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    also the port while climbing across some mountains was always in

    not entirely true, the port thing was added somewhere close to Dragons Prophets "release", you could climb out of map way easier in Open Beta. But for Savage Hunt this has always been true and added...

    First of all, prices were like this in SH from the beginning. Only that back then, the dragon insignia shop was almost completely non-existent. You now can unlock many things there you first were only able to unlock with diamonds. Only thing missing are backpack and bank slots. Progress made there. No mention of it...

    Second Incubators. Ruined the whole thing of training a companion to a high level. Lv100 Dragons were something "special". As soon as incubators were introduced, people had 50+ incubators on their sky islands. Provisions and Laedis wares without any effort and low FPS for anyone without a beast of a PC.

    Personally, I prefer to earn something in a game rather than get it for free without any effort...

    Third, the backpack expansions in the DP marketplace are for Housing only. Wrong information there.

    And last, diamonds have a "d" in the end too...

    1. For Laedis Hero mats to drop you need to run at the highest difficulty.

    2. Dunar Temple in Korhala and Bloodstone Stronghold in Alentia are great sources for exp

    3. Bizarre Crystals can be "crafted" by combining 200 Bizarre Essences, they can't drop from monsters. Glowing monsters can drop Essences, as well as Ruthless- and Chaos-Cores

    4. Either send your Dragons out, collect provisions, level up a dragon to 21 and send him away or use incubation, since incubated Dragons can be sent away without adding additional dragon wares.

    What I meant to say was not special in any way of acquiring it. Just a renamed Fabled Ancient from Dungeons in WIntertide.

    Special from the perspective of someone is an entire different matter, since someone can see some piece of sh*t as special whilst the majority of others don't care. Totally legit. But different matter...

    Well I am willing to spend $1 but why force me to spend more? What the point of the $1 option if it not buyable?

    The problem here is you sitting in the US and not having the full payment options. (Also, since Gamigo is an European business and main currency is € you'd also have to consider possible exchange losses)

    Example for the grey, not possible methods:

    0,99$ income through your purchase

    1,20$ fee for using that kind of transaction

    = -0,21$ for the company

    And as written before, every company wants to make a profit. Negative values are avoided if possible.

    What's unfair with that? A companys sole purpose is to earn money, they won't gift you anything without them gaining something from it. They need money to keep the servers running, their personnel paid, ... Diamond Purchases are the only thing currently available which generates money for DP/SH. If they were to pay more than they earn on purchases, the whole game would be dead pretty soon.

    Looks like there are limited payment options for the lowest price purchase, yours just don't seem to be within them.

    Makes kind of sense since there are different kinds of fees for each purchase (a company wouldn't want to pay more than they earn, right?)

    Mad Dragon Roar - do you switch to gun toss the skill then switch back to bow all as one combo? I haven't messed around with switching much.

    Yep, that's basically it. Overall, there are two versions of the skill, one can be aimed manually and sets of where you aimed it, the other is an automatic cast which dodges backwards and spawns the skill in front of you.

    If you want everything within one combo, I'd suggest using the dodging one. Combo would be "Quickchange Gunblade --> Mad Dragon Roar --> Quickchange Bow" If you're fast enough, the skill will then unleash with the Bow-Stats, which will again do much more dmg than if it would have used the Gunblade stats.

    Also, I wouldn't suggest to use a shield when switching since it sometimes messes up inventory space and can't be switched back to bow, when your pet collected something in the meantime...

    I have been stacking up on Dragon Spell Damage

    When it comes to elemental dmg, dsd is theoretically the right thing when playing with Lonnier. The ele-dmg boost from Dragon's Breath is just a nice to have extra, nothing must-have.

    But if you want to have the highest possible dmg, Phy is your way to go. Every skill scales better with extra Physical Damage than with Dragon Spell Damage. Sometimes the differences are pretty small, between 1.02 scaling dsd and 1.05 scaling Phy, but Phy will always be better.

    Also, Physical dmg can be buffed easier than dsd, since Hunting Stance, the Bow Mastery as well as Dragon Buffs mainly focus on Phy.

    I don't have a guide, but I've been mainly playing ranger since the beginning of DP (and SH)...

    What skills do you suggest for PvE high damage bow build?

    1. Piercing Thunder + 1 point in Energy Sentence (version depending on what the focus of the skillset is, AoE or specific Target)

    2. Dragon's Breath (decent dmg and ele dmg Buff)

    3. Thorny Trap (for mob groups since dmg stacks with each enemy standing in it, version is personal preference)

    4. Apocalypse Sphere + Dragon Gnaw (at target location)

    5. Wings of Fury (Dragon Soul Version, since HP one is kinda useless)

    6. Violent Sanction (kind of nice with knock-up AoE)

    7. Mad Dragon Roar (Requires Gunblade-switch but Aggro-Crystal is pretty nice)

    I'm also playing with Griffin Rake (without Scorpion Sting) but that's more a gap-closing tool than actual dmg

    Everything above paired with different passive Buffs, depending on Build and Equipment.