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    The questions is not wether we become a GM or not.

    The question is, who is interested in work that is not paid? Well, I mean, being the/a GM of a online game is a nice "job" even when it is not paid, but who wants to do this for a almost dead game and that much of restriction to make things happen?

    Personally I find as a member you can often do way more for a game, due to the restrictions. But having a "GM" do it, often looks better for the game so both got pro's and cons. It kind of depends what you're trying to achieve.

    If you're someone who doesn't mind throwing gifts around, its incredibly easy to make up some events and run them. You're also allowed to speak your mind rather than the usual copy paste because you're bound by rules. As GM you're not allowed to help with general gameplay also, so helping people through a dungeon is a big no, etc.

    Are the marketplace sales done by the GMs? The recent ones like "100 laedis academy provisions" have been completely out-of-step with how the game is played. Gamigo need to realise the prices they inherited from Daybreak(?) were random and not based on anything.

    They don't. Product managers are the ones who handle the sales and marketing.

    I do agree though, things should be made easier. Though from what I've seen it's already gotten way easier than it was before.

    But if nobody shows interest, there won't be a GM. Plus the only PM may honestly not have time to babysit a GM in training.

    I hope one day they just merge everyone to one ame so we can choose how we want to play

    Except.. They literally just made the game to seperate it.. It would be rather counter productive for them to just be like "Yeah, sorry dudes, SH going down again".

    There is no going back, and no merging games. People spend enough money on DP for it to be a problem if dragons became free, and enough money on SH to not move back to DP.

    You can choose how to play, with two different games.

    Try in english, I doubt many of us even got a slight clue what you're even saying.

    well create account and play

    ...but obviously u can't use any old e mail address you previously used

    hi, maybe you should have first to migrate your DP account to the new Gamigo système to come back to DP or start with SH.

    I think neither of you understand the problem. He isn't trying to play on his old account, he's trying to make a new one entirely.

    He can't make a new account, it won't let him.

    Selling and buying in-game Dragon captures for Diamonds is something that has never been approved of by Runewaker even since the days of DPNA. I have witnessed many people banned over the same and similar practices.

    Well, it'd be a first for me and I've been on DPEU since near the start.

    It'd be a difference if they are hogging all of them, but paying someone for their services to get you one? No harm there. It's not exactly forming a problem, and luckily RW isn't the one that bans this stuff, nor did they fix it although its been known since before DPNA, right?

    Managed to find it, although this is from DPNA it proves its point. This came from SOE themselves back in the day, so this can be considered an official statement:


    1. Tagging a world spawned Dragon and attempting to sell ownership to capture in a public medium may occur but is unsupported by GMs.
    2. If any goods or in-game gold is agreed upon during an exchange, that agreement will be enforced by GMs based on it being a trade negotiation unrelated to the capturing of the Dragon. This means that players are not allowed to intentionally scam another player by offering a tag but denying the service after payment has been received.
    3. It is absolutely against the Terms of Service to request payment through Station Cash, Game Cards or any other currency other than in-game currency (gold) or items.

    The issue is there's nothing stopping him from just.. not supplying the Diamonds. Also where do you think the Diamonds come from? Real money.

    Exactly, and that's a risk people take, Except the same goes for people who sell diamonds. Yet people selling diamonds for gold has also never been against the rules.

    And there is infact a big difference.

    If he was to offer REAL money, that'd mean someone is making REAL money off of a product that does not belong to them, this infact would get Gamigo and possibly even RW into action depending on how bad it is. This infact would 100% be against the ToS

    But instead, he converts the money he has, into pixel money from the specific game to give to someone who helps him. Neither party gains anything outside of the game, thus its fine. Its no different from the others who sell diamonds in any shape or form within the games boundaries.

    ouch that just cruel lol. I am sorry but isn't the suggestion page about any ideas weather they are possible or not?

    No, not really. Naturally you can suggest anything you want, and people share their opinions on it. Naturally its common sense for the ideas to be possible and reasonable or people simply wont support it.

    If people don't support it, they shoot the idea down. Thats how it works. Usually ideas that aren't supported, also get shot down by the devs and wont even reach the devs.

    True very true but i refuse to pay sub for a game that will eventually shutdown. I prefer f2p games or buy once and keep.

