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    Ok to start all fresh and new, you need to make a new account totally from Gamigo with the email and everything. To do that You go to the Savage Hunt Official website and click on "register for free". Your old Infernum login information is no good anymore unless you migrate, so make a new account like you never played before.

    Then you also need to download the new client. Any client you had played before is no good anymore. There are 2 different clients available. One for Dragon's Prophet and One for Savage Hunt. Your fresh new account login and password will work in both and they are different games.

    The downloads can be found in this Thread:

    HELP! Cant see login screen! (SOLUTION FOUND!)

    Yes!!! Please Oriental Dragon Eggs for sale!

    I would buy because I have limited time to play due to me being the only caretaker in my family. This game (when I have time to play) is a god send for relaxing and keeping my sanity. The chance of me being online and finding one in the wild for me is about as good as extracting a purple recipe from blue gear (0.000001% 8o). The past events I just gave up on ever owning an oriental. I did buy one just before the merge and I would like more so I can get the stars for evolution in my dragon book.

    Ildruin is no longer part of the team sadly :/ also they won't put extra stuff in the marketplace as soon as someone asks

    To be fair though they have put stuff in there pretty quickly. I asked for Fluffy Biscuit and 2 cycles later he was there. It does take a little time, but from what I have seen they try and fill the requests.

    Are you trying to come back to play Dragon's prophet? In other words you have been away from the game for a very long time. Or are you trying to come back to play Savage Hunt? They are 2 different games.

    If you played years ago, its probably Dragon's Prophet and you need to migrate your account. Then download the new client for it.

    I play both SH and DP (mostly DP) I had a problem in DP with a dragon just disappearing (support helped so all good there now, dragon was still lost forever). I want to keep that problem from happening in SH. In DP there is an item for locking a dragon to your inventory. Also one for removing the lock. It's in the insignia market so you can buy it with daily quests. I tried to find the same item in SH and didn't see it anywhere. Please, please, can we have this item in SH. I'm really afraid to move around my dragons that I spent all this time hatching and then training.

    I think that dragon used to be called Twilight Ocean. You can look up that name see if it looks like what you are missing.

    I recently, in the last week or so, had a problem with a dragon just disappearing from the chamber. I had just put a marketplace skill on it. The reply I got from support was that I had thrown the dragon away. I most certainly did NOT toss out the dragon. It just vanished. Support DID give me back the skill I lost, so that was awesome:thumbup::love:, but the dragon was lost. Thankfully I had not yet trained it up so no real harm done.

    After talking to people in my guild this is a known bug. They sell dragon lockers (not sure the real name) in the shells (insignias) market (probably because they know this happens and haven't found a fix yet). So I then went and bought a bunch of those and locked all the dragons I cared about. It will not prevent them being lost as a companion though so still watch what you do, but it will stop them from just disappearing.

    But if you want to have the highest possible dmg, Phy is your way to go. Every skill scales better with extra Physical Damage than with Dragon Spell Damage. Sometimes the differences are pretty small, between 1.02 scaling dsd and 1.05 scaling Phy, but Phy will always be better.

    Yeah I always stack on the physical damage but I think of it as standard instead of special ^^ I will keep to DSD for special but then if I have room toss in elemental. Eventually, as I shard farm and need the room, from what you said, I should lean more heavily on the Phy. Use the extra room for DSD and then last ele. Thank you so much!

    OMG Thank you so much! I'm going to re-skill and see how these work for me! Half of these I use already. I have used griffin rake/scorpion sting for mob control since it kicks them all back to a distance where I can throw dragon gnaw but I never tried thorny trap so maybe that will be better than the combo I have been using.

    I agree about the Wings of fury HP being mostly useless. I used it alot when I was leveling. It does help at smaller levels to keep from being so squishy, but after you get some decent gear (NoT stuff) you really don't need it anymore. I run out of soul too fast now. I will switch it.

    Mad Dragon Roar - do you switch to gun toss the skill then switch back to bow all as one combo? I haven't messed around with switching much.

