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    (jaw drops)

    so if the server goes offline, it stays offline until GM looks on forum*?

    In 2019, would a better procedure not be that the server does self-diagnostics (I mean this particular outage was probably at the level of "is file accessible?") and sends a 500-Volt shock into the tech support's central nervous system via the Gamigo orbital death-ray network (With this being 24/7/365 with a 99% service level) Could deactivate the 500-Volts again when 100 or more players confirm they are happy over our mobile apps. During the week these are normal working conditions for us who can afford to play MMOs - work hard play hard.

    *otoh if GM 's job is to post update to forum while the tech support identify and resolve problem in some other way (and this takes 16+ hours even though game software hasn't changed in 5 years), I'd say nevermind - this thread is mostly being used so players can say if it's down or up. We use Discord also

    In Dragon's Prophet the dragons are stuck with a maximum level of 100, there are strict distinctions between arena and PvE skills, and it takes a very long time to fully train dragons.

    So you want to get your PvE team right first time. Skills can be swapped out and re-trained, but you want to avoid having to replace an entire dragon.

    Give each dragon a role. The first six dragons on hotkeys should have no Purple Soul Skills as those take up slots. The next six dragons carry the soul skills you use (up to 12 in total). The last six stable slots if you have them can either be more soul skills or space for captured dragons/hatched.

    I use these roles. The builds shown are specific to 2H Bazaka guardians:-



    DUSKREAVER (e.g. Mountain Traveler, Magical Silver)
    They have the fastest base flying speed 180%. Orientals have same flight speed but are only 170% on the ground. And their 3d model is large.

    Give the travel dragon the MP skill "Rushing Dragon Trainer". This takes up a slot making the dragon weaker. I don't use it for anything else except travel.



    AQUA Dragon (e.g. Triumph) with FOCUS as main stat
    Aqua dragons have ground speed 160%. Ranged mounted attack and mounted heal - making up for Guardian weaknesses.

    They are tough, potentially giving Guardian a mounted phys.def of 130k+ (95% damage reduction).
    This is useful for:- Omati Boss, Silia Boss, 4boss RG

    Give the travel dragon the MP skill "Rushing Dragon Trainer" (for boss fights)

    Evolution Skills:- Water Shield | Healing Dragon

    Dragon Skills:- Dragon Speed | Strength Enhancement | Focus Will | Constitution Enhancement | Tough Skin | Magic Skin | Living Will | Strengthen Dragon Affinity | Healing Wind

    Soul Support:- Focus | Strength (this adds to player but player's top 2 stats inherit back on to the mounted dragon, Aqua's ranged attack uses Strength + Focus)

    Aquas have small 3d model and I find them better for things like RG loot and isle crystal gathering than Duskreaver. They are a bit slower than Swiftfoot/raptor or Mythical/pony but more useful.


    3. DAMAGE
    FABLED ANCIENT with STRENGTH as main stat.

    Fabled Ancients have Soul Energy Impact which increases (1 target's) received damage by 30%. This can't be topped!

    They also have strong mounted attacks, which are good for 3boss RG

    Evolution Skills:- Soul Energy Impact, Cursed Wind, Ancient Dragon Power

    Dragon Skills:- Dragon Speed | Souleater Impact | Forbidden Roar | Tough Skin | Magic Skin | Dragon Battle Cry | Soul Drain | Life Reflux | Healing Wind | Elemental Summon

    Soul Support:- Ferocity | Focus


    IRONHIDE with CONSTITUTION as main stat.

    This gives slightly less increase to the player's damage, but it's job is to turn to stone and sit in background giving DS.
    Evolution Skills:- Solid Rock Shield
    Dragon Skills:- Dragon Speed | Tough Skin | Magic Skin | Dragon Battle Cry | Soul Drain | Life Reflux | Healing Wind | Forbidden Roar | Elemental Summon | Natural Summon

    Soul Support:- Ferocity | Focus

    (Dragon Spell Strike might be better than Life Reflux or Natural Summon, but the dragon isn't hitting much while it is inside Rock Shield)

    [someone told me about this role recently I think it was Wraithpool or Scatterbreak - thanks to whoever it was!]



