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    By the time halloween will come i will probably already dance with death having beard longer than Gandalf and Dumbledore together and im not asking fully for myself. Im asking for a friend who only now found out that its only marketplace obtainable and not craftable.

    Can you please just already add the compass? We all already know that there will be no fix for it. Its better to have it the way it was than don't have it at all and just get too much Kindred Insignias with no use for them. I myself already reached 34 159 Kindred today (i stopped my run for them in December and since then they just round up slowly) and im sure im not the only one getting tired of having no chance or place for spending them. (tableflip)

    While true, that was not the sole reason. We were actually working on re-balancing it for everybody.

    Turns out, it doesn't work with our system at all and someone would need to patch that.

    And that someone is Runewaker as we all know already and also we all know they moved to making games for phones because they are easier to be created and these days there is more money out of those than fron MMORPGs :D

    In regard to the special drops, I've noticed that I am not getting the pop-up messages saying "You got the Ghost Hood" (or whatever) very often--only very occasionally. But when I check my Marketplace Bag after getting no messages, sometimes I have gotten drops after all. So do be sure to check your bag after every run.

    Yes i agree. This happened to me too. Today it didnt pop me i got Pumpkin Helmet ,but when i got Ghost Hood it popped out. But most of the time i dont get any pop-up so i just look into Marketplace Bag.

    If someone attacks you, you just take screenshot of combat long and PM it (here on forum) to GM as evidence and they punish them.

    Im not sure if there is a way how to compensate time loss.

    Also after they attack several times they can get perma ban which is way of stopping them.

    I hope i helped at least a bit :) -with regards Lily

    Hi guys :) It seems everyhting is working (at least for me) they way it should. Yesterday i got weapon skin and one hoodie. Today i got one hoodie and one pumpkin helmet.

    Its fully random drop :) It can drop you from any mob in the game :)

    Also i should probably update this page. I just need GM to erase the comments and set it so i can fully do this part without getting interrupted.




    Hero's Set

    Foreign Set

    Imperial Guard Set




    Stealth Set

    Evil Ram's Set

    Fanatical Set

    Baron's Set

    Mage's Set

    Sets from the Armor Merchant




    Field Set (shoulderguards + cloak only in Porthis)

    Scout Set

    Commandment Set

    Scholar's Set




    Holy War Set

    Hunter's Set

    Black Magic Set

    Magic Set

    Honor Set (Buggy for female chars)