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    Congratulations to our Winner: Kilkeny from DP had the most stunning Winter Wonderland and won AaCollection of all Snowmen and 1000 Diamonds! The Rewards have been sent out.

    Here is the winner house:

    Good Evening Osiran,
    Due to lack of participation, we are bringing together the three communities for this event. There will therefore be only one winner for all communities.
    You will find below the links to the participant's screeshots, we invite you to Like :thumbup: the post of your favorite winter-decorated house.

    Update: as not all players have all languages enabled on the forum, you might not see the original posts. We added the pictures below so you can vote in this thread aswell by just commenting below with the name of your favorite player house. (Likes on the original post will still count)

    The winner, as owner of the most beautifully winter-themed house, will be rewarded with all of the Snowmen furniture items and 1000 Diamonds.

    The Player Oblivionsending was the first to find all 18 names and has appeased the Legendary Dragons, the server is back up again!

    Here are all the names:

    Lonnier, Fadero, Vita, Sammos, Jalee, Hadubis, Yermizaar, Habarace, Agno, Riemist, Methus, Morgath, Kronos, Warthorne, Lysaia, Ferniax, Oziak und Atricus!

    Legendary Dragons

    Show your devotion by finding all 18 hidden names of legendary Dragons from Auratia in here! May they bless our server to get well soon~


    • 1000 Diamonds will be given to the first person who identifies all 18 Dragons! (all languages)


    • 18 names of legendary Dragons
    • all directions included
    • Please download the picture and mark all legendary dragons you find
    • only entrys with ALL dragon names found are accepted

    Hint: A legendary Dragons is someone like Warthorne

    Hey PepinoJapones,

    unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical issues, so it could be the account creation is targeted aswell. Please try it again once we resolve this, or PM me if this problem should still occur afterwards.

    Winter Wonderland

    We wish you all a Happy New Year!

    How's it that I'm 14 days late? Hm? I don't know what you're talking about, must be a timezone thing.

    Winter has been cold this year, hasn't it?

    Well, not that cold actually. But still! It is cold enough to enjoy a warm and crackling fire in the fireplace.

    However, that alone is not a decent winter decoration for one's house!

    Osira, now is the time to show off your decoration skills!

    You have from the 14th to the 21st of January to set up your home as a real winter wonderland and post your screenshots here under this thread.

    Then, from the 21st to the 28th, the players will vote for the house that has the best winter-vibes!

    We shall reward the owner of the most beautifully winter-themed house with all of the Snowmen furniture items and 1000 Diamonds.


    • only 1 entry per player
    • add your Charactername
    • it has to be winter themed
    • 1 winner per language
    • do only participate in one language!


    • 1000 Diamonds
    • all Snowmen (total of 7)

    Eventduration 14:00 - 20:00 CET

    As this led to some confusion here is a short explanation:

    Registrations and participation will be open after 14:00 CET. Your group should plan ca. 20 minutes to do the challenge, and you can participate at any time between 14:00 and 20:00 CET. There is no need to stay there for the whole duration of 6h!

    The Snowball-Challenge

    Greetings Osira,

    Winter is coming…. Or rather has struck already with full force.

    Auratia is covered with snow and even though the holidays are over, Karuna’s Servants are still granting you access to the snowy paradise of Aurora’s Gift. You can chase after the mystical Randolph, search for Goblins, build Snowmen or … Engage in an epic Snowball Fight!

    In these few days left, the Messengers of Karuna have thought of a special way to let you enjoy the time left to play in the snow: Every Osira can participate in a special Snowball Fight, that needs every ounce of their strength to finish. Gather up to engage in this Snowball Challenge!

    What you need to do:

    On Saturday, the 5th of January, groups of maximum 10 Players can engage in the public Snowball Fight event on Aurora’s Gift. You’re tasked with completing the 1st round without any snowmen! Should you succeed, you will be rewarded with a special Dragon whom only follows those provident in the art of snowfare - White Silver!

    Registrations will be ingame. You need to whisper the GM Scylla on the 5th of January to register and participate. Registrations start on 14:00 CET and will be allowed for the whole duration of the event, until 20:00 CET.


