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    No there is no problem with Cobalt, he stays up for over an hour after a spawn.

    The time 3h/4d dragons are up is dependent on ingame time of day. Cobalt runs around during day (18:52 - 20:08CET), Midnight Shade during evening (20:08 - 20:45CET), Shrouded Carnage at night (20:45 - 21:15CET) and Son of Tyre in the morning (21:15 - 21:52CET).

    Also as longs as someone has aggroed the dragon it won't despawn.

    Well since Pale Radiance is not one of the 3h/4d dragons Saki is correct.

    As for its supposedly random capture time, yes it could be possible it wandered around for ~3h but in reality it is probably because of the maintenance.

    After a maint every non 3h/4d dragon will spawn within 24h and is not bound by its usual spawn times (at least what people observed back in DP; however I can't confirm myself if the latter part is true).

    Furthermore the times listed in the legendary thread aren't absolute. The dragons can spawn a few minutes earlier or later as the time mentioned as well. If its intentional or a bug noone knows.

    Yes you can.

    Just make sure you use the right powder since there are multiple variants available increasing/decreasing the chances for different rarities (green, blue and purple).


    I have no idea if you're trolling or not but that answer is wrong on so many levels. :w

    First of all, the two main damage stats are physical (for ranger and swordswinger) and magic (wiz and oracle).

    Dragon spell, elemantal and natural damage are secondary damage attributes and correspond to each class depending on their chosen dragon god.

    For example on oracle the Ciern god skills scale higher in damage using dragon spell damage than natural or elemental. On the other hand Istalon scales more with natutal damage.

    What secondary damage attribute you need for your class is easy to find out by simply reading the dragon god skill descriptions. As for basic and wepon skills, secondary damage attributes aren't that important since these skills mostly scale with magic/physical damage.

    Dragon spell/natural/elemental damage are only available via jewelry, shards and some dragon buffs and aren't affected by any of your basic stats (except dragon spell/natural/elemental defense which can only be gotten from armor and such).

    Just for clarification, there are two different kinds of eggs available ingame.

    Unhatched eggs contain all dragons you can tame ingame and are the ones DalekFell mentioned and the oney you actually need to hatch.

    The other kind are soulgaze eggs. A soulgaze item can drop from every dungeon boss at a certain chance and after activating the item you get one dragon egg from a selection of five possible dragons for each dungeon. The dragons you can get that way are all former cash shop only dragons.

    -> here's a list of all currently available cash shop dragons through soulgaze items. It's in german since I can't find an updated english thread but at least you can see all dragons.^^°

    You can also buy a 2 slot backpack from Amy.

    You need Destroyer Insignias though (the ones you get from killing guild bosses).

    But it is odd, they DID sell chests in cash shop for Dias and Insignias but removed them completly for whatever reason. :/

    I can understand how you all feel, I was pretty pissed too when I saw they were selling Incubators in marketplace which you could get for free in dp.

    What am I going to with all those eggs in my storage? Now I have to hatch them one by one which will take forever.

    But on the other hand I played dp already when there were no eggs or incubators available and I had no problem getting my dragons to lv100. Yes it wasn't as convenient as it is now with hatching eggs but still.

    You guys who are complaining that 'this will destroy the game and so on' just calm yourself down and think for a minute. If you believe you can only get your dragons to lv100 by using incubator fodder you're wrong. Every time you send your dragns to collect flutes, materials, etc. you get a certain ammount of dragon feed - you know the stuff you get as well when you turn in a dragon above lv10 to the academy. You need ~1k feed to get a dragon to lv10 which gets you 1 laedis ware as well as ~300 feed in return.

    Furthermore you can send your dragons to farm XP for themselves.

    You probably realize where I'm getting at.

    It's annoying that they limited the ammount of incubators we can have but does it destroy the game? No!

    Its more like an 90% chance to drop. It seems like you also need to use your egg before getting another soul drop. I had one in my inventory and ran several times without getting one. Once I hatched it it was good to go. It could be that I have super bad luck like I did on na and eu with this sort of thing ;(

    I don't know about Consus cave but I did drop a second Sould Drop in Abandoned Quarry while still having an egg from the same dungeon in my marketplace tab.

    Perhaps you can't get the same dragon again if you leave the egg unopened?

    Or you simply had bad luck. :/