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    Personally I think Gamigo would do well to make all cash shop items available all the time. If it makes somebody happy to buy a particular hat, why turn their money away?

    I feel the adverts in the past for GMs have tended to make the responsibilities a bit full-on. For example I was put off because it stipulated a headset and I have partial hearing.

    For where we are now it would be much better to have a few volunteers nominated by the community. tbh I don't know there is much point having them anymore anyway as everyone has been playing long time and knows the rules.

    Are the marketplace sales done by the GMs? The recent ones like "100 laedis academy provisions" have been completely out-of-step with how the game is played. Gamigo need to realise the prices they inherited from Daybreak(?) were random and not based on anything.

    It has been nearly 9 months. And the Compass they took down had already declined very much in the quality and usefulness of the items.

    1 DT run gives 799,199 experience points to the dragon, which is 599 skill experience

    my loot hydra has 961,777 skill experience left over, which is 1605 DT runs

    I don't use my loot hydra anywhere else so that is probably quite accurate

    each DT run takes about 12min, so that is 300 hours in DT

    On Tuesday, I went in BattleGround, and found I had stumbled into something private...

    11 players had already opened their Groll Canyon and started a Korona-only session. They were not aggressively assaulting the camp (the one with the distinctive tents), but stood in two circles beating each other's trolls and wolfmen

    This lasted for ten minutes. They mostly ignored me, but I still had to stand at spawn point until it was over. And then... they went in and did it again

    When they finished for the second time, a leather-clad npc in Laedis gave them earrings




    People should be able to enter battleground in party, but the way Runewaker set it up means that it tends to exclude people from doing PvP at all

    It's made worse when players call "join BG pls" on World Chat for people to complete the queue - as the disorganised people from world chat are then against a party of players who know each other (and probably regularly farm BG in this way). In the absence of a matchmaking system, it might be nice if people didn't make a party without first making there is a party on the other side.

    But I'm sure if people are doing BG just to farm mobs that doesn't need a party at all. It looks more like a way for a guild to ensure that nobody who wants to do PvP can come into BG and kill its farmers.

    I don't want to insult guild Korona too much though, they did not abuse me in any way or make me have a bad time. And of course there is a language barrier - so they were not able to say "sorry this time we have filled this match with our farmers but would you like to kill some Wolfmen together with our Korona members who are also on Troll side with you? (and by the way we are planning to carry on filling the BG queue in this way for next 2 hours and we do this every Tuesday)"

    I wonder what is the point of playing that way? If someone is one of these farmers who gets the Laedis item, or their overstatted jewellry in a sheltered farming group - it doesn't really mean anything as an achievement. Or if it is a quick way to build toons for pure PvP, it actually damages the competitive field of PvP and thus its very value. When the new PvP character is finished with the needed gear, he or she will go into Battleground and find there are fewer people to play against. Each player accelerating their gear farming in this way drives out two other players from PvP: the one who wants to fight but isn't able to get into BG or find a fair match (because the queue is full of farmers); and another who simply gives up doing PvP. This problem in DP is in addition to the difficulty you have anyway in MMOs of new players fighting older players.

    I hope there never becomes a miniature tyranny of guild leaders over guild members: if two teams of farmers are always guarded (from any challenge of other players) by two over-powered leaders (who accumulated their over-powered gear by guarding farmers in otherwise empty PvP), does this reach a point where they are really enjoying not PvP but a game of Simon Says?


    Runewaker could improve this in many ways - I'd suggest one easy way would be to provide another method of farming or buying lv105 Purple accessories. There is already a box available from npc vendors with Dragonscale Coins that gives lv105 blue with (a very small like 1%) chance of lv105 purple. If that chance was more like 100% it would limit compulsive PvE farming of BG to those players who are getting the 102 earring, whilst the number of lv105 purples in the game would still be limited somewhat by their cost and the time to farm CoP. BG runs would be fewer but more of the runs would be enjoyable.

    PvE farming a 102 earring in BG can be a fun challenge when it is done solo. It perhaps goes on a bit too long (like this post you might say!) and detracts a bit from other players' experience of PvP - but the fun is to avoid other players to take objective points and mobs, and also learning to escape, which is skill for PvP and WvW once the character is geared.

    wow - I'll graciously accept - thank you!

    I took a straw poll within Defiant just from those online, and we could possibly make a group from:-

    Edessaiii, Lilytetsuya + Zeryl from ally guild Dohvamir (who have the SOS items)

    [In Dohvamir the players Bloodygenesis and Wraithpool can do DB and finished before]

    I had best let people say here on the forum though, as I'm not leader. I guess there will be players in popular Jorbyn guilds like Elitedragonsquad and Skyofdragon who will want to join or put their own groups together perhaps with some of the same players

    Recently a guild has been on world chat offering DB runs for 5kk per person

    I want to say I wish them every success in this venture - and hope that all their customers will get good loot rolls.

    But is this really what we've come to?

    We join the game and people powerlevel us to 60. We do dailies, events and road quests to 105, and people farm 105 gear for us. We then spend the next few months mugging some other people to carry us through Silia, Omati and Sorthina. We farm shards inbetween to put 428s on a few slots. And we use the remaining gold to bribe a few old players to carry us through Deyarka Bastille...

    And then... we complain there is no content. :w

    So maybe I join these DB runs. I'm told it works in the same way as Silia/Omati/Sorthina and I need a random number of runs, which might be as high as 20 to make the weapon. 100kk might seem fair, but what if the group breaks up halfway? And of course that's 20 runs for me... on those runs the other 8 people who also paid 5kk gold get nothing... if there is a consistent group of 8, we would all have to go through over 150 runs (=750kk gold :huh:) to all get the weapon. Plus a time commitment in the region of every night for 6 months.

    Feel free to correct my maths. My point is really just that it's not a simple, self-contained purchase, thanks to Runewaker's enduring love of geometric distributions in their RNG

    And that's not why I'm not going to do it. When I think about it, I don't actually want this weapon - what I want is to finish DB fairly. I want to run that dungeon and know that something I did whether it was my dps, or healing a robot at the last second, or whatever - made the run successful. Anyone who has done any of the 102 dungeons with me will say "fat chance of that - he's completely useless!", but I'm sorrier for these people who'll be raking in a billion gold. As what will there be in the game for them to buy with it? At least in real life if you have too much money you can take a bath in it.

    My idea would be for the GMs organise a DB run once a week - not necessarily being on the run, but they could bring the players together. And of course distribute the loot...

    some names of dragons:-

    Kronos(?) (the black dragon)



    Vita (the stalwart shield)



    Fadero (the heavenly storm)

    Methus (the red flame)



    Koramos (the Lifebringer)
    Warthorne (the ancient shadow)
    Sammos (the Resplendent)
    Izamu (the Relentless Tide)

    Lysaia(?) (the guardian)
    Handras(?) (the indigo fog)

    Why? there are poitions for 1d, 3d and so one. it makes no reason why they would be shorter.

    The basic reason is along the lines that 24 hours is a long time to be sat in front of a computer. (if that's not our fault? idc - don't buy the shorter pots then). An additional reason is that if they get the price point right, Gamigo would sell so many more of them that it would outweigh the effect of people substituting away from the 1d and 3d.

    A longer term benefit is that more shards would be farmed and the capability gap between endgame and people's characters would get a bit smaller improving retention of the playerbase.

    The announcement thread mentions drop buffs and experience buffs, but how will I be reimbursed for having to again re-egg an event dragon (which I had to wait YEARS for as the event wasn't launched) that couldn't get enough cares? The dragons' level cap was never raised to lv105, so they HAVE to be maxand re-egged event dragons only have one dragon in them so the time can't be extended using removers, and they only have a 9d timer. The re-egging potions cost.

    But even worse - since egg-circle started being viable again there are players caring Mechanical Dragons from Deyarka Bastille recently. I hope they managed to finish already or will get a free re-egging potion. And here it starts to be a problem - because do you give re-egging potion to all players? Can you tell who was in egg circle? Can you tell who was in egg circle with non-trash eggs? Will people start leaving alts in egg circle to farm free egg potions?

    A better way - that would give you some more money toward maintaining the game - would be to introduce a cash shop item that raises a dragon's base stats after the egg has hatched, and another cash shop item that lets you change a dragon's main stat. Pay-to-get-out-of-egg-circle and leaving the PC on solid for 2 weeks. Everyone would buy those. It wouldn't unbalance the game because the game is only balanced for lv100 dragons with max stats due to previous decision, and in some dungeons not even them.

    I think the problem with drop events is they are too infrequent and arbitrary. When one happens there is pressure to spend 10 hours farming shards, because it could be months till the next one. When we miss an announcement, it feels bad for the same reason. It would be nice to have a mechanic that visually showed when the next drop event would be, or that triggered them by filling up a counter with kills, or play time (or something) in the world. Or maybe an rng time interval so that non CET timezones get a look in. Hopefully if it was set right people would stay in the game doing other things while they watch the counter tick up.