    • Players will need to register to participate
    • Groups of maximum 10 players are allowed, lower numbers will be of a disadvantage, but not forbidden
    • You can sign up with a preset group, or join solo and join a random group
    • The first round of the public Snowball Fight event needs to be cleared successful
    • No Snowmen are allowed, all dmg needs to be carried by the players via Snowballs
    • Only 1 try per person/group


    Rewards are per person, for every player in a group successfully clearing the challenge

    • 500 x Silver Dragon Coins (only useable in Aurora’s Gift!)
    • The Dragon “White Silver”

    Hint: this week you have a huge world-merge first (sheep)

    and right after this you will have the creation festival and the christmas event, so plenty of stuff to do

    I can say this much: no new Zone/Level Cap this year, so expect it in 2019

    Name your PC Day

    "I'll check on the computer"

    "My computer crashed"

    "This crappy computer refuses to let me see my mails"

    Osira, have you no heart?How dare you be so cold to your lovely computer? Every day he wakes up, runs its program for you, make itself pretty by generating a GUI... All of this just to please you.

    You give a name to your cars, you give names to your cats. For Morgath's sake, you even give names to your children, your dragons and your characters!

    So how come you didn't give one to this cute little being, you unemotionally call a "computer".

    But fortunately, we happen to know there is an official day to help get informed that computers have a soul: November the 20th! Hence we will celebrate it together!

    Osira, help us letting the world know. By doing so you will automatically get registered for a raffle with the following rewards:

    1x Ravenstorm Wings

    1x 3 Day Drop Potion

    2x 20 Server Megaphones

    2x 10 Seal Breaker

    How to participate?

    Take a cool picture of your faithful friend (your PC ofc) and send it to the Collector (->click here<-) between the 18th of November and the 20th of November at 23:59 CET.

    Of yourse, name it and make the Name clear on the picture: we should have no doubt!

    Don't forget to add your Charactername and Server so that you'll be able to get a reward!

    If you do this, you will participate in the raffle with a chance at one of the rewards listed above.

    Happy Name-Your-PC Day!

    Truth or False?


    before you can claim to know your enemies, you must know your allies.

    Do you have this knowledge? Let us check it out this November 15th, with a simple little test:

    Your GMs will tell you a lot about them, and you'll have to differentiate between true and false!

    For each statement, you will have to indicate whether or not the GM is lying.

    You will prove that you know him, and that you will therefore be able to know your enemies as well.

    But what is a test without stakes?

    On November 15th, the GMs will release on Auratia the terrible, feared, terrible... Piñata.

    Unless you can prove to them that you know them well!

    In which case, instead of releasing the monster, they will confine it in a smaller, cuter, transportable body.

    Hence, instead of spreading destruction and confetti like plague, Piñata will be able to work by your side to make Auratia great again (By looting the corpse you leisurely leave behind you).

    Brave Osira, as always, all eyes are on you. Save Auratia from this candy Armageddon! - because of course, the stakes are real!

    To achieve this, meet your GMs on the 15th of November around 20:00 CET at Scylla's Apartment on Baerton Ridgecrest Isle (B16).

    The player who seems to know the GMs as best will win, as promised, the Piñata Companion!

    But of course, every participant will get some candy.

    It took us a while to repair the Tailor’s shop, but thanks to your help in creating these awesome designs we now have new costumes for our team, and Tailor can start working on them right away! Great thanks to all our designers, and special applause to our winners: Teleria (DE) who designed the costume for Catarix and Skymaw, and Faranthea (DE) who designed Scylla’s costume. The special reward for the best costume goes to Teleria, you will receive the dragon Brasten Carlop.

    The Tailor is going to be very busy sewing these outfits for us, so you will be able to see us in our new costumes on Catarix’s farewell party this saturday, the 17th November at 20:00 CET! For more infos click here <-

    As a lot of questions arose regarding the rules, we decided to add a few explanations here:

    1. You need to create 3 Costumes for female Characters, but that doesn't mean male characters are excluded from the contest ;) even if your Main should be male, you can easily participate: all you need is a female twink character of no set level (more regarding this further down)

    2. We don't want to force players to spend additional money for this event. Should you not own any of the Colours mentioned above do not worry: The colours were supposed to be a guidance, so you can choose a fitting weapon etc. Whether you send us a screenshot of the costume in original colours, or in different colours to show how you would dye the parts, that is fine as well. We will colour the costumes for ourselves then in the right colours afterwards.

