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    Why the warrior character is too weak in this game...:(X/

    Its not weak really. I know a few that are pretty awesome! I used to have one in NA. It's just they are a little different to play than the other classes. I found it didn't fit me well with how I like to play. It just depends if you built it correctly. Then added stats you need on your gear/shards/ect. You have to know what goes with what. Sadly its been a long long time since I played that character. I know there have been updates. Maybe someone else has a guide for you?

    I love the Archer because I can deal damage at a distance. That's just because I find stagger effects very frustrating to me. That's just my personal thing though. Some people don't mind powering through it. Archer's draw back is that they are squishy but I'm pretty good at flying around.

    Second Fav is the Oracle because you can heal almost as much as you damage. Basically invincible.

    You can buy anything you need to get stronger in the game with the other currencies. You can get costumes with 10% bonus from the Moonlight playground with moonlight coins. Those just take time to earn but no real money. Most other dragon items you can get with dragon insignias. You earn those through daily quests and a few other ways. There are 8 other currencies you can earn in the game just playing as it was intended. All these you can use to buy bonuses on different things including your dragon.

    Really the only thing you pay for is if you want to look a certain way. Like buying a color to paint your armor. (Even that they have in give-away prizes sometimes).

    Here is what my group thinks:

    DP is awesome and in my opinion more fun to play so I do still play there (when my computer is not in the repair shop X/)... but Gamigo has been building Savage Hunt from the ground up with a supposedly new way of programming. So... we wonder ...why have 2 games so similar? They must have something special coming that DP can't handle because of different programming. Runewaker has turned more to phone games. Was the new programming for Savage Hunt created so it would interface with a phone ap (like for the dragon lair)? It's been hinted at that Savage Hunt will get some exclusive content. Maybe it will maybe it won't. We will see.

    We don't know anything for certain and developer plans change all the time. This is just our own own logic, reasoning, and speculation. For these reasons, most of my friends are playing Savage Hunt. They see DP as a waste of time and resources. I, on the other hand play both. I like DP because DP is just easier to get stuff (I don't care about free dragons, I don't mind buying the ones I want and support the game). I have characters that I keep leveled up in Savage Hunt though, just incase, and to keep in touch with my friends.

    So which way to go? Depends on what you plan to do. Are you planning on coming back and really building something major, grinding hard, and working a challenge? Then maybe you want to consider Savage Hunt. Do you want to reconnect with old friends or have a more relaxed style of play then maybe go with DP. They are both great.

    The Provisions you are gathering do always end up in the lair storage, both in DP and SH.

    When sending away Dragons to the Laedis Academy you always get back a percentage of their provisions (depending on their level) which does directly go onto your provisions count. It could be possible you made most of your provisions in DP through this way, so you never noticed the ones in Lair storage ;)

    Hope that cleared some of the confusion

    That is entirely possible. I do have a bunch of incubators in DP so that is probably what accrued the provisions. Can't wait to get home now and check my lair storage. There is probably going to be like 2 years worth of provisions in there :D

    Making adjustments to the graphics settings in the game and closing all unneeded processes in the computer help stop me from crashing so much. It still happens now and then, which is I think part of the game, but not as much as I used to.

    Actually, Payday is right. It's been like this since forever (even in DP) I had forgot about this because of how long I didn't play the game. Maybe on DP you were just so used to always collect the lair storage that you forgot stuff went there?

    Nope, In DP I have several level 100 dragons and have sent many to Ladeis by clicking them up to 21 with the provisions and have never collected the provisions from the lair storage. They were just in the top there ready to use.

    I am going to have to go check that storage too now to see if there is a bunch in back stock I didn't realize was there.

    Its not bug.

    It seems like you just dont understand the

    system. You have to pick the rewards manually

    Hmm... I never had to do that in Dragon's Prophet. I always got everything listed there. But thank you for your post even though it was wrong. It made me to go look in lair storage to see if I got the other rewards and poof the stuff is accumulating in my lair storage! And I did get every reward without choosing one.

    It doesn't do that in Dragon's Prophet.( In DP it just goes where you can use it.) I just have to get it out of storage.

    You can see what I was looking for at the top in this picture. I just need to get it manually. (Just putting this picture here for others who are new and might not know to look for it)


    So I tried again this time with a simple process gathering meat, the level one minced meat. I am supposed to get 60 provisions after an hour. I got nothing. I had done it before with other level one materials gathering all that are supposed to give 60 provisions and I got no provisions. I cannot level my dragons because the processes are not working.

    See screen shots below. The first three shots are me setting up the process. Note the time at the bottom and I can see I have 0 provisions. The last two screen shots are after an hour. You can see the time on my computer at the bottom that its the same process. Also the dragon is level 0. I didn't use the provisions. I still have 0 provisions. Am I reading this right? Do I send a support ticket?





    In that case there is actually something buggy. :w

    I will have a look at the provisions when I send a dragon out for collecting gold the next time.

    Maybe the other processes are working? If you try it too, do the level 1 Dragon for Hire. That's the one I did. I will have to find another cheap one that is working for those provisions. I want to send some trash dragons to ladeis but they are too small and I have no food for them ^^

    That's correct. When you send your dragons out for collecting (dragon flutes, napolite, gold, materials for crafting) you will gain the mats, dragon XP and dragon provisions - but no laedis academy provisions.

    But you can level a crap dragon up to training level 10 by feeding it dragon provisions (dragon provisions = XP for feeding). Then you dedicate it to laedis academy and gain a laedis academy provision in reward.

    Yes, I want to collect those normal provisions to feed to a crap dragon but its not earning them like it should. I should have normal provisions accumulating from the process according to the description, but none are coming. So its bugged.

    Hi, I found a bug with the Dragon Lair.

    I sent 4 dragons out in the process for "Dragon for hire level 1" I am supposed to get some money, dragon training exp and 60 provisions for each hour. It is not giving the 60 provisions per hour. I did it twice to be sure it wasn't a fluke.

    These are the regular provisions not the special ladeis ones.

    I had already 50 of the provisions on this toon and after sending 4 dragons out for 10 hours (2 sessions of 5 hours each) I still only have the 50 provisions. This number should be 2,400.

    For reference its Savage Hunt character name Joetheviking oracle level 90.

    Ok Another question on this topic:

    Does anyone have a pic of what the Royal Costume set looks like?

    Maybe its in the Catarix post but my translate didn't make anything say "royal". I searched it a bunch of times thinking I just missed it but I don't see it. The market place doesn't give a preview. (it does for all the others)

    I tried asking in game for a link but I don't think anyone on had it because no answer.

    I remember getting disconnected after a boss kill as well. When I got back in, I was praying that I still had the soul gaze and I did. I don't remember the dungeon, I think it was in Korhala. This was a while back though. Wintertide had just come out. Maybe one of the recent updates has bugged this feature?

    Catarix once posted all marketplace costumes in a German thread. Maybe someone can make a translation of it?

    Here is the link to the windmans/-maids costumes

    Windmann's/-maid's Set

    Thank you! I was wondering if there was already a post but I couldn't find a way to get to the other forum. I'm fine with it being in German. Google translate works well enough. Its the pictures that matter anyway. Thank you! :thumbup:

    Does anyone have pictures of what the Windman's (jet black) and Windmaid's (cherry pink) costumes look like? I was out of town this weekend and won't be home in time to buy if I like them, but I wanted to see if what I was missing :S.

    I found the thread with the armor skins but it didn't have the Market Place costume skins.

    Maybe someone can make a costume set guide for this forum like the armor skin guide?

    This was a duplicate post, no idea why it posted twice. This can be deleted. I don;t see how to from my end.