    I have been stacking up on Dragon Spell Damage (skill buffs on gear and shards) since I thought that was the special damage of choice for bow, but I see a skill there you recommend with the elemental damage buff. Should I be stacking some of that in there too (shards and gear skill buffs)?

    Do you have a Ranger Guide? I have a Bow Ranger but I am running with a skill build that was based off information from NA. I know the Ranger skills have been tweaked since then and I'm sure people have found better skills for end game.

    What skills do you suggest for PvE high damage bow build?

    I know it was said not Christmas weapon but they could easily find something two handed costume weapon for guardians and put it in mp even if it not Christmas related

    There was one if I remember correctly. You have to do the preview to find it. It has some funny name I think. It was in the diamond market.

    From what I could tell ALL the two-handed weapons were there.

    Maybe someone else ran NoT, got glitched, stood in the egg circle while you were there and the plant targeted you til you fell of the middle rock of arteicia, that would make the most sense (if your alt is high enough lvl to not get killed by the plant, honestly I didn't check the pic xD)

    There was alot of people playing in NoT that night, and I know a few went to the egg circle to click eggs before logging out. I think that is what happened.

    When we were doing NoT last night, one of those plants escaped outside the dungeon and was hanging out on the steps. I think that is what they are called "rampant thorn sapling". But that was in Porthis. I didn't think you joined us for that run though, but if you did that would explain how it got in your combat log.... But it would not explain how you ended up in Mount Longora.

    Also how did one of those plants end up outside the dungeon? We warp in and out of dungeons so that should stop anything trying to get out.

    Here's a theory: A toon doing the dungeon happened to walk right on to a spot where one was about to spawn, got bugged with the spawn code, and then where ever the toon went a plant would spawn randomly. Could be why one was outside the dungeon, and then if that toon went to hold an egg, accidentally poofed one there in the egg circle.

    Yeah I thought in the past they were only for sale for diamonds. Which I am fine with. I just wanted to complete my Christmas costume. I would buy it if I had to. They are on vacation now though so maybe they will see this when they get back.

    Where can I find the 2 handed Christmas weapon skins? I looked in the Diamond Market and didn't see it with the costumes. I only saw the one handed weapons in the coin exchange for the event (but maybe I read it wrong). Am I missing something or are they just not here? Specifically looking for the Christmas Bow. Does it have a weird name like some do and I don't recognize it?

    I do remember in the more populated days of Dragons prophet, all the worlds had 2 channels. There were 3 in Artecia. They removed channels as the population went down. I don't know the formula they used or what the real current population load is, but maybe we are at that?

    Merging 3 servers of players, who had become used to their way of playing all to themselves, is going to come with an adjustment for everyone. I suggest maybe adding second channels for the worlds at least for a little while to help everyone adjust if its possible. Maybe even third channels for the really used worlds. These can always be removed later.

    The game was designed to have tons of people playing at once. The raid dungeons for example, you need 10 people to get the most from them. Sometimes not 10 people from your guild is on at the same time and inclined to do it. Recently I was in a party to do NoT. We finished the dungeon and it was like pulling teeth to find 10 people to just loot it. The work was done they just had to come get the stuff and there was barely 10 people to come.

    Having the servers merge means:

    • you can actually use the "find a party" feature and have a chance at random people joining you in the big dungeons.
    • World chat might actually be answered.
    • The auction house now has a chance at helping the economy for newer players (or old returning players like me who are looking to buy stuff that will help build my toon).
    • You can have people helping you get world PEs done
    • World Boss help
    • CoP is much more fun with a full party
    • IoLS is much more fun with a full party

    Ok so you have more competition for somethings, but that's how the game is supposed to be played. That's how you get better and more skilled. That's the challenge. The things that matter like dragons and eggs have other means to get than finding them in the wild. You can dance for shell pieces, eggs you can exchange for in the lair or buy in the auction. Need a dragon, well most will hatch from eggs you can buy or exchange. Even encryption components can be bought in the auction if someone is selling. With an big population there was usually someone selling something of everything.