    3. The Screenshot is optional! This can help us see how your combined armor looks and how you would colour it, but that is only possible if you use an actual costume that you're wearing. Should you be using the preview option or a doll, or simply can't make screenshots of it for other reasons, you do not need to. All we need is a list of all costume pieces with their names to recreate it.

    4. You can create 3 costumes in total, but only 1 per GM. That does not mean you need to make one for every GM to participate. If you only want to create a costume for Skymaw I.e. you only send us that one :) in this case you'd have one chance at the rewards instead of three, but you would be participating nonetheless.

    5. "Items found in Savage Hunt" includes all items that can be found in-game in zones, quests, dungeons and in the marketplace. Not allowed are items that exist in Dragon's Prophet but have not yet been released in Savage Hunt.

    Tip: Preview Option

    For all players that might have a Main male character, that don't own a mannequin and at worst play a class that cannot even equip heavy armor... here is your simple solution - the Preview Option!

    As a lot of players don't seem to know this function in the game yet, here is a short explanation: you can preview any armor, no matter the type and your class, and you can combine it with any weapon. This will all be shown on your character. The best: you don't even need to own the armor yourself!

    How does this work? You simply click on an Item you want to preview using Shift + left click and a window will open, showing your character wearing the armor/weapon. Using this you can also combine more than just one piece, so long as this window stays open. For this you can use items from all kinds of different sources, naming a few here:

    • Your inventory, bank or other sort of storage
    • Any merchants or the Auction House and Marketplace
    • Quest rewards (I.e. Laedis Hero Weapon preview)
    • Items posted in Chat

    Using this you have the option to "wear" any armor you want, without the need to own it. All you need is a character of any level with the right gender.

    A Screenshot of this preview window is a very good way to show us how your created costume + weapon would look like. You cannot colour the pieces in the preview window, but that is not needed. Still we do need a list of all pieces used to be able to recreate your costume :)

    We hope this could clear up all questions, and if not don’t hesitate to ask a GM or Moderator!

    Pimp your GM

    The story of the mad tower-dragon continues…

    After the three thieving Skitters were successfully captured, we still failed to rescue our new clothes. The Skitters have been rough on them, not even caring about them getting torn on their run, so none of our outfits survived this adventure. And to top that, the Tailor’s shop was actually damaged way more than we thought, so the Tailor won’t be able to make us new clothes for a while…

    As you might have noticed during the summer time, we are not bound to our old GM uniforms anymore. But summer is over and we are still running around in the same outfit, the only other available clothes are our old uniforms ... Save us from these lame clothes, awake your inner Tailor and create our new GM outfits!

    To be more specific: our female GMs Catarix, Skymaw and Scylla need a fresh look, so you will be able to create 3 costumes, 1 per participating GM. Each outfit should include a complete armor, though shoulders and cloak are optional, and a weapon. We have gathered up their descriptions of their favorite style, so you’re able to create the perfect outfit for each of them:


    - Colours: Black (main), green and silver

    - Armor Type: Heavy Armor or Cloth

    - Weapon Type: Scythe or Axe


    - Colours: Purple (main), blue and red

    - Armor Type: Heavy Armor

    - Weapon Type: One or Two Handed Sword


    - Colours: Black (main), purple and blue

    - Armor Type: Cloth or Light Armor

    - Weapon Type: Any weapon

    You have until the 21st october at 23:59 CEST to create your masterpieces and send them in. Afterwards each of the participating GMs will pick their favorite outfit for themselves, determining our 3 main winners! They will each receive a Fashion Bundle, containing lots of items for your next costume. Additionally the whole GM team will vote for a 4th Outfit, that overwhelmed everyone. This person will get a special dragon as a reward - Brasten Carlop!


    What you have to do:

    • Create an outfit dedicated to one of the 3 GMs.
    • You can create up to 3 outfits, one for each GM.
    • An outfit should include: All armor parts - shoulders and cloak are optional - and a weapon.
    • the Outfit must consist of armor and weapons that can be found in Savage Hunt!
    • Send a description of the costume with the names of each costume part to the forum account named Tailor, if possible add a screenshot of the costume on yourself or a puppet.
    • Add your charactername, server and also a note for which GM the outfit was created.


    The 3 main winners will each receive a Fashion Bundle, including:

    - 6x Perfect Costume Transformation Elixir (10%)

    - 5x Colour Pick Tickets

    - Fadernoc Costume Set

    The special winner will receive the dragon - Brasten Carlop!