    HYDRA with CONSTITUTION as main stat.

    This is used for shard farming in DT and NoT. For Guardians it needs to be a Hydra to pull mobs.

    Evolution Skills:- Mind Impact
    Dragon Skills:- 3x Oracle Blessing | 3x Brilliance of Luck | Rushing Dragon Trainer | Dragon Speed | Focus Will | Forbidden Roar
    (A healing skill might be better than Rushing Dragon Trainer or Focus Will, but I find it isn't needed)

    Soul Support:- Ferocity | Focus
    Shards:- use natural resistance for 1st room NoT

    [thanks to Miggey/Jahwehswarrior for showing me this build]


    6. UTILITY DRAGON (e.g. Laedis Farmer)

    SYLVARAN or METRON THE UNCHAINED from marketplace (so can't choose main stat)
    This gathers Laedis Provisions and Riding Points, with some lootbuffs.

    Evolution Skills:- Soul Energy Impact, Cursed Wind, Ancient Dragon Power

    Dragon Skills:- Unchained Energy | Advanced Oracle Blessing | Advanced Brilliance of Luck | Riding Exercise | Dragon Speed | Tough Skin | Magic Skin | Dragon Battle Cry | Soul Drain | Healing Wind

    Soul Support:- Ferocity | Focus

    Other useful roles could go in this slot. Many players would want a PvP Paragon Dragon.


    Each soul support companion is a Lv100 dragon with max stats, so takes 2 weeks in egg circle.
    Only the rarest dragons with 20% support buff should be used

    Increasing the soul support to 100% requires 8,000 to 15,000 dragon runes
    The probability of getting an increase falls as the level gets closer to 100%
    Once the probability reaches 20%, start using 5 dragons each time to improve the probability
    This takes longer but saves about 30% of the runes - if you run out of runes it will take a long time to replenish them

    I find a good place to gather junk green dragons for soul support is Paeon Town in Puretia as there are two groups of green dragons (about 20 in total) near to a Lair where they can be turned in. In Puretia the dragons don't ask you to press "F". Max soul support needs about 200 dragons.

    Ferocity and Focus are the best combination I have found yet for Bazaka Guardians, but you probably won't afford to re-roll until you get this combination on a rare dragon

    Strangely, the soul support for Critical Hit Power and Critical Hit Chance boost those stats by less than the soul support for Ferocity
    Any two from these is probably good enough:- Ferocity, Strength, Focus, Critical Hit Power, Critical Hit Chance, Armor Penetration, Physical Damage

    The TYPE of rare dragon also makes a difference, but once the stat points have been added on this is fairly minor



    Getting all skills to level 10 can take a few weeks. Start off by farming mobs for combat experience. Try to get skills to level 4 using combat experience as soon as you get them, as it would be a waste if you rolled a skill increase at Dragon Lair training and got level 1 to level 2. The builds above mostly use the same skills as each other which makes training them slightly faster. The damage dragon is probably the first one to train as it doesn't rely on waiting for any marketplace skills to be available, is generally useful, and its skills are used by most of the others (which reduces the amount of re-training).

    Core PvE Skills:-

    Dragon Speed | Tough Skin | Magic Skin | Dragon Battle Cry | Soul Drain | Healing Wind | Life Reflux | Elemental Summon

    Magic Skin: this is less useful than Tough Skin as most damage is physical
    Life Reflux: I find this is less good than Healing Wind but better than Life Recovery. And I like 2 heal skills not 1 or 3, but you might find different

    Passive Stat Increases: These scale up to 10%. Strength increases the dragon's attack damage, which can be useful for mounted combat. Fero isn't useful. Con adds 2k to 4k health which isn't useful enough. Focus and DA are somewhat useful.

