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    Don't you people actually think gamigo and everyone else working around these two games know how they could revive the community?

    No (sane) DP player would willingly switch to SH without losing all the progress, effort and money he spent in DP, knowing that SH will be the same except for being far more expensive, far less behind and they had to start all over.

    And true, probably no SH player would switch back to DP because SH is so expensive and he already spent too much money (ironic, eh? ...)

    I've had lots of fun in the game, even the last years during which almost nothing has happened. But with the latest changes, the game only got more empty, more people resining to a feeling they've had over quite some time and less players joing new because of the exact fact that Silluca has so nicely already pointed out here:

    ... we dont even have our own website after migration ...

    And even if the games were merged (besides the gigantic workload this would probably cause and after the work they've just had with the migration ...) do you really think gamigo would in any way be interested in vouchering your WHOLE equipment and dragons?

    Those items could be gifted to me in SH on my current character there and my DP characters could be deleted.

    Sure, now that SH and DP are under one roof and even sharing one cash account there would probably be a away - but why should they ever spend the time, the effort and the money (because telling their staff to spend their time on transferring people's stuff instead of doing other things on the agenda is pure money) ?? You would have to spend the money equal to the staff's hours he made to transfer your stuff plus an amount x only as the price to do so. I doubt this price would be 10$ only.

    Rather let those people start over again, buying new stuff for real money instead of giving them the things they already had and already payed for.

    Sorry, I've defended this game long enough

    Hi there!

    Just wondering if there's any news on the ruby prob? :3

    Don't wanna bother anyone, just asking!

    I thought that there was a thread in the old forum somewhere but I can't find it right now ...

    It had collected information on most Alliance lvl except for the last 2 or so..

    We had an Alliance on lvl 9 and in fact that didn't give more extras than lvl 5 except for it takes longer to fill the alliance points

    Well, since the SH Forum hasn't been changed in this way I don't think they will add such a Topic here...

    But let's wait till monday cause nobody will look into this during the weekend anyways :|

    That's what I really really liked about the old DP Forum! There was much more space for differentiating between topics.

    Now everything is pretty much going under the same topic as there are only 3 or 4 to choose from.

    I fear that topics that might be important or try to really change something for the players are going under in a storm of poorly sorted and rashly formulated questions that are already explained 10 times in other threads.

    Isn't there a way to at least add an additional Bug Report and Error Localisation Topic ?

    Lol, i never liked Nagafen so i never tried for it xD

    I didn't quite like the look either but the Nagafen in the Wheel was an account wide Dragon :love:

    So I spent pretty much all the insignia I had on all my characters (~30k at once). And guess what? I didn't get it :cursing:

    Didn't get any dragon from that wheel the last 2 years or so. Before that it was not a problem

    I had this issue during a normal arena fight the other day. But I had the feeling that, though obviously cooling down, I could still use the skills .. maybe I also just thought they were used cause the dragon did some skills ^^

    Or does the problem of non-usable skills not occur in usual arena fights?

    Well, I think at least they could give us a dragon that has a chance to be completed in the Compendium (which, by the way, they could give back its name ||)

    Those Brastens will never give more than 1 Star ;(

    I think you shouldn't see the vouchers as a surrogate for the dias you already purchased in the game. They rather are an extra from gamigo as some sort of compensation for the stress we're havind during the migration (and maybe the pain some people felt when having to spend 20k dias or so at once because they were told to X/) ...

    I got the £100 voucher but theres nothing i even want on the market atm since theres no eggs and my rubies are non existent xD

    Since the voucher is only usable in the website shop and dias are now counting in SH as well as DP you can as well just use it now ^^

    I did so just to not forget the code xD but until they fix the ruby bug I'm not realy keen on spending any of those dias