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    Dragon Tournaments are:


    Qualification Round starts at 8 pm and ends at 9 pm. Then the torunament itself starts


    Qualification Round starts at 7 pm and ends at 8 pm. Then the tournament starts.

    (Time is in CET)

    You can also use Dragon Insignia (shells) to buy lair space. Those can be aquired by completing "blue" Quests, though they are limited to 10 Quests per day/100 Dragon Insignia per day (this can be increased by increasing your VIP Level). Also you can aquire up to +400 (?) per day by joining PVP starting at 8 pm

    If you want to get the stuff the way you used to on DP, then play DP, it's still there

    If you want to put a little more effort into getting things, but get Dragons for free, play SH

    IMO the Shops and values are balanced. The ppl above me already stated, you can get those expensive Shop-Dragons for free on SH, thus making other things a lil more expensive, ehich is totally fair, since they have to earn money somehow.

    Apart from Backpack, Bankslots (which can also be traded via gold for diamonds with other players, once they are in the shop) and maybe some other stuff i don't care about too, you get can get everything ingame for free (also by buying diamonds from other players via Gold)

    I am born in Hamburg - a true Hanseatic - so I will find him 8)

    Last time i checked Hamburg was Germany ;)

    - I agree on the first part, a please should be possible

    - Unlike in german, in english nouns are not written with capital letters (in most cases), thus Aykalia is using a verb here, since it's the beginning of a sentence

    - "to refrain" = "unterlassen", "zurückhalten". It's a perfectly correct term to use here, saying to "not do" something. So if Aykalia would have said "Please refrain from stating who killed the Dragon", it would say "Bitte unterlasse es, zu erwähnen wer den Drachen getötet hat", which is perfectly correct.

    - If you want to criticize others for criticizing you, then please use a dictionary, before stating something to be wrong, if it isn't.

    Thank you too :)

    This too is not 100% correct.

    weapon skills have diferent ratio scaling on secondary damage (DS, E, N), thus making them quite valuebale on weapon skills aswell.

    The secondary damage itself is also not affected by the primary defense attribute (phy def/mag def), thus having a high DS value could cause a higher damage on several NPC, than primary Damage could.

    Last but not least, they ARE affected by your basic stats. Once you activate Might of [enter Dragon-God here] your basic attributes DM, Int etc. are %ually converted into the secondary damage attribute given by the Dragon-God eg. Oracle Istalon converts 300% of your Int into Natural Damage.

    Also the secondary damage types can be increased with several active, passive, dragonenergy and mount skills

    but if you'd wanna go into full detail with how damage works in this game, there will be like 1000 diferent opinions on how the game mecanics work...

    The best you can possibly do, is to test all skills yourself, take a look at the battle-log and see which skill does what on which target.

    So in short that means:

    "Schrödingers Cat"

    i actually consider the gacha to be pretty evenm i bought 20 and got:

    4x Bag Slots

    4x D. Chamber

    2x Bank Slot

    3x D. Nest

    4x D. Stable

    3x Furniture

    Either you are overexaggerating or just have rotten luck

    My advice to SH players would be to leave SH and start catching up with us on DP instead - and learning from the old players who are still here to pass on the knowledge

    You could similarely say it the other way around...

    Leave DP and quickly catch up on SH, since gear, level etc. is still lower. Knowledge is transferable either way.

    Seriously, why would i even want to try, to catch up on DP with ppl, who have overmaxed their equipment 20+ times per item?

    why would i want to play the dragon arena against people you have atleast 15 diferent arena dragons?

    why would i want to spend hours, just to get my stars at the dragonsbook?

    Both ways would just be terrible. The only diference is, or lets call it lesser malady, that catching up on SH is not as time intense, as it would be on DP.