    Skills that only increase the dragon's damage are generally useless in Zone, but skills like Dragon Battle Cry that add % increases to the Player's damage are essential. Skills that help the dragon live longer are useful to a point. Skills other than the passive stat increases are divided pretty strongly into Arena and Zone skills. There are numerous other zone skills than these ones, such as AoE debuffs. But they tend to trigger too unpredictably to be useful. For example the skill "Frost Crystal" really slows down the mobs it hits - but you can't direct the dragon and you don't need to debuff mobs, but bosses - which it doesn't work on.

    Good places to get combat experience are IOLS, Unapu Beach and outside Black Tower.

    Don't feel it's necessary to train all 3 Evolution Skills on every dragon. They use up Dragon Elements, which can only be gained from the Book of Dragons - so there is a limit for each character.

    Mounted Skills *can* be trained, and this *is* useful although it is very slow. There is a good boost on reaching Level 5.

    The ones to prioritize (in this team) are the Damage dragon's basic attack and the Aqua dragon's mounted heal.



    PvE Dragons mainly need to resist physical damage. For some reason most damage in-zone is physical, and the boss attacks that use magic damage tend to 1-shot the dragon anyway.

    The best source of dragon equipment is CotP, using 1800 dragonscale seals to buy 3 Cinda Armor pieces.

    Crafting dragon armor is also good, but it uses the same mats as Player equipment (esp. Dragonskin Fragments) which is more valuable. And the dragonscale seals don't have much other purpose after the lv94 laedis necklace is done. Stats can't be changed on dragon armor, the important thing is PhysDef which means purple is normally better than blue regardless of the stat rolls. Then Focus, DA. But Str and Fero just increase the dragon's attack damage which is insignificant to lv105 enemies. Physical and Magic Defense Shards on the dragon armor are really effective and if this is raised to 700s on all slots the dragon will be mostly immune to mobs. Elemental, and Spell resistance, and Health I'm not aware of anyone finding a use for. Natural resistance is good to put on the Loot Hydra as the first room of NoT has flowers that do lots of Natural damage.

    "Sitheran has not been activated yet"

    Arteicia works. It is kind of eerie all these players standing still because of connection issues ^^

    ooh - diamond balance zero, scary. (starts looking for recent screenshots)

    mailbox empty - not a biggie, I don't use mine for free storage as I find it easier to put lots of rucksacks in apartment and not be able to remember what is in them

    It's their product, and their game. Unless they sell the game to a different company (which is very, very unlikely to happen) Runewaker will still, and always will have the last say when it comes to DP/SH.

    Runewaker (presumably) own (most of) the Intellectual Property. But they don't seem to have been able to enforce it very well - there are sometimes private servers higher on Google than the official one. If Runewaker went bankrupt, Gamigo might have rights to replace them with another developer. Or they might be able to buy the IP cheaply from the administrators.

    It's true that it could be expensive to work with foreign code, but development is getting cheaper all the time, and they might be able to replace RW's engine with others that have become available off-the-shelf since 2013. Whilst keeping the concept, art assets, lore, and paying playerbase (such-as-it-is). A lot of DP's art assets are third-party, it can get complicated depending what rights people have reserved. Mike Sass might have a clause entitling him to interest payments for example.

    Who has control over what depends on the license agreement - e.g. a publisher in Germany would probably keep a veto over anything that bordered on local obscenity laws. Wenda Zindrel would be considered properly attired in Germany :w

    Egg dancing is a fun mechanic, it's strange that the developers provided a way to avoid buying Laedis Provisions, but for many players it adds a social dimension - something to fill guild chat with.

