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    This makes for a rather easy ranking, sadly! But a deal is a deal!

    First place: Razayel - 600 points!

    With 2 Balge kills! Each worth 300 points!

    Second Place: Aquatic - 240 Points!

    With one CoP Kill, and 3 boss kills!

    Thank you both for participating!

    First place will be handed out by me, and second place by Hyve

    Please let us know the following here, in PM, or on discord:

    -Game: DP/SH


    -Your list of items.

    And hopefully we can get you your rewards soon!

    Wasn't the voucher and dragon limited? I'm quite sure you can't get either anymore.

    since you're posting this on the SH side, and not the DP side.

    I will need to clarify that you cannot migrate your account to Savage Hunt, if that is what you are trying to do.

    You are merely merging your account from Infernums platform, to Gamigos. Games are both separate, and if you wish to continue playing the game on that account, you need to Download the DP client, not the SH one.

    If you got the right game installed, etc etc, and it still doesn't work, contact support. They can retrieve it for you and you'll be able to access it on the DP client again.

    The Dragon's Prophet community discord is here to present to you, a new event where both games get to join in to share a little fun!

    We present to you:


    The Naughty Osira Party

    It's been pretty quiet in Auratia for quite some time, and that makes the Osira bored and when Osira gets bored they get naughty. In this world, that is not-so-full of danger anymore, Osiras found them a new way for entertainment, and this is... Dragon Slaying!

    Several Osira have joined together with the idea of holding a little tournement, because in a world that has nothing left to explore, or challenges to overcome, how will you show your power and earn titles?

    So, do you have what it takes to be ranked among the top dragonslayers of the world?

    How will it work?

    You, and your allies will go out, into the world of Auratia, and hunt you some dragons, but not just any dragon will do. No no, you will be after the fiercest and most dangerous dragons. Time however, is ticking and only the fastest will be able to reach the top. Each dragon will only count Three times, this means you will have to move swiftly.

    Down below you will find the full run down on rules, F.A.Q, and points.


    You'll be able to pick your own prizes within the given diamond limit!

    1st place: 3900 diamonds

    2nd place: 2900 diamonds

    3rd place: 1500 diamonds

    The event will last TWO weeks, starting from RIGHT NOW to 22/10/2019 00:00 CET

    Please note: It's a shared tournament between both games, the top spots can be claimed by either games.

    Point Counter:

    -Overworld Boss dragon - 10 points Example found here

    -Dungeon rare dragon: 30 points Example found here

    -Roaming Ancient Dragon: 100 points

    -Dungeon ancients (By point system): 150 points (For whole party) Example found here

    -Flute Exclusives: 200 points. Not lair gatherable!

    -CoP, Deyarka Bastille and Sillia/Omati/Sorthina ancients: 200 points (For the whole party)

    -Calculus: 250 points (whole party)

    -Balge Outside of Aryna's lair: 300 points

    Note: ancient refers to the "Legendary" dragons, not just the ancient family.


    -Respect each other! don't steal tags. If someone wants to tame a dragon rather than kill it, that is to be respected. Opposite aswell, don't steal a dragon when it's with full intention that it's been tagged to kill. Failure to do so can cause either party to be disqualified

    -Please only enter unedited pictures, full screenshots. Video's qualify too.

    -Make a new post each kill please. Don't go back to edit in pictures. We may end up rendering the entire post disqualified, text edits are fine.

    -You can only join on one game, once you've entered you'll have to continue on that game. Please stick to the corresponding thread.

    -A dragon can only be submitted 3 times per game, once a dragon has reached its limit it will no longer be counted.

    -Only tameable version count! Ex. Killing the PvP bosses during the Isle PE doesn't count for their flute variant.

    -Make sure the following are visible:

    1) Dragon kill in combat log

    2) Time stamp on the above

    3) Your character (or characters in case of party) and the corpse of the dragon (or the yellow text announcing its kill in case of roaming).

    4) The ingame time is visible

    -As parties are a thing, please note that points will only count towards the killer unless otherwise specified in the point counter!

