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    I am just a bit curious as to whether or not DP will get a designated Game Master, like there is for SH? I think I know the answer, but figured it is worth questioning. I haven't noticed ANY GM logging in or speaking to us in worldchat since Ildruin left. Was I wrong in thinking this was only temporary?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Starting yesterday, I've begun seeing 'insufficient chat count' error message on my screen when I try to chat. My chat isn't overly long or anything like that. Once, I was simply trying to type 'LOL' in ally chat and got that message. I restarted game yesterday and that seemed to correct the problem. Today it's back and just got that message again. Does anyone know what this is? I've been playing since Nov. 2015 and never seen that before.

    Thanks for your time and consideration! :w


    If the compass isn't going to be activated, can't you please come up with another means for our spending the kindred insignias? It is a bit depressing to watch them accumulate and knowing we have no way to spend them and especially since it can be a nice game resource.

    Regarding the people who were abusing the compass, I hope the losers have moved on since their playground was removed. I don't understand why anyone would get satisfaction out of obtaining anything by cheating, although I am realist enough to know they are prolific in the real world, and so naturally they exist in the game world too.

    I just don't like the fact that a resource is continuing to be withheld with no plan B in the works. Please reconsider the current compass status. X/

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    My subject line says it all. Is there any way at all to add dye boxes for weapons and shields? Even 1 would be nice. I like to coordinate colors on costumes, and I'm certainly not a 'fashionista' but it would be sweet to be able to add an accent color or change one.

    Thank you for your time and consideration! :whistling:


    Yay!!! Lunar Festival stuff is in market today! :D

    Can anyone tell me what Dragon Messenger costume set is? is it the kimono set?


    Hi and I'd like to bump this thread. When can we expect to see a marketplace sale? We used to see them once a week, and if you can't do that, can you at least try to put some things up for us to consider on a regular basis that might be convenient for whoever makes these decisions?

    Also, here is my current wish list (just in case)

    ~ bundles of expansions for backpack/bank etc. Not gachas, please, but real bundles with a bit of savings like a real sale. (I have a lot of alts that need TLC)

    ~Dragonhowl Costume (yep, I know I can farm these pieces but would buy it if it was offered in market again)

    ~Oriental dragon eggs (an alternative for those who can't cap one of the wilds this week)

    ~Dragon Drive Potions in a bundle

    ~Dragon Egg Elixir bundle (for returning dragon to egg state for incubation)

    And again, bundles with a real savings in them are nice. Gachas hate me and the feeling is mutual.

    That's it for now, but thank you for your consideration and time.



    I wish I knew. Sorry, Lily. I recall that one of our old guildies once extracted one a couple years ago and we were all amazed to see it. Must be quite rare. Would be nice to know the % chance though.

    I'm trying to remain positive and thinking of the 'here' and 'now' regarding DP and the fact that since the merge, there isn't a handy in-game tool for viewing or translating any of the chat I don't understand. It would be a huge help if I were bilingual, but I'm not. 8| Some kind of auto translate feature in our chat box, or at the very least the capability to copy/paste the chat would go a long way toward bringing our one server community together. ;) 

    (Disclaimer ~ This is only my humble opinion, and not intended to be read as anything other than that. Excuse me while I finish my beverage which is 'half full' and resume chasing butterflies. :S)

    Hi everyone!

    First I want to say it's nice to have everyone on one server and the DP family is finally located in one place. It is nice to see more people. :D

    My only difficulty (and mainly because I am very nosy) is I don't understand much of the chat in world/zone/local because I am not bilingual. It would be really nice if we could copy/paste chat and translate it (like google translate does) or set chat to have it appear to whatever language we select. I understand this is likely much more complex and involved than I fully comprehend, but it never hurts to ask a question - even if I don't receive the answer I was hoping for. :w:whistling:



    What I find interesting is that it says you, apparently, killed yourself.

    But I don't look much at the combat log, so perhaps that happens easily under certain conditions?

    Yes, that's what it looks like, but I hadn't been anywhere besides egg circle and lair manager for days. I just found it odd that I could die there when not accepting or throwing out a duel challenge. :w

    The good news is... my egg is maxed and almost finished incubating. 8)

    I was holding egg on an alt for a few days due to being busy with RL around the holidays. I checked on her last night (after reset so probably CET actual date would be 27th of December) and found my poor alt standing in Mount Longra. I looked at her combat log and took a screenshot. Not sure what caused her to die, but she revived to a nice 'safe spot' I guess. When I returned to the egg circle, I noticed a couple others standing with no egg, so I'm assuming they were higher level and did not die. My poor level 78 alt was too weak.

    The screenshot is attached. :whistling: Does anyone know what caused Rampant thorn saplings 'poison pollen' or 'poison pollen spatter'?

    Thanks for any help or clarification anyone can provide. This was a new one for me.