    To level a dragon to lv100 requires about 433 Laedis Provisions ("LP") and about 100k ordinary dragon provisions.
    To get hundreds of eggs to trade in for the provisions, we need a house or apartment and lots of eggs
    Eggs can be gathered pretty quickly in zone, particularly by flying round the first half of Alentia in endless circles
    But most players buy them from the Lair Manager for essences
    I presume most players use 20 green/blue/purple/pure

    Purple dragons give about 6LP, Blue 2LP, Green 1LP

    Some eggs have better chances of a purple dragon, but I find it takes a crazy amount of clicking (and powders) to utilize this
    And I imagine most players therefore just use whatever eggs

    To get essences, players dance friends' houses. The more eggs, the more essences. The better the eggs are, the better the essences
    Dancing purple and pure eggs also gives seal breakers - but I find that (i) it's less efficient than from dragons gathering napolite (ii) the seal breakers pile up
    The only good use I found for seal breakers was opening the napo boxes from Island War, which is less efficient than saving warforgeds until your guild gets the merchant isle
    (But I can't do much war as it is always in a bad time of day for me)

    So to summarize, we dance eggs, we get essences, we put eggs in our house, we then trade the dragons for Laedis Provisions

    The more houses we dance for, the more Laedis Provisions we get

    And the more eggs we have in the house, the more Laedis Provisions we get

    And if you have a large number of eggs in your house, perhaps more players will add you to their roommates list to dance their house in return

    In my opinion:-
    Dragons that are not maxed are 30% weaker, not worth using, and a waste of the vast effort needed to train them

    Someone worked out exactly how many cares are needed to max an egg, but I believe it's somewhere between 15 and 30

    This is a large number of players to rely on visiting my house. Some daily carers good but most are flaky and lose interest once they have enough LPs for their dragon they are making
    So even if you can sometimes get house eggs above 7.33, it isn't reliable and requires constant advertising world chat
    (again, I play at a quieter time of day so it might be different for you than for me)
    For any dragon I will use, I go into egg circle and don't use apartment

    This means that I want to care many full apartments. And I want to have many eggs in my apartment. But I don't actually mind if you dance my eggs at all.

    Because my apartment eggs probably won't max, and they are always worth the same Laedis Provisions when I trade them in to the NPC

    And if I gather eggs, or buy essences, or buy the marketplace dragon skill "Unchained Energy" (on Metron the Unchained or sometimes Sylvaran), maybe I don't need to egg-dance at all

    What eggs to buy?

    Most pure or purple eggs need to be clicked loads of times to give them powders to get a purple dragon (6LP). They normally have hatch times of 9d to 14d
    Blue eggs are less days and only produce slightly less LP

    Green eggs are the least days, and very cheap. The problem with them is lots of back and forth trips.

    Personally, I consider Unchained Energy a great purchase, and gather some eggs, and fill the rest of the incubators up with green eggs from Auction House.
    For this way of playing it is useful to have a house rather than an apartment, as it halves the loading time.

    And when people say "please dance my eggs in apartment" I don't understand it at all but that is just me :)

    2 remarks before thread is deleted

    the next gear set was expected to be 108 - some players had screenshots of it 4 years ago

    I just realised I posted about Dragon's Prophet's level cap in the Savage Hunt forum. Sorry about that

    I thought Savage Hunt had been reasonably timely with its cap upgrades. If it is stuck waiting for 102 that might be because after 102 comes 105, and 105 is maybe the last one. Maybe they could copy what DP's players have tolerated, and keep SH at 102 for 5 years... and then at 105 for another 5 years. That way it is 10 years. You will have awesome gear by then and be able to clear Deyarka. Then after 10 years maybe they will release something like (the name is hypothetical) Dragons Prophet "Scourge of the Auratian Masters", which maybe has just first zone the same as SH and DP, and all cash shop items are free but there are no capturable dragons in zone only via cash-shop... I would not join that as still not completed DP, but it would surely attract new generation of dragon fans as well as returning players from SH and DP

    i disagree

    Releasing 108 (if it exists) would be a really good move, as it woulf have a chance to bring back ex-players (and there are more ex-players than actice players), who loved the game and stopped because of lack of content.