    In the absence of these things, another way might be to make it a 24-hour drop event once a month (37.5% Saturday, 37.5% Sunday, 5% Monday, 5% Tuesday, 5% Wednesday, 5% Thursday, 5% Friday). Then it would sometimes be convenient for everyone. And I wouldn't be tempted to do a 24-hour marathon and keep an empty bottle under the desk if there would always be another one. People without RL commitments would still be at an advantage, but well perhaps they need that.

    Also I think there should be a 3hr Fortunate (100%) loot potion.

    was the exploit just that someone on the old forum worked out that the spins of the wheel are not independent of each other, so it was possible to predict how many spins would be needed to get the dragon?

    Except... RuneScape isn't owned by RW :w

    pff. he probably meant "Runes of Magic", I'm not sure if that is the one they sidelined DP for but it is on their website

    while we wait for the ability to copy text to the clipboard, with all the data security shenanigans that probably involves now, perhaps we could make a glossary of common terms - like "alle versogt" = "cared all" (lit. "all are scooped":)) and the names of the dungeons, like PW=NoT(?), and other phrases like NDZ which seems to be used for Eng:"needs" even though UK textspeak doesn't normally abbreviate the word. (but idk - it might be a similar word in another language)

    maybe Gamigo could apply for special United Nations protection for Dragon's Prophet since it has evolved a unique multilingual, pidgin, textspeak - around the facts that megaphones are limited, the box is small, and none of us can copy any text into an online translation tool. Perhaps world peace could be achieved by everyone trying to raise pet lizards in each other's houses to sell to medical science.

    DP's in-game economy is also worth of serious study. Could real countries avoid the need for a central bank, inflation, and foreign exchange, if everyone's possessions were deleted when they died?

    built-in translation is becoming more realistic, but they won't add it as a feature to a game from 2013

    however the ability to select and copy text onto the clipboard would let us use whatever translation website

    we can paste in to DP so it's strange it doesn't work the other way - maybe a bug, maybe a small enough one they could fix it

    Randolph the brown-horned pony

    Dragon's Prophet's Christmas wish

    Looks like a healthy reindeer

    Mated with a six-eyed fish

    All of the Pony Dragons

    Wondered how he got that speed

    Running round the event map

    With four forward-pointing knees

    Silver Dragon Festival

    Morgath came to say

    Randolph can you occupy

    The whole player base till January 9th?

    Then all the Pony Dragons thanked him

    As they went on annual leave

    "Randolph the fish-kneed racer

    Beats all known physiology!"

    DragonProtector they got banned most probably because the guy that got attacked sent a screenshot containing his combat log proving that he got attacked. And since GMs are well, GMs, they won't take the time to play as a lawyer for every case like this, they ban on evidence of a crime.

    I'm sure that's right. But the GMs should never have needed to be like lawyers, because the design of the B19 area should have prevented the argument arising. And remember the PvPers should have a proper arena mode, as then we wouldn't need an Isle at all.

    Egg circle is back to what it needs to be. It lacks an NPC, it lacks a "care all" button, it lacks an AFK feature, it lacks simple notifications to show you're getting cares, it could be better designed - but we can get an egg to max stats again.

    PvP is still left with the (worse) problems it always had. Territory Wars is really WvW so leave that to one side, and look at Groll Canyon with its fixed 10vs10 format, its lack of matchmaking and its distracting npc gimmickry. No wonder people would rather have an Isle.

    What there should be is a queue for quick 1vs1 matches, where you can see the other player's name, and it generates a small simple arena instance - maybe the Dragon Arena one - and it gives you a rating over time so other players can have some idea of how strong you are. 5vs5 would be a good further development. Groll Canyon is wonderfully creative as a piece of game design - strong principles - but over time the other model I'm alluding to has won out elsewhere in terms of retaining players. If there was a map where two teams of 5 try to capture a flag that fires some cannons at a shax ship in a pretend harbour every other minute, that would be used hundreds of times a day and the Trolls and Wolfmen of Groll Canyon could have a long holiday.

    Sadly those pvpers never truely got banned I think. Maybe they got like ban for x amount of time and not full. Even if full they can just create new account. If they really wanted to mask their ip address they can use vpn for dp or something. It really impossible to block these people.