    -When it comes to parties:

    1) Only one person needs to enter the screenshot

    2) Said person should provide the forum names of the party members

    3) Would they fail to do so, you can provide your own picture (so make sure you have your own!) and simply mention that you partied with them

    4) Make sure every name of the party is visible, along with the dragon

    5) A raid/party kill will only count as "one" kill on the counter. Ex. If 2/3 Calculus are available, and you kill him with a 10 man raid, it's 1/3 left.


    1. If I enter on one game, does this mean I can only spend it on that game?

    No! You can spend it on either game, limiting people to one game just makes it more fair and easier to keep track off.

    2. How will I know my points?

    As of now, you won't, unless you count yourself. We may or may not make a google doc to track it, but this is still in consideration. If we don't go for the option to track it during, we will count afterwards.

    3. Behhh, killing dragons isn't fun! Behhh, Someone been harrasing me over X or Behhh Someone stole my tag!

    This event isn't made to cause drama over some pixel dragons, as that is what they are. You cannot tell one what to do with "their" dragon. A dragon belongs to those who tagged it.

    If they fail to capture or kill it, the next person with the tag can do with it as they want, etc.

    If someone is stealing or causing trouble, come to us! Take screenshots and block them, and throw it our way!

    Disclaimer: All credits to the idea belong to Hyve aka Theluji

    Good afternoon ya'll!

    Since gamigo has decided to shorten their time spend on us and not even notify you off sales, I will be your new host!

    Deal with it!

    We have new Dragon sales!

    LAST 35 Hours

    Black Steel Egg

    Explicit Violet Egg

    Morning Sky Egg

    Mirage Egg

    Tomb Eater Egg

    Nagafen Egg

    Last 132 Hours

    Sapphire Fortune Egg

    Grave Rider Egg

    Zios Egg

    Arca Lex Egg

    Psychic Phantasm Egg

    Voltara Lumen Egg

    Goldsteel Egg

    Thorned Autumn Egg

    Regal Bronco Egg

    Lemon Drop Egg

    Skardis The Frost Monarch Egg

    Item Sales:

    Attribute removal Crystal 150 dia 75 dia

    Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal 60 dia 30 Dia

    All Attribute inheretance Crystal 150 dia 75 dia

    Academy training whip 300 dia 200 dia

    Mastery Set Book 240 dia 180 dia

    Dragon Egg Elixer (incubation) 590 dia 399 dia

    Perfect Experience Bauble 1000 dia 599 dia

    35 hours left!

    Companion Rune 15 dia

    On Fire pack (Fiery Phoenix) 1000 dia

    If you need info on the following, let me know and I will attempt to provide.

    all they seem to do is press reset instead of finding what is causing the problems

    Its not a matter of thinking they care or not, its a matter of doing our jobs as a community, as far as possible. Sundays nobody is there, so they rely on the people who keep an eye on the forums (GM's, colleagues, etc) to notify them.

    However Ping issues can be absolutely anything and personally wouldnt be something I'd contact anyone for. Knowing the server is down, and isn't down for just 10 minutes is an entirely different story.

    If we keep pushing, you figure that eventually they'll have to give in. If not, atleast we done our part.

    so what is the point in telling gamigo when things go wrong im sure they already know how useless they are

    Because DP Isn't their priority likely. Other games go before us, so I'm hoping that if we make a proper collection of when the server goes dow, Ildruin or Dema can show it to the higher ups and get IT on fixing the server.

    Do keep in mind that Dema is the only one watching us, and occacionally Ildruin. Its easier to ask for help if you can properly show when and how often is going wrong.


    Its also a lot easier for everyone else including Dema.

    Personally if someone here is shittalking the servers, I sure as heck can't tell if they are saying the server is down or not. They don't have that excuse now, since we'll keep track.

    im glad i didn't start holding an egg

    For sure.

    On a side note, I think they are restarting the server? Before I could atleast pick a server and got stuck when going to the characters. As of right now, I cant even select a server.