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    Ok, I accept that there might be a use for certain Items that are listed here for some people, but Blue Unbinder Level 60? Seriously?

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    Nope, those are re-skins made by the p-server. Back under infernum, german CM Menja showed off 108 gear, and it was basically re-colors of the 105 stuff with a few new models thrown in (but not those). I will try to find evidence of that, the old dp forum should still work with

    Even if it isn't the true 108 Laedis, the P-Server either found a way to work the codeand/ or they found a way to implement (activate) stuff that's already there. ;)

    I totally get ur point but there is one thing i'd like you to explain. Why are they responsible for telling us when we get a new cap for example. If i missunderstood you im sry but imho they don't need to do shit. If they don't want to its our problem. If this isn't the case please show me. As i said if i misunderstood you just tell me^^ .

    Last time i checked, it was the customers/community who pay them and if the customers don't pay, then they don't get money, which is kinda their problem really. I can take my money to any other place i want it to be.

    I don't consider you to be stupid in any way, yet i believe you are either trolling this thread or just trying to get away with your point of view in any way possible. Whichever it is, that is up you, just that it really doesn't change what's truely going on.

    And the dema post shows this. People blamed also him for no communication but it's not his fault. The fail was that there was noone else.


    and who didnt add someone else? Gamigo. Thus it is again the Companies fault.

    oh you will be wondering how much can be done online but i have no clue either tbh. Okay we make a little nice post so you ppl maybe understand what i mean. I'm sry if i was unclear about that but i dont say we are not allowed or able to judge bc we can say the prodct we get is not finished bad or whatever. But we can't say gamigo is a bad company because they don't release the already done lvl cap.

    I am totally aware of the folders but since either you or me cant decrypt thse files we both cant tell if this is the full 102 lvl cap with all npcs item drops etc etc. IF 100% of the code really is in those data we just can't tell. (ofc 100% of the data that should be on our pc.) wich again leads to the other part of what i said. Just one more example so you get what i mean. Imagine the possibility that they just stole all the data from runewake and relaunched a game without the permission. NOt likley but possible since they have access. If now someone sues them for this they won't release anything until this is out of the world. I hope this was clear. What im saying is that there are several things we can only guess and that we shouldn't blame ppl based on what we guess. I hope we agree there.


    If we go by your term of identifying potential scenarios, then we could also start asking the question if god exists... Since there are no "screenshots" of him or any other proof, he does not exist, no go to the vatican and tell the pope...

    Also i'd like to point out a translation mistake you are taking:

    Evidence = Indizien

    Proof = Beweis

    There is more than enough Evidence, that the lvl cap exists on SH, we are talking about having proof or not.

    Yes, we can say they are a bad Company, because the way they treat their customers is bad.

    I'll give you an example again:

    Imagine you'd walk around in Mediamarkt (Electronics Company) and you are willing to buy a TV, but you have no idea what is good or bad, thus you are looking for an employee to inform you about the product. Yet all the Employees (which aren't many, because the others hide in darkness) you talk to, tell you that they are not allowed to give you details on the product. All they can tell you is, that this is a TV showing nice coloured moving pictures once you attach it to electricity. Does it have Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.? Sorry we can not tell you, but buy the TV because we want your money. Now would you just buy the TV or go to another Electronics Store?

    Now lets get to the possibilty that they "stole the code" (Copyright Infringement). If they did, then I'd definately be able to judge on them, calling them utterly stupid and also, by german law, they would be forced to refund every single Euro that has been invested by Customers, as this would be called Fraud. Also they would be forced to close down Servers instantly, until the problem has been resolved and honestly, i do'nt think they are that stupid, because by any means, they are still bound to german law.

    (If you want to read more about Fraud and how expensive that can get, read about VW manipulating Diesel cars).

    While we are at it, that Suzumi GM is able to post on forums, DP wise, but not to actually comment on what is going on here.

    I know he/she/it is a volunteer, but noone forced her to be, so she actually put herself in such a position and thus is basicly in charge of letting us have information 8|

    Just porves furthermore of how much love we get here

    *waiting for thread close hammer*

    This is Post #80 just in case other stuff gets deleted without telling us

    This is not only direct towards this post acctually just the first one somewhat related to this. Ik you never stated that you think it is this way so i just took this as an example dont feel offended here pls ty.

    Even if it is easy to implement I get the feeling some ppl in here think they just sit there all day and laugh about how they dont give us a new lvl cap. And while this might be the case NOONE of us has a clue what is going on in there company so it can have many diffrent reasons from outside wich might not even be their fault. And before some idiot think okay but they could tell us this no just no. Just stio blaming the whole company for shit. Blaming them for acctual mistakes where we have any evidence okay but not for things where some things might be this was if it is true what i heard on teamspeak x from person y. Just get your shit together and go blame your kid dog or whatever the kids infront of your blacony wich again are playing football in your garden. Its just dumb and im not sayin that this isn't the case but as long as we dont know we should all stfu about what they can do or allowed to do or how easy it acctaully is.