    Also they would then most likely not release it for DP, but SH only, thus making DP Players stay where they are and making SH somewhat special in comparsion (also forcing DP ppl to start all over again in SH, if they want the new content) Of course, most current DP Players will feel pretty bead about that, but i guess there will be more ppl loving it.

    the ex-players are ex-players - they will just leave again, this time saying the 115 set is taking too long (but really because fashion has pulled them over to mobile, VR, MOBAs)

    I wouldn't start over in SH if it had a higher level cap. Because looking at the last 7-8 zones of DP, scrolling back from Sitheran, new content in DP in reality has normally consisted of them:-

    (i) increasing the stats on everything by a (fixed) factor
    (ii) recolouring the trolls, wolfmen, goblins and bandits
    (iii) writing another A4 side of "poignant" quest text about the adventures of Windelle and Sabosha

    (iv) copying-and-pasting existing assets into a new map layout

    Like in most of these games, the level cap upgrades were a trick to limit how immediately visible powercreep was to hordes of new players. That isn't where DP is. It wouldn't be where DP would be after a marketing campaign to bring back old players. The entire MMO market has moved on, by a lot, and DP is a beautiful relic. A vintage MMO.

    2 remarks before thread is deleted

    the next gear set was expected to be 108 - some players had screenshots of it 4 years ago

    releasing the 108 content now would be a very bad move - because most players have spent 4 years optimizing 105 gear

    if DP has any new content it should follow the example of the game it was largely inspired by, and keep the level cap at 105 but introduce some new meta for entertainment's sake. (plus obviously costumes, maps, dragons, and all the other things that wouldn't upset the balance). Lv108 mobs and bosses would be fine. A dungeon where everything drops 316-energy shards would not be fine.

    but what incentive to farm cosmetic gear? the remaining players don't need the incentive of stronger equipment - that is over and done with (and much bigger games with very similar engines and mechanics have recognized that and made it work)

    On Discord player 22RI showed a message from DP Taiwan that they are closing down over there. I was able to find it on Google at . I think I remember that DP Taiwan is totally separate and not published by Gamigo, but it is published by Runewaker who also do the maintenance for DP Europe.

    Runewaker seem to still be alive and have just launched a new game. And the shutdown date for that other region isn't until 05/09/2019.

    But in a general complete absence of communication, I wonder if Runewaker will still maintain DP EU when they are shutting down DP TW. Presumably either Gamigo can either still get maintenance (for relatively serious 24-hour outages) from Runewaker, or pay someone else to do it.

    Although Psixxo reposted the original post about the bug in June, which also involved whole zones becoming inaccessible, this seems like a different problem. Are Gamigo already going it alone and finding the code they got from RW is full of bugs? Is it because when they want to end an event they have to manually replace all the map files with versions of the map without the NPCs - and the map files are no longer compatible with last year's ones, or easily confused between SH and DP? A bit of communication would go a long way

    I've been standing in egg circle in Arteicia. Not much obviously wrong - I can't post in guild chat but can see others posting.

    Not sure if I should log out

    17:09 GMT - I was able to go to my house and back to Arteicia. Mailbox is empty of messages and AH isn't accessible. Also Kindred Compass no longer says "Data Error". Now even the bugs have bugs lol

    17:12 GMT - all npcs and players disappeared in front of me. Teleport to Dunar Temple does not work. Can't summon dragon. All attacks give the error like "target for this magical attack does not meet requirements". I can run forever which is nice.

    17:18 GMT - can't log in to main it says "This character is currently saving". Or alt "This zone is not available.
    17:19 GMT - logged into main (that error happens sometimes anyway and the workround is to spam the button). It put the main outside Dunar Temple like it registered the previous teleport attempt. Well as long as I can farm shards idc about the rest :D

    19:17 GMT - can't teleport back to Laedis


    Some matches are really a social meeting - they often switch the mobs off, do 1vs1 duels and force the match to last 30 minutes - which is bad for us.

    Others are where a PvP guild farms 105 accessories by killing mobs and some players - hopefully you might spawn on the same side as them.

    Rarely the match is a free-for-all with only a couple of people from the same guild on each team.

