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    Hi again! It's me, the squeaky wheel, asking can we please have something implemented in the game as a way for us to use the kindred insignias we continue to accumulate?

    Maybe bring the compass back but now watch for exploits? If not that, then activate the currency exchange npc in Arteicia and allow them to trade kindred for other currencies perhaps? Something? Offer gachas for purchase using kindred? Anything?

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and I appreciate any added input here that shows interest and confirms that I am NOT the only one questioning this.

    Safe journeys, all~!


    I thought I would just post on this thread since it has a good title! ^^

    I would really LOVE to see a sale on bundles of phantom dolls and also extra-strength revive potions in the marketplace. Yeh, that's right. I die. :P

    Is there a chance for any of the following dragons to be considered for the marketplace in the near future?

    Ashen Whisper (Skytouched)

    Charred Crystal (Skytouched)

    Black Lightning (Fabled Ancient)

    Black Smog (Fabled Ancient)

    Cosmic Dust (Fabled Ancient)

    Skull Splitter (Fabled Ancient)

    Blue Mist (Paragon)

    Silver Valley (Paragon)

    Thanks! :D

    Bumping this because I continue to hope someone will either reactivate the kindred compass so we can spend our kindred insignias (that are continuing to accumulate because they are still doled out in DP) or come up with another exchange idea so we can use them.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!



    Hi again! I'm just bumping this because here and there, without really trying, I'm continuing to accumulate kindred insignias and it would be nice to exchange them for something useful.

    Maybe an exchange NPC in Arteicia or use the KI to purchase gachas, or something... ??

    Thank you for your time and consideration. :whistling: I am sure I am not the only one.


    Oh, really - show me.... in forum or official web site - but please do not come with facebook - not everybody has facebook.8)

    Well, I look at all three languages on forums so most of them were on the German language area, so my apologies for not being a bit more specific. I do see many, many people posting about this outage, and some just posted on threads that were already there from last outage(s). ;):whistling:

    Regarding Facebook, I haven't done FB in a long time and if that's the only place for me to get my DP info and updates, I'll be uninformed. ?( Thank goodness others look there and share information.

    Hmmmm - am I the only one, who is unable to lock into DP?

    Last post 19 hours ago (apart from mine)......

    There are plenty of posts regarding the DP server being inaccessible. There are just scattered under various headings. ;)

    I just logged in and have no guild and have no friends online. I tried to restart game but now can't get in. I'm just stuck at character with dragon at character selection after clicking to enter.

    Fix us please! :D

    Actually I'm pleased that they are addressing some issues. I would prefer they take whatever time they need to fix it. It's like a sign I saw in a restaurant once: "Do you want your food now, or do you want it when it's ready?" ;)

    Savage Hunt is workimg fine.

    So it could bethey fix kindred compass!?

    That would be awesome if that were the case!

    I would like to see Gamigo show DP a little love for a change, or some communication - an explanation regarding what's going on?

    Yes, just tried to log in (had left myself in Arteicia yesterday) and am getting message 'this zone has not been activated yet'. Tried to log in another alt that was in Wynnadia, and getting same message. I was, however, able to log in another alt that was on my home sky island, Hearthwarm. I haven't tried any others yet. :w


    An alt in Puretia is getting same message and can't log in.

    An alt left on sky island Gustwalker CAN log in.

    I can't add anything to Cattyandco or Lily's posts at the moment, so waiting to see if any of the GM's respond here or post on forums or stop by the game for questions. While I'm certainly curious about what is occurring in game since yesterday, Cattyco's deductions seem logical to me. I'll just wait and see what happens, I guess. :whistling: