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    Nothing to do with Oracle really.... It's the whole game, certain areas got tons of fps drop, to the point where the screen even freezes for 10 seconds because you're looting something or opening your backpack.
    DP however , while having less fps overal, doesn't seem to have these ridiculous drops, so must be a "new" bug they brought in trying to fix them low fps lol.

    I was actually talking about them just having more chance for Healing Soul Skills, not mounted, heck I haven't even used mounted combat so far. Or well them having more chance for Healing Soul Skills might just be my luck lol.

    The worst thing is actually only being able to get weapon masteries at lvl 20, instead of the exp curve and such, since that is where your real combat potential lies, instead of basic attack combos :l
    Especially when everything's toughened up. :o

    Lvl 14 doing lvl 18 stuff, though I still got quests and such, now I'm lvl 20-ish fighting lvl 20 stuff.
    Sucks though having no skills except the basics & combo. But well changed (finally) when I hit 20 hah.


    & Trollwoot
    Well, sure it is RNG, but the birdies just outside Helmoth got usually big chance to give you Healing Light, heck that's the one soul skill I get usually after catching at most 10 birdies with an alt on DP, still is so here on SH. Plus "being forced" , I don't think anyone minds giving up a slot for a dragon that can heal you when you really need it lol.

    Though it is indeed still ridiculous, it's too slow, way too slow. Not to mention you're pretty much stuck until say lvl 21 for "real" attacks.

    I'm not finding any problems soloing and such... then again healing soul skills ftw lol.
    On the other hand, I see why they lowered the exp, cap is 40 after all, if this were DP, after Puretia you'd be already 30-35 if not higher in level lol.
    With such a small level cap they can't have us max in 123 then leave :l
    Not that the grind is helping us stay haha.

    Make an official Discord server?

    Would be better to keep people fast up-to date and respond really quick to them.
    Plus it is a lot lot easier than forums to respond quick to people heh.

    Took me like what, 5 minutes to get the launcher? All 13gb, probs not even 5 minutes.
    Then another 2 minutes to get to 80% and here we are stuck :o
    6 people by now that I know, all in different locations more or less.