    Capturing points is pretty ineffective - they increase the rate at which mobs and players damage the crystal, but the important factor to damaging the crystal is which team has put an unbeatable group in the other team's camp - to protect their mobs and kill players as they leave the spawn point (unless we glide!). For PvE farmers it is only worth capturing points if the mobs have been cut off or as something to do while waiting for mobs.

    Beating mobs is slightly helpful to your team if it reduces pressure on the crystal. But often the enemy have taken over your camp so that killing the mobs just causes the match to last longer for everyone. Or your team have captured the enemy camp and switched off their mobs. Mobs are a good source of badges and if you read the match results at the end the person with the most badges is often the one who killed dozens of mobs. I find that camping the mobs where they first spawn is usually too risky - you might get a couple of batches of 10 Trolls or Wolfmen but it's an exposed location, and before long someone will come up behind and kill you. It's better to find a quiet place along one of the two roads. And if you stay well back from the road you can see the mobs come past and ambush them without being too noticeable on other players' radar maps. This saves schlepping all the way to the enemy camp. The road to the south with the healer on it is normally quieter for some reason.

    Lastly, I only realised this after hundreds of games but you can take a Duskreaver dragon over to the enemy crystal and do direct damage to it. Fighting a crystal unmounted does very little damage, maybe <100 points per second. Mounted combat with a Duskreaver can do as much as 15k per second which will take off 1% of its health every few seconds. This is the second fastest way to damage a crystal after mobs. The enemy players will often be tied up doing PvP so this slow erosion can put your team in the lead before anyone returns to kill you. Stand facing the entrance and spawn point (easier at Wolfmen than Trolls), as this means you can do Ctrl+1 or Draconic Soulbond when you see them coming. Strong players are then tied up chasing after weak ones - giving your more valuable teammates a tactical benefit. However, it's important to gauge the tone of the match: this will make people angry if you do it when your team has a numerical advantage, or if it shortens a match people were enjoying, or if people ask you to stop. Stalwarts and Hydras can also do good damage to the crystal but you might have a Duskreaver already, with Rushing Dragon Trainer on it as a travel dragon.



    The Dracolich is a nice PvE boss, like a World Boss but without the annoying dodging. The buffs these NPCs give are relatively minor, and their strange timers are less useful to PvE players as we spend so much time either in transit or waiting to respawn. The one they seem to use most drops fireballs onto enemy players for 20-30k damage like "Skyhammer calibrated to Blue team". There is another one that gives an immortality buff that is potentially useful for evasion.

    Perhaps these NPCs were intended to showcase different effects Dragon's Prophet PvP maps could use, and then their effectiveness reduced to stop them unbalancing Groll Canyon.

    A PvE player could potentially pick up these bonuses for their team - but it takes a long time, the effects are minor, nobody will care, and you get no badges for it.

    Much like this thread probably :D



    Have I missed anything? What ways do you avoid PvP? Will Runewaker ever get those dropdown menus working?

    Excessive time doing BG is a mandatory requirement to craft a lv102 earring, and BG is also the only reliable source of purple 105 accessories.

    But many players don't like BG simply because it involves competing with other players - and that's an entirely understandable outlook. The game's designers decided players with that outlook would still have to endure up to 200 x 30 minute matches, as part of Dragon's Prophet's endgame. I've been through this twice - once as a new 105 and again more recently with a geared, sharded character - after 370 matches I don't feel I've learned anything about how the combat works, and have encountered only 1 or 2 matches that felt balanced. When I die or get a kill I don't know what moves the other player used, or why any of my own moves worked, or how to improve.

    But what I do feel I can share is some *legitimate* ways of helping people to farm more efficiently and with less pain - if like me you also don't "get good" despite hundreds of hours of practice



    BG's score system is along the lines that everyone on the winning side starts with a score of 100 and this is then weighted up or down depending on your contribution to (i) capturing points, (ii) killing enemy mobs (iii) your deaths (iv) your kills. The losing side however has their weighting applied to a base score of 50.

    If you don't contribute (e.g. because you entered the match late) you get 0.