    I am hoping dp update will be good like new content zone and dragons.

    Not trying to kill hype, but don't you think if they would release BIG content, like a new zone...

    They would only hype it up by chat?

    No, no they wouldn't. Big new content would be hyped up with news posts, or even sneak peaks. It'd be newsletters, Facebook, twitter all that shit.

    I know how profit works. And yes, since the game is running still, it's still profitable.

    I don't know the finance apartment, but I've known my fair share of gamigo/infernum folk and just general knowledge of being around.

    There is no way dp and sh would be profitable to allow it. I doubt the game has more than 200 active players.

    There wouldn't be just the cost of buying the rights, they would have to hire coders (that gotta learn runewakers code, and likely asian), they gotta hire artists to draw out ideas, hire the 3d modelers that know how to use certain programs and fit the dp style. Then it has to all get tested, which may or may not take people hired and under nda.

    And so much more. You don't have to be a genius to see gamigo isn't that type of publisher too.

    Your answer sounds german to me, as in:

    "Better don't even try, because it could cause problems, eventhough we don't know if it really does"


    It's called common sense.

    This is a Company, and unless it's a big well known Company with a well running game, you shouldn't expect this.

    The game wouldn't earn enough money to even make this possible, volunteers wouldn't be a thing either.

    A Company usually doesn't "try" with these sort of things. No matter how much ildruin may love the game. It's still all a matter of income. You're not gonna bet on a dying horse in the race.

    This could probably cause quite a few issues.

    1. What if gamigo doesn't have game developers?

    2. if they do, then they gotta learn the code, and a big part of the inside is likely written in Asian.

    3. I hardly ever heard of gamigo before they took over dp. Even if it's better than no new content, I'm not super confident they have experienced game developers. (No offense you guys).

    5. Imagine if they do or don't, they have to get paid for the work they do. Work that gamigo likely won't wanna invest in cause dp doesn't bring up enough money.

    Well they never specified that your amount of rubies would decrease, they would get transfer over. So at the very least you should get back what you already had. Giving you back less after losing them to a bug would cause a shitstorm no matter the system changes.

    Im neither a CM and GM, but since ive been playing a while and sorta know how things roll. Maybe it can be of use..


    1. Is Runewaker actively working on the game, thus will there be Upgrades and Patches once Sitheran has been reached

    Its been proven in the files that stuff actually IS worked on. The new appartments did not work in DP. They shown up to be existing and to be working on them, but they never worked in DP, yet here we are. Regarding the new zone, there been changes in DP's files for it, and SH's files for it.

    No clue how long it'll take, but there is some lunchbreak work on it I guess.


    2. Currently there aren't many players actually playing this game, but they rather stay at DP for the time being. Are there any plans, that SH will replace DP at all

    This has been answered, they wanna keep up both games. However, if you think logically, if they give DP future content that SH will have, there will be 0 point in playing SH at all.


    3. If the playerbase remains below expectance, what are the plans? Will the Game be shut down again within a few month, making my invested money/time be of no value?

    This is always a risk you take when spending time and money on a game. Though, I doubt they shut down SH anytime soon. Gamigo seems to have a talent for keeping barely working games working with as little people as they have in the community.


    4. DP has been a fantastic game and yet it never achieved any hype, games such as Aion, Rappelz, Tera have always been more populated. What are the chances of SH making the cut

    None. The concept is great, but for MMO games these days, DP needs a HUGE rehaul for it to be popular. It does not run well enough by far to compete, the PvP is lacking, and graphics are a huuuuge issue in 2018.


    5. I'm not too worried about the Pay2Win aspect of the game, yet why am i forced to team with others, just to get my hands on Dungeon Equipment Materials? I'm aware this is a MMO, but the times i play, are the really really early morning hours (due to work). Is my money/time less valueable, than money from primetime Players? (I'm aware that i can farm Gold, but the Auctionhouse is close to dead and once there are mats, they cost a fortune and make one Equipment piece cost 2 Million+, thus the set being at min. 12!!!!!! Million, not inclunding weapon and accessories)

    They need to work on this stuff, ingame money seemed to be an issue, but with as little people as there are, the market wont grow. However an MMO is an MMO. Some go for full soloable gameplay, some go for Group content. DP likes the group content. Sort of. Till we get a few more caps.