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    I'm down with that. :D

    I never did AM in the Europe Version. In the NA version I don't think I ever finished it. Trying to do the jump thing with any sort of lag is impossible. Everyone I knew would group up and just farm the first boss for the elements and that's it. Sometimes when we got bored we did the second boss too. But then poof out the dungeon and reset.

    This was basically the fastest way to farm without doing the whole "fun" thing. xD

    It's been ages, so I "gladly" would run for once to experience all the "fun" back again lol. Don't mind to pull some players with.

    Also, I will hunt for Zios. Making an army full of cute dangerous fluff buddies.

    Just to answer your question, honestly.

    We had this kind of suggestion waaaay back in DP's old-timey years several times. The answer to it is simple: Not possible.

    By the way, this is kinda towards to Developer's side to make such thing happen.

    I rather like them as bosses because they are unique and represented as their own master. Also that would kinda ruin the focus of the story and the game.

    Osirans can't tame dragon gods. :^)

    - Farming Dungeon and selling all the gears & items to merchants

    - Collecting Wild Eggs (Not the dungeon ones) and sell it to Auction House

    - Farming Daily Quest Items and sell it to Auction House

    - Selling Shards to players

    - Quests

    - Sell diamonds to players for gold

    It's no good if you try all the things at the same time, not to mention that SH has only two zones available currently. Which is a bit difficult to earn gold at low level. First of all, the crafting is not important until SH releases the "Wintertide" Zone which comes with the very first purple set we can farm and craft for. Collect enough materials in that time instead.

    I don't have a problem about the gold spending, never went "bankrupt" though I do a lot of things. If you find 30k repairs is too much then you surely haven't seen the repair cost at level 105 in DP. :D

    There are 3 Servers seperated by language: (1.ENG 2.GER 3.FRE ) All located in EU. If you want to play with your friend then you have to be also on the same Server as your friend. However, if you happen to play on a different Server, then the only way to play with other players in different Servers is entering a dungeon with a party or Sky Islands (Cross Server/Housing).

    The "non-exist" message can tell in many ways:

    - Either you or your friend are still doing the tutorial

    - Player is offline

    - Player's character doesn't exist (yet)

    Indigo Flare can be found in Consus Cave.

    Indigo Flare isn't exactly a marketplace dragon but a wild dragon that can spawn in a dungeon for a cancer-ish chance and exists in both games. He has been there long time before SH. :P

    (I still can't believe you hitted that jackpot %. Lucky you! )

    well, i hope at least a way to earn diamonds like dailiy tasks or something like that..

    I wish they would add that, lol. But the NPC is an exchange manager that you can exchange gold for dias (max. 100 per day), only the catch about is that the NPC has limited stock and only players who would willingly exchange diamond for gold can stock up, same for gold.

    Also to mention that this information comes from the existing old DP and I'm sure that there would be no changes adding the NPC here.

    Idk, it looks like the shell shop is incomplete. Maybe, they will add later some stuff? It is still early to tell after the shortly release.

    And of course, there is a way to get diamonds ingame for free but they haven't implemented the NPC in this version yet.