    Leaving BG early gives 0 points and applies a debuff that will probably block you from the next match (which is very bad for farming).
    Sometimes BG gives all players 0 points but I don't know if this is a bug or a mechanic against groups spamming short matches to get the 100 points

    When you enter a match as a PvE player you are probably on the losing side because you haven't joined as part of a PvP guild's farming crew. So always start by capturing one point and then try to kill a batch of enemy mobs - this registers you in the scoring for a base score of 50 points. If you kill lots of mobs you might get this up to 75 or 80, if the PvPers block the two camps that spawn all the mobs and you get killed a lot of times, it might be as little as 20 or 30 - but you can expect to average 50 points from these minimal PvE activities. For the 102 earring you need 10,000 tokens, and a set of accessories is 1500 points (500 x 3 items).



    Most players use the Groll Canyon Assault set for +35% damage to other players. As a new 105 I found this didn't make enough difference to be worth the 1500 tokens. With a more developed character it is useful. Your first BG set can be up-statted from blue accessories. I don't think it's worth farming purple accessories for this unless you have a PvP build.

    On other equipment, the Toughness stat is important - which effectively makes it a permanent choice between optimising for PvE or PvP. For BG with a developed character I think it's worth sacrificing a slot on each item to put Toughness onto PvE sets, but you won't get the survivability of a Toughness set. Critical hit chances and crit damage are severely reduced by other players' Toughness, but I would recommend to leave them on your PvE gear. Most other stats on gear are similarly useful between PvP and PvE - tinkering with them won't offset the drawback if you started with a PvE build.



    In the psychology of any RPG game, being "killed" is "bad". But you are here to get 50 points - make a game of it in other ways

    Whenever we are "killed", we "lose" and the other person "wins", so often people taunt us as well - in order to excuse themselves from appearing predatory and exploitative. But in Dragon's Prophet unlike real life you can blacklist up to 200 of them, which is enough for not just them but also everyone they may have dissed you to in their guild. If this seems extreme or impolite, Dragon's Prophet also offers an excellent tool called the Combat Chat tab, which will prevent you from seeing any messages whilst slightly increasing your insights into what is going on.

    If someone points out your incompetence, cowardice or anything else - this is a game and you don't need to look good for these people. They will probably still buy your shards. But never cheat or use exploits to try and get your own back or go AFK to prevent yourself from being farmed - as other players genuinely need to kill you to boost how many purple 105 accessories they can buy to keep up with their peers. Don't react to name-calling, as they can and will report you. As long as other players feel your time in the game is increasing their score somewhat, they will probably tolerate you.



    Flying isn't possible in Groll Canyon, so most players use ground-only dragons like Swiftfoots or Paragons. The Paragons have a mounted skill that prevents evasion effectively, so beware of those.

    The types I prefer are Duskreavers and Aquas. Duskreavers have the best all-round speeds as a general PvE travel dragon and their mounted attack does high damage to the enemy crystal. Aquas are the fastest type in water which can be an advantage when the middle of Groll Canyon is a lake. If possible put the "Rushing Dragon Trainer" skill on your dragon for extra speed.

    Gliding is very useful in Groll Canyon. If you are a PvE player you'll prefer to be in the Troll Camp as from there you can glide all the way to the Wolfmen Camp quite easily. The other way round from Wolfmen to Trolls is less good. Gliding hugely reduces the opportunity of other players to target you. There are several skills that can take down a dragon, but they are short ranged and often enemies don't bother to use them. When players realise someone is avoiding doing any PvP, they sometimes chase you round the map - but they usually stay on their Swiftfoot or Paragon, and if you can get to the lake there are 4 or 5 escape routes.

    Finding routes to glide around BG is mildly enjoyable, and it gives you a vantage point to spot unguarded points and groups of mobs

    Don't glide into the Wolfmen Camp's spawn point as it might look like you want to spawnkill. There are PvE players like you on the other team

    If you like parcour challenges there is a tree above the wolfmen camp spawn point


    All dragons have a skill "Draconic Soulbond" which counters the crowd-control skills that PvP players use to stop you getting away. It won't work if the dragon is killed, or if combat reduces your mounted stamina to 0. Try to let the skill recharge and the dragon stamina recover before leaving the spawn point.

