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    You gotta love when mods just delete comments :X. Dunno bout you guys but we were tough in school that good community moderator nvr delete comments but rather find a way to respond to it in nicely manner... comment wasn't offensive at all so i don't get it why it got deleted

    Wouldn't be nice if event is extended to 2 weeks instead of just 1 since we have so few maps released at the moment. or at least if the spawm time of dragons is shortened. I assume many will be trying to get those event exclusive dragons and it will be bloodbath :X. Opinions?

    I have to disagree on this....

    This game may be at its beginning but lets not forget the fact that THIS game is actually game called Dragon's Prophet that has been released for 5-6 yrs mybe now ,with only ONE change made - ability to get dragon eggs in dungeon (catch them all pokemon concept).

    Other things only seems like a big downfall compared to DP

    1. few times more expensive items and dia prices

    2.a lot of p2w concepts (i would even say p2p concept cos you can barely play with what game provides you for free)

    3. no mod opinions or whatsoever regarding community concerns (forum moderator only announcing dia sales and maintenance... :/)

    I could go on and on about it .... but will stop myself here for now :/

    I don't know but it's still better than doing nothing. But as I said many times before, like many of you, not many of us will stay with this current paywall. One thing is true, they showed us a new feature, I have silent hopes, that it's not the only thing they have changed, and actually made game worth staying for longer, IF they lower the prices.

    What did they changed actually, except feature of dragon eggs in dungeons?

    You know what also is like in old DP?
    Everyone is crying about everything cause people aren't happy with whatever you give them.
    People cried that dragons were so expensive, now they're free and grindy, still everyone crying.
    I know I know, it's like in old DP, don't work for anything, don't spend time/money for anything. Better the GM's just give you max level, best gear, all dragons completely trained and then you're done with everything and you can start qqing again that there's nothing else to do in this game. Pathetic people. Guess this community will never change.

    Well DP is several years old game, and I was expecting, since it was relunch of title, they did smth different, made game better added some things...made overall improvement...BUT this ain't it. If we are to start all over game needs to be batter than the one we previously had. Free dragons...yeah nice...but I had tons of dragons there as well...fully trained....and I always worked ass off getting stuff I needed no one gave it to me.....

    To me it is like I am buying car thats several years old BUT it has best full gear (which you need to unlock in some way) but at same point I have that same car with maybe not all equipment/gear but all that I actually need. So why would I want to get than new car thats same as the one I have? Whats the selling point?

    I did these Quests with 10 different characters in DP, here nothing has changed so why should I do it again? People are bored because nothing has changed. Game is expensive and we only have free dragons.

    I would prefer to buy a dragon for real money than to be bored in the game. For old players it's like a slap<X

    What I dont like is fact that even those free dragons are "grindy" (in higher lvl dung as I heard drop rate of that purple thinge is rly low.......) and I dont feel like grinding smth I have grinded years ago when DP first came out

    Oh trust me. I hate the grind. I was just addressing why they had run out of quests and are under lvled. xD I would love an exp boost.

    I understand all that (and I think most of players are actually....) but I feel soooooo stupid grinding to get to lvl 40.....when I was at lvl 105 (was that a lvl cap in DP...been a long time)..... if emphasis is on dragons than I dont want to spend hours killing boars and be killed by boars (or farming mines xD)...there could be soooo much more.....could of been :/

    If you are not use to the original DP it might feel odd for you. The game did not progress too well so they did an update some years ago that added exp gain and quests to the starter zones. Since this game only has max lvl 40 instead of lvl 105 they lowered exp rates down. So most likely you will need to do a bit of dungeon grinding in order to catch up to the story. PEs you can do once a day as well. So farm those as much as you can.

    Still I think they need to consider most of players that came to game are the ones who previously played the I stated in some other thread.... they should find the way to entertain the players by some other ways than hardcore opinion only

    okay, every dung can drop that purple thing that shows egg, the only diffrence its rng what egg you will get. I got Shadow Shedder, when Hwarra got Greensteeel both from tanagora dungeon.

    I'd rather see some other mechanic instead of pure RNG... would be good that you can get any dragons if you want if you work your ass off (if you know what I mean) :P and not just run dung 100000x times and hoping it would drop. Example - gathering some daily materials, daily quest, running daily dung and such (and that way you get active players every day and ppl can after x number of days get dragon they rly want)

    Problem is most of players here are the ones from DP, veteran sort of... and to struggle so much with week mobs and lvling kinda kills the mood and will to continue on...