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    Except a GM can't help you there, they don't have the rights/permissions to spawn items in etc. So your only hope is support.

    I'm not english, i'm french, i try my best with what i know and sometimes google trad to understand people, you don't need to bite me buddy, i swear :)

    Fair enough, I was just a little confused because I personally thought it was decently clear. o/ apologies.

    You mean what by "host" , as a publisher ? or they will become the new host of both game ? O.O

    ''The noun host refers to a person who receives and entertains guests.'' aka publisher. Considering gamigo already hosts/publishes the game... you know.. I don't understand what was difficult about what I wrote.

    Huh ? Gamigo don't win lot of money with DP/SH as a publisher, so how can he know how much money Runewake earn at his peak for DP/SH ?

    They do and they don't.

    I didn't mean to say that Gamigo knows how much RW earns from DP, but how much gamigo makes off it. Naturally both companies keep track of their own profit, so both can judge based on that.

    But as far as I know, and it could be totally off, gamigo pays RW money for the licence to host the game, part of the income usually also goes back to the dev to pay for development aswell, but that is besides the point.

    True, but taking down pservers can be a huge pain, hence why most games don't bother. Unless you actually take away their files, which you can't unless you make it a legal action (which costs money), they will just keep popping up, and even then you'll still have chance a new one pops up because usually they aren't a 1 man project but a group effort.

    We won't know for sure what kind of agreements are in their contracts, hence I go with what I know and what appears to be basic. It is very possible to completely re-do DP with everything you included, but it'd be more likely to come from a passion standpoint than a business.

    Gamigo knows how much money DP makes and how much it can make at peak, so they could make the decision entirely on that, but it would be a gamble. Unless, as I said it becomes more a passion project than a business project, I don't see them taking that risk at all.

    But in all honesty, if RuneWaker goes down because of bankrupt, I fully expect it to either go down with them or it gets sold in an attempt to save the sinking ship.

    Just to remind all - we are talking about Savage Hunt!?

    Well, sorry to burst that bubble but:

    If Runewaker has stopped working on game , HOW.......

    You should probably give it a read.

    DP and SH are practically the exact same game, you can't copy a game and call it your own. It's not how any of this works.

    Here's some other examples:

    Go to 1:46, at the bottom, tiny letter. What does it say? Correct! Copyrighted by none other than.... Runewaker

    Runewake will soon leave this game (as the CM Dema said) no more runewake soon, so who will be our devs now ? :)

    Runewaker will be.

    They only stop THEIR server. Just because they drop their player server doesn't mean you can suddenly assign a different Dev.

    It's their product, and their game. Unless they sell the game to a different company (which is very, very unlikely to happen) Runewaker will still, and always will have the last say when it comes to DP/SH.

    I should also point out: Server =/= updates. The two have nothing to do with each other, they could drop their server anytime and still produce patches for us (besides the fact that they haven't for years).

    Gamigo can if they invest enough to buy the whole game.

    That would be

    1) IF RW even intends to sell it, and you should know they are incredibly stubborn and proud of their work (hence why they never moved off the RENA)

    2) If Gamigo intends to become a dev. Not impossible, since they partnered with Aeria, who do dev I believe?, but unlikely.

    3) You'd be buying the idea mostly, unless you want to spend an incredible amount trying to figure out the code of some Taiwanese dude, you'd likely be better of starting over the whole game.

    4) Unless you're just buying the idea, you'd need to put in quite a bit of money for the assets too, or they need to grant you permission to use them since they do use a lot of their work in their other mmos and possible phone games.

    It'd be a best case scenario, but then again with the MMO market not running at its fullest, is there even a dev we would trust with this game to completely fix it and overhaul the whole engine, and not fuck it up entirely?

    GAMIGO is the owner of DP + SH - therefore GAMIGO decides what will be published and what not!

    I should probably also correct you here. Gamigo is the Publisher, not the Owner. Even as a publisher, you do NOT get to decide what you publish. The Dev/Owner does. They give you patch, you implement it. Why? Because that's not for publishers to decide. If you do not Update, you risk losing the game and future patches entirely.

    I honestly did not want to comment any of your comments anymore, but if I read total stupidity I cannot keep quiet.

    GAMIGO is the owner of DP + SH - therefore GAMIGO decides what will be published and what not!

    The developers (of what is left of them) have nothing, and I mean nothing to decide. Only to leave the company - and that is whats happening and what is the problem = the KNOW-HOW (of DP+SH) is leaving!

    Except You're the low IQ here now.

    Gamigo is the publisher based in Germany, all they do is keep it running. Runewaker OWNS the game, Runewaker EDITS the game, without Runewaker You dont have a game. If Gamigo doesn't like what Runewaker does, Gamigo has a problem because Gamigo isn't Runewakers boss. Gamigo have no right whatsoever to edit the game, and would risk a huge lawsuit if they did.

    Anyone who plays DP knows this, so think before you write.

    At the end of the day that means, who is willing (or not) to pump more hard €uro's in exchange for funny money into GAMIGO's cash box.

    By the way, only those players - in my opinion, are the one's who should be allowed to criticize GAMIGO on their business decisions.

    :D:D You forget that at this point 99% of the people that are still here either have spend a redicilous number of money, or still are.

    Most of the message is on point though, but I don't particularly agree on the last part. Its perfectly fine to set a standard for a game and only throw cash at them when they meet that expectation. In the end, that' s what companies gotta aim for.

    now are you trying to tell us to be happy it still exists?

    I'm not telling you to be happy with the situation, but if it wasn't for gamigo buying up Infernum and DP, it would've been gone years ago.

    I've been here since infernum and back then it was just as much of a mess as now, the only difference being that DP was one of their bigger games and they could do more for us.

    Blaming the whole company because it's not only our game who's dead, it's every games of gamigo, and they never did (as a support,or what you want) to answer us what we wanted to know exactly because they already know they make bullsh.t

    actually they buy / adopt dead games. If anything they safe them from death by keeping them up for little reason.

    she still needs an OK from the higher ups to give information, and if Gamigo doesn't tell her she can or should, she can't do anything. In that regard she's not more than a player.

    What ^^^ Said, but also the fact they don't usually work on the weekend. Support might, but I wouldn't expect PM's and CM's online on the weekend unless they have it planned or the forum is on fire.

    Well, its not how they advertised it. We know its the same game, but if they treat it as a "New game" combined with Ildruin leaving, LadyThora coming to take over... ish, and then leaving, and now we have Demadred who is maybe two months old here + all the problems they had with the forums and the server it sorta adds up as to why we havent had a patch yet.

    Granted that DP only has 1 PM (Who still is learning the game and the people), no CM's and maybe 1 or 2 GM's it kind of shows that they are understaffed or not prioritizing it.