    Ctrl+1 teleports you back to the spawn point. It takes about 5 seconds to work, but the timer still moves whilst players are trying to dismount you from the dragon. It works well if you see them coming toward you. The recharge time is 5 minutes and you shouldn't camp at the spawn point - so you'll often not have this available but when you do it's the get-out-of-jail card

    When you are dismounted, PvP players have several ways of stopping you running away. The main ones I recognise are the dragon soul skill "Taunt" which makes you run toward them - another one that makes gold chains come up from the floor - sorcs have one that turns you to stone (but which they seem to only use in actual combat). There is also something called "redfeet" which seems to be frowned upon because it is possible for it to be used as an exploit. Also there is stunlock in all its forms, which generally lack any telegraphing.

    Depending on your class and build you might be able to use a skill or chain of skills to get away - Bazaka guardians can sometimes get Warlord Befalls off during an enemy's attack chain to become indestructible and immune to crowd-control for just long enough to mount a dragon. There is another good one on Ranger(?) that turns them into a little purple fairy. But once caught you will probably only escape if something distracts them.

    The set bonus "Laedis Soul Shield" gives some resistance to stunlock, this isn't compatible with using the BG accessories but might be useful with quickchange

    Three final points on evasion are that it can take a long time to kill you in the lake even if you can't actually escape, secondly players rarely go into the corners with the Healer and Dracolich so you can sometimes hide there. Lastly there are sometimes npcs available at the capture points who can teleport you if you reach them with enough spare time to use the menu.



    Dragon's Prophet enforces BG to be played in bulk - and 3/4 of the players in there are always the same. So there is time to establish that you are not worth fighting - in the 5 seconds it takes to run to your location, you might return to the spawnpoint. They might have to spend 30 seconds chasing you, and if they catch up you are only worth 1-2 badges.

    Occasionally PvP players evangelize by saying "let's do 1vs1" or "I'll go easy on you" or "I'll fight you with no shards". The problem with this, as I see it, is that they have been playing a different game - one where they have been receiving feedback on what works or doesn't, and have been receiving rewards for playing well. So they will still win on mindset - unless they slow down so much that any lessons are no longer meaningful.

    But by at least coming into BG, you have helped get a match to the minimum of 10 players it needed to get started, you will provide some easy kills to other players, and you carry a banner for peaceful evasive farming. Farmers have a much better time of it in Territory War - there are lots of reasons why that might be but it shows there is psychological potential to tolerate farmers in BG as well.


    I think they are as initially they added a glowy barrier between Alentia and Olandra

    also the time lag between the Gamigo scheduled maintenance (Thursday AM) and the zones going down (sometime on Friday) might mean it is being done by Runewaker

    In the last 24hrs, several zones have been disabled from play including:-

    - Olandra

    - Sitheran

    - Groll Canyon

    - Omati and Sorthina (but not Silia or Deyarka Bastille)

    - some Sky Islands (including whatever one has my house on it)

    So I'm guessing they are removing the Unapu Beach event and the Pirate Coins event because they generate lots of support tickets from players flaming each other.

    Groll Canyon they won't remove - but I guess perhaps they have some fix to apply to reduce the support tickets. Maybe it is to do with the Wolfmen's and Trolls' respawn counter - as like the PEs in Olandra and Sitheran people continually farm them.

    Omati and Sorthina are probably to do with bugs that enable the 102 set to be farmed. I predict it won't be that they are debugging Frenzied Iossu's pathfinding and the collision detection of moving platforms.

    Sky Islands I haven't seen any interesting bugs there - some of them seem to have issues with the Speculators PE, others the Pretzel Gates don't show on map.

    That is just my guesses as long-time player of DP. <3

    Update: I'm told Alentia is down too

    Update: I'm told it is similar in Savage Hunt