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    Could it be that you use the old Dragon's Prophet client? If so: delete it directly! Using it will harm your account.

    Which shop do you use? Because in the diamond shop / ingame marketplace are items - a lot of them :o In both game versions.

    Please send us a screenshot - so we can check what kind of problem this is :/

    Great point, most likely. I use Steam.

    I tried the new launcher, but my loading screen gets stuck at 44% or 47%, so I went back to Steam.

    Dual wielders, guys with spiked knuckle weapons; there are a few new classes right there;)

    Wonder what the odds of us getting new classes? The game released in 2013 with the same 4 classes correct? I would wager there may be a smaller team working on the game? The stuff I mentioned is already in-game.

    I also realize it is not as easy as putting those npc animations on the players due to some of them having different body types. However, a DLC with a dual wielding & brawler class could generate some revenue? Keep thinking how cool it would be to fight like those guys every time they attack. Pretty neat.

    I spent some time online today examining these NPC. They have fire emerging from their fist, kicks among other neat tricks. I just felt like it was a missed opportunity to add a 5th class. Maybe put it in the Market, or as a DLC, I don't know. Those enemies whom use their fist are pretty damn cool though.

    I noticed how there are NPC whom use hand to hand unarmed combat. I just thought it would be neat to have a fighter class whom specializes in hand to hand while using weapons such as katars or knuckles. The punch animations are already in the game. Just an idea I thought I would throw out there.

    Can you at least see which creature the egg contains? Can you get each one in the wilds? Been a lurker for awhile on and off, but never played this game that much, even though i had it in my Steam for years.

    My guess is there needs to be a grind.

    That blue guy 4th from the left on the Savage Hunt official site looks cool, have not seen him in the original game marketplace or this one.

    Well, that option already exists...

    When you open your friendlist, there's an option called "Edit Personal Information" which can be filled with any information you want.

    There's one downside, you can only access namecards of others when they're in your guild or in your friendlist...

    All this time, I had no idea this existed hahaha. I guess it is because I rarely talk to anyone, or see anyone for that matter lol.


    Not a fan of the Dragon worshiping lore, as evident by my previous posts. I just play as a tough guy whom could give 2 craps about Morgath, and would not hesitate to slap him. Which brings me to my emote suggestion.

    I would take some new emotes. I would personally like a slap emote, to slap those dragon open world mini quest that pop up as you are walking down the road and your level is too low to defeat them lol. Of course people may abuse it and start slapping each-other lol.

    There does need to be more emotes.

    A small box where players can input character bios in-game. If other players highlight you & click it, they can see it. Just a suggestion, nothing ground breaking, game changing or bug related.

    I am not a guy whom stands in the town role-playing like some Shakespearean, but I do feel players should be able to express some creativity with their avatars. For example, the scythe slinging class has pretty awesome game-play, not feeling the dragon spiritual lore though.

    "Oracles are spiritual followers of draconic disciplines who possess a keen battle prowess and harness mystical energy. They devoutly follow the instruction of their Dragon ancestors and strive to become a perfect embodiment of their ideals.

    No I don't lol. I just play as a bad@$$ with a scythe whom Slays every dragon is sight lol. It is not that deep for me. Although I am not a huge role-playing guy, and have rolled my eyes at them in the past as a mmo vet, I do see their point, in terms of not wanting to have predetermined labels.

    in terms of the RP community


    I just feel like it is fitting to have a small bio box. I have always been around for the most part lurking, just never posted there or in any role-playing section. Like I said, not huge on it, but a bio may add an interesting dynamic to the community, imo.

    I play many MMO, as evident by my avatar and this one is pretty sweet to say the least. Is it perfect? Nope. I will not refute the OP points, because he has some pretty valid ones. Something I do like is the pet system, which I think they nailed. There does need to be work elsewhere. Saying that, I will still keep this game in my mmo rotation.