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    Sry i help you if you have questions all times sure ( if i have time ) :) but my build/Points or something else i never Show some one because i learning this all myself…….Ist hardwork so i think you understand why i dont post my Build. I can help you if you have ask. You can write me privat here in Forum i will answer if you have some Questions.

    have a good day :)

    RG It´s not so hard to do. If you know how work that dungeon. You can finally with no gear/shards to do but Need longer sure but I say you can do all if you have more skill. Sure respect if you are happy that you can run now RG solo with guard. But i only want tell us you can run this with out that gear too with a Guardian.

    But wp :) Enjoy that game and good luck.

    Ok, thanks Ildruin. Never played Guardian, so I have no idea ^^ just thought that it might have a German expression as well. But then Guardians will know what is meant. ;)

    Is not only Guardian all class can use red feed but is forbidden if he mean that " Red feet"

    I like the concept but its too stutterish.


    the music is more chilled compared to all the other trailers too

    That was ask we will try if lots of People say yes fixed all stutterish and other Things i know that the Trailer are other i never say that this Videos are Trailer or i do ? ^^ We know that we Need better Collection and Music für the Trailer. but the first ask was if People interested about that ? I know my english sucks :D

    A nice Sunday so why not a new Video from us.:)

    I Hope you enjoy this and Maybe in future we will creat a Video together.:S

    We would creat a new Cinematic Trailer for that Game too all can join us.

    You can write Feedback too.

    Have a nice day.<3

    Hey not all PvPler are very badass Boys :) Don´t say all are idiots or retarded give it lots of friendly PvPler for ask duels or safe your egg circle ;) .

    So pls be nice to other guys and dont say from the beginning, they are all badass retarded Player thank you very much . :)

    and sorry i know that my english sucks but i want say this.

    Have a nice day :)