    Got to:

    Savage Hunt Folder -> pak -> World -> scroll down

    ->> dungeon$dgn_012_ashimars_illusion.p000 ->> AM

    ->> dungeon$dgn_012_tunipar_catacombs.p000 ->> Tonapah Tomb

    ->> dungeon$dgn_012_mictaelan_corridor.p000 ->> Mictlan Corridor

    -> scroll down further and u will find Sitheran and further up you will find Omati and so on

    There is no "even if it is implemented", they are implemented, but locked in game.

    Sure gamigo have some sort of business Plan on when/how they will release something, but the way their business plan seems to be set up is just strange/pointless. Every Company follows the same path -> earn money by providing something. Ongoing business Plans implement -> earn MORE money by providing MORE. You do not have to be a genius to figure that and you do not need to be an Insider to get knowledge about it.

    You like giving examples, now then there is one for you:

    Amazon started off as a company selling Books, which figured out to become a decent Companies business plan (earn money by providing something). Within the following years they expaneded their market to selling diferent goods (earn MORE money, by providing MORE). Look where they stand now. That's how a business Plan works. I don't work for Amazon, nor i have any insights on their Management, but I can still see, that they did things right.

    The example you are giving bascily says, that if you don't work for anyone, then you are not allowed to judge. Which is just not correct. Even if i don't work for, lets say a Sanitary Company, I can still see if my Toilet is working or not.

    On a side note:

    do you think you can write one post without using the word "fuck"? I mean fucking is nice, but I doubt it can be done online. :w

    And commas are your friend ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    i disagree

    Releasing 108 (if it exists) would be a really good move, as it woulf have a chance to bring back ex-players (and there are more ex-players than actice players), who loved the game and stopped because of lack of content.

    Also they would then most likely not release it for DP, but SH only, thus making DP Players stay where they are and making SH somewhat special in comparsion (also forcing DP ppl to start all over again in SH, if they want the new content) Of course, most current DP Players will feel pretty bead about that, but i guess there will be more ppl loving it.

    Spending money on a free game is entirely your problem. You don't have to if you don't want to.

    This is pure nonsense. That's like saying: "You can wander around in an electronics shop and just look at stuff and not buy anything, but if you do it'S your problem from there on."

    Which is absolutely incorrect, because as soon as you buy something, even if you don't have to, it changes into a contracted service (atleast in germany). Gamigo HQ is in Germany, therefore german law applies here.

    @ayka, i'd respond to your other posts, but it's just not worth the time, sorry to say.

    He, sasori5 , is completely right about the lvl102 and 105 maps/cap. They ARE implemented already, and have always been since "release" of SH, they are just locked and I don't think it would take much effort to just unlock them for the sake of playing.

    The post itself is not dead, the community sure seems to be. Just look at how few people wrote here. Imagine you would write such a post in a game forum for a game with 1000+ players, you would get flamed all over (atleast), but here? It's that noone really cares anymore. The Players who still play, play for the sake of it, maybe because they don't want to start another game again and the People who don't play anymore, well they wont be bothered much about the state of the game and the remaining community.

    Also Gamigo wont tell you anything negative on forums, because that would ruin their intention to milk the cow. They will also not tell you positive stories about the current game state, because they would pressure themselves. Thus they do what they do currently, ignoring us in hope that it cools down by its own and they can continue their incompetent Community Management and get more money outta here.

    Because they treat SH like an entirely new game, which is what most Publishers do if they launch an MMO or game old and new. Generally they lay out a map and follow the route that secures a long enough time to work on getting "new" content ready, without people having to wait too long and get bored.

    But, we have both SH and DP nearly identical games. We had DP so long that 85% of the community knows the fastest routes, all the tips and tricks to get from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, rendering their map entirely useless. However, if they go too fast they know very well that they will be without content to give us.

    Would this have been a completely rehauled or different game entirely, or possibly a release that has so far only been in asia, this tactic wouldve worked much better than it does currently.

    I know what they are trying to do, i still don't understand it.

    By now they should have recognised, that 80+% of their community are former DP Players and the non-former-DP Players will get to know the content by either using google or asking a former Player...

    This is NOT a new game and thus shouldn't be treated like one. This is a relaunch, therefore content should be adjusted according to this tag. Most fromer DP Player dont spend a dime on maxing their equipment, because they know that there is more content coming in sooner or LATER. It makes absolutely no sense to push away paying customers, by dragging the potential lifeline of a game, which is moving towards death because of lack of challenges.

    Do they expect all players who left, to come back for the 102 patch? I highly doubt that will work. If 50% of the players come back, then gamigo can be really happy, eventhough i doubt it will be close to 50% at all, rather rate it at 25%. Losing such an amount of community within just 6 months is a coffins nail...

    The point i dont usnderstand, is why they drag it out thus far when bringing in "new" content. We ALL know the 102 content exists. So why keep us stuck at level 98 cap for 6+ months and make us lose interest? If we, the community, lose interest in playing, they will not earn money. I personally have lost most interest and moved to another game for most of the time, also preferring to invest my money there, because things are getting done there *coughsupportcough*. I'm definately not just talking for myself here, seeing that a lot of Players from many diferent guilds have already left and getting hooked in other games instead, most of them probably wont come back at all (which i understand).

    As a company you should want to earn money and not push away your customers. Talking for myself, after what is happening here, i will definately NOT play another gamigo game ever again, thus they lost one customer... yea... that truely sounds like a good business plan for a company.