they're merely channel-hopping, trying to find Randolph themselves, and just jump into an active spawn—which is perfectly reasonable and legal, if annoying. Unless you're constantly seeing the same person/people parked somewhere while you're on the chase, obviously waiting, then you probably shouldn't waste energy assuming that everyone is out to get you and you need the rules changed.

    For the record, Aykalia's suggestion is far from stupid; it forces people to either a) give you an opening during their snowball cooldown, or b) follow you and Randolph along the path to show that they are waiting for you to give them the opening, in which case you can just not. You lose nothing showing a little patience in that situation; if they're looking to steal then it's highly likely they'll get bored and leave before despawn, because clearly they want a quick cap. And sure, I suppose they could call in a friend or guildie to help, but you just have to be ready for that and faster, and make the help useless—they won't be able to coordinate well without the benefit of verbal communication.

    Another option is to wait until the zone's last couple of days, when everyone else is bored with it and busy elsewhere, and cap then. I don't know about this year, given all the changes, but in other years the addition of the zone means there have been three channels to choose from instead of two. That means more opportunities to cap.

    It's possible to find a quieter channel and a quieter time. If they're available, have friends or guildies help with snowballs so the shield is broken faster, which means less time for a thief to find you, and the scene is more chaotic (the competition factor means a thief isn't likely to drop in on a chase with a lot of players, even if they're from the same guild—they don't know who's supposed to cap, so the timing would have to be too perfect).

    The whole point of taming from the last hit is to encourage competition and for the sake of novelty offer a method of capture that's slightly different from the norm. No doubt, some people will abuse it. But if you've only had "your" (because it's not yours, regardless of how much work you do to weaken it) Randolph stolen twice, I have questions about how serious a problem this is and whether it's worth changing.

    maybe the download got corrupted? Try deleting everything DP/SH related manually and then do a clean download

    I second this. My download of DP after migration was interrupted/corrupted, but the progress bar showed that it was 100%; I discovered that even though I could start the game it wouldn't load properly and I couldn't play. I was told to download again and that worked.

    If I recall there's no 2h weapons from the Christmas event :/

    No, there are 2h for Christmas. This is a tiny image from the old DPEuro site, but you can see the male on the left has the scythe, and the female on the right has the bow.

    If they aren't in the market, I'd say it was overlooked and a request will have to be put in to get them added.

    yes... but for most people an MMO isn't really an adult responsibility,

    True, and I normally share that view when it comes to offline games or any MMO or F2P that I otherwise don't spend real money to support.

    However, the fact that I spend real money on this game and the knowledge that it could be taken away at any time makes staying informed about it an adult responsibility in my mind; I can't prevent a migration, merge, or shutdown, so I need to be aware of what's going on and make the most of my time if I'm going to be negatively impacted.

    It's just odd to me that others who might spend money on a F2P—a type of game with a particularly uncertain lifespan—would leave it for months at a time without checking in at least a few times each month (unless they'd given up on it and didn't care anymore). I keep this forum on a tab in my browser and typically refresh once daily to see if there's anything new, whether or not I log in to play. It's not that difficult and can head off a lot of frustration.