    I was banned for 1 week for killing a "PvPer" who was stood in the doorway griefing the egg circle. So that may partly answer your doubts and hopefully it has been applied consistently. My response wasn't to create a new DP account. But to call them PvPers is possibly an insult to PvP. They didn't say "hurrah! finally one of these B19 egg carers will engage me in noble combat", they stood still until they died and then they reported me. So a more correct term is perhaps "PvGers - Player versus Game", or maybe just "Troll".

    That was in July I think. I still love DP's community so am logging in once a day to pick up the login rewards and have just joined the new egg circle as well. Other than that, I could farm another 1k shard but the extra dps wouldn't be noticeable. I guess once the egg is done I could log in on just the days with the Catalysts, Training Whips, Shard Glue and Shard Extractors. More of the new players from the other servers seem to have the Deyarka items, so maybe there will be runs I can join.

    Sitheran daily events farming is a) efficient and b) fair.


    a) The mobs there produce:-
    - junk that extracts down to the materials for lv100-105
    - 184 shards (defence ones)
    - dragon skill experience
    - laedis provisions (due to them being within 5 levels of the dragon) (needs cash shop dragon skill)
    - dragon provisions (due to them being within 5 levels of the dragon) (needs cash shop dragon skill)

    On the same quest npc, the dragon mobs by the walls are a pretty good source of blue dragon parts. They are much tougher than the Shax mobs on the beach and more spread out, but if ppl are doing orange crafting they are a good alternative.

    The area outside Black Tower also produces infinite mobs of same quality, but they are further from the NPC to turn in, and they are much tougher again.

    Junk management in DP is often overlooked. I bulk extract everything and keep stacks of the extracts at the tops of the inventory pages and sell them when they get to 100. Killing mobs over level 100 is better for me because the extract products will land on an existing stack. The 103 mobs at Sitheran beach produce different enhancement orbs from the 105 mobs in dungeons - but this only needs 2 or 3 extra stacks.

    For the last three points on the list:- I find IoLS is more efficient, but I've now done that Laedis item and its upgrade 7 times and IMO it's not worth doing IoLS just for skill experience and provisions. People also get ratty about IoLS farming but that could be another post.

    Farming 20 dailies x 8 Shax mobs is 160-200 mobs and takes about 10-15min. Other dailies that let you collect an item are faster toward the blinkered/isolated goal of completing the dailies, but they produce nothing else in the process.


    b) All of the above is open to interpretation, others may think they have a way that is better for them or that should be the accepted rule for all players. I think they should have shared this special insight 3 years ago on the forum when the zone was released.

    Alt farming in DP I don't really understand - it hasn't been a feature of any of the guilds I have played in, and hasn't been explained on forum. There is a box that alts get at lv60 with a chance of some Marketplace items (20 shard binding agents I recall is one of them), and I guess there is the guild points reward at lv90. Neither of these things seem worth it to me.

    Powerlevelling main characters (let alone alts) offends many players' views and is banned in some guilds. On the one hand saving people from the grind from lv1-60 might make them more likely to stay, on the other if players are carried through it they might not learn to play the game properly. I personally prefer to powerlevel all new guild members at Sitheran beach, but if someone wants to farm dailies I see that to be a more genuine use of the mobs there than powerlevelling, so I move the powerlevelling to the dragon mobs until the person is done.

    If players don't extend the same courtesy to me while I am doing dailies, I try to pick a few of the Shax mobs off the sides or take the ones they miss and then fill up the 8/8 from other non-respawning shax mobs nearby, also doing the dragons. But in about 1% of cases this results in indignation, either in chat or through the use of skills to take aggro. I guess this is because the alt farmer thinks all the mobs belong to them. In those cases I complete the event for them.

    The game's only rules are those programmed into the engine or stated in the terms and conditions. Some users of this forum have relied on this principle pedantically in relation to PvP and egg circle. If you want to kill a mob on Sitheran beach, the fact is you can. It's allowed. But abusing another player in chat is a breach of the terms of service and should be reported.

    The OP's point stands: now that the server is firmly multi-lingual we need at least the ability to select text and paste it into a translation tool.

    EDIT = 03/12/2018: I remembered there are two groups of 105 mobs that drop a daily item, but they have issues. 1. The blood devil mages drop medicine jars but they are very spaced out. It's possible to farm them usefully with mounted combat, but the problem is that eventually they will knock you off the dragon. 2. The Dragon Lair BigEyes stand in 3 vaguely circular mobs - and they can be made to bunch up using the Hydra's Mind Impact skill. But I found I kept having to switch dragons to get from group to group at an acceptable speed, which gradually wears down the timer. I found both these ways much slower than Unapu Beach.