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    1/ No names/tags

    2/ no UI

    3/ basically nothing but the picture.


    Basically feel free to update screenshots of your travels without any UI info or nametags etc. Feel free to type names in the same post and locations etc.

    Thank you! I will look for them. I just finished my Dusk Reavers but I know many others in my guild were asking for Mountain Traveler for them (at least 4 people maybe more. Same guild as you Viper). Please keep those out there. I'm not sure they check the forums but I will tell them when I am on who to search for.

    I still need Hydras. Whatever is easy to get. I think I saw Night Mist is in the lair exchange along with Son of Tyre (which I have). Also the Moon festival has one for exchange for moon coins. So any of those will work. I can work to get the stuff to exchange for them.

    I haven't had time to login but when i do i'll see about adding Twinhead to my team. My other hydras are market ones so not as easy to expect ppl to have Green Demon, Dark Gloom, Cold Fusion etc.

    I can put eseriel in on two toons....Ghostviper being one of them and i think Frostvenom has the other. It'll be later today though as i have alot to do in town.

    I stand corrected. I was tired and didn't read the vanity part. Nah i only have a few of the round tables but no vanity table.

    I have 2.....maybe 3 but i'll have to check cause i know i have blood baths and sinks coming out the wazoo.


    I have 2 but both in use in my bedroom.

    Ok, so, now that i'm sort of back with some form of internet, i will sort some things out then set a date for the pvp event. I was thinking the weekend before xmas but that's 22nd December which might be an issue for some so i could do the saturday before that if required. The delay is just because i need to make sure bills are payed, xmas presents etc are ready and i have the dias ready.

    Let me know if the 22nd December is ok or the week before and i'll arrange around replies.

    Thankyou everyone for your patience and sorry for the delay. Took a while after moving to get some form of net sorted.


    Thats just it though. It hasn't been mentioned how the exploit is achieved so how does anyone know it isn't already in SH. I mean sure its possible its in a later zone which is fair enough.

    I'm wondering why SH is allowed their wheel if we aren't. The games are supposedly the same with a few changes and currently less zones in SH. So i'm wondering why, if the wheel can be exploited, however thats accomplished. Why can't DP have the wheel.

    OK, right now i have some names as turning up....some are apparently at work or finishing so if there isn't enough for a tourney i will postpone the event. Personally I've been looking forward to this but the lack of interest (people telling me names etc so i can set it up properly) may cause this to be delayed.

    I will be there at the allotted time but names who want to enter that didn't pm me need to pay 100k to enter. The funds go to the winner.

    I mean i could allow it and just say one god only meaning Istalon or ciern with regards to oracles. Cause no doubt someone would attempt a Ciern Istalon combo or the same for other classes. Which is where me thinking about cures came into play since no cures are allowed at all.

    Short version i'd rather not see a 1 second fight unless its just the way the fights turn out due to gear, shards etc.

    Also i did say that people need to message me with the toon name they are entering before the end of today so i can sort out some sort of match up.