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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    In this particular game, birds ARE dragons. If memory serves me right, most dragons are "hybrids between the ancient dragons and other species" - so technically I guess you could say very few dragons are pureblooded, and this shows in their various shapes, but they are certainly considered dragons.

    If you do not wish to fight them, then you can do your best to avoid that, but Rii has a very valid point - it would be extremely awkward if we were able to tame 'gods' and the legendary dragons. They are very prideful, and have their own responsibilities. Even the 'god skills' which we can earn at level 60 can not be considered making you a god, nor having tamed a god - its the dragon gods lending you their strength.

    When you hurt the dragons, such as Sardok, you are simply knocking some sense into him; waking him up from Fedranas manipulation. As for why Fedrana is manipulative, she was banished by the legendary dragons in the past and is seeking her revenge. If we think of what this represents, it could be that in all species, and in life there will always be both good and bad (and im starting to sound like an english teacher reading too much into things), or they just needed some bad guys to the mix.

    As for you MommysRule , I for one, am not german. Neither is Katigura over there. I'm not quite sure what's so unusual for a game aimed at the Europeans to make things suited for exactly those. Europeans.

    The only part of what you're saying that would make sense to me, is perhaps extend the time of notice. Most of what else you have been writing, I don't consider good reasoning - you are complaining that events and Limited items are "aired" at times suited for the European player because it doesn't suit your playtime. When I then ask you about this, you change what you say, and instead ask only for earlier notice. This does however tell me that you realise you were being unreasonable, which I do appreciate.

    DemonFang I KNOW RIGHT <3 I'm so hyped for when the time comes that I can start decorating and furnishing such a beautiful place. Just the fact that it allows for multiple houses is a big plus for me. AND THERES A WATERFALL. What more can a girl ask for. Dreamyyyy:love:

    I'm sorry you missed out this time, but this was literally a limited PREORDER kinda thing. It will be back.

    England is like what, an hour behind CET so I don't consider that a valid argument. You are playing on an European game server. You should expect the forum posts, and ingame events, to be tailored for the European players. And comeon.

    The german server is for people that live around Germany? Welp, guess I better go learn me some German then. Same for the French. I'm not quite sure where you get your information on Europe from, but we do in fact have more than one timezone here as well. And a multitude of languages. The English server, I imagine, is mostly made up of players in Europe, whom speak neither German nor French. AND Germans and French players that would rather play on the English server - perhaps the ones tailored to their Language has a low playerbase, or they would like to play with friends from other countries. The servers arent based on your timezone, but on what language you'd like to speak, and see in worldchat, zone chat and in most major Guilds.

    Your main issue seem to be lack of information at times that suit your timezone, but I see nothing in the way for you to check the forums in the morning before you head out and do your daily stuff - I mean, I'm European, I'm in the exact same timezone as Germany and I still check the forums in the morning. Sometimes I'll even pop in on my phone during the day just in case.

    I also have a question for you: Are you implying they should've set up the LIMITED sale and the events to suit only the American players? Because that is highkey what I'm getting from what you're writing. Or should they hold the sale TWICE, and make it not so Limited? Or lower the amount of the item and put it up 4 times throughout 24 hours?

    Not everyone is going to be happy, no matter what they do. They're tailoring the game to where they have most players from, and what times they work themselves. I would not expect any American to stay up at unreasonable times because I can't tailor when I check the forums etc around that fact. I would grit my teeth together, and check that forum in the morning (as I'm already doing)

    You could build a temporary bird until you get the one you'd like and then use it as the "correct" ones teacher :) if youd still rather go for a fabled, just go for whichever one youd like - how to build a dragon is the same for all types, you just want different passive and attack skills dependibg on dragon family (abd what youll use it for). Personally I try to get 1-2 heals on ALL my dragons, it's convenient and boosts the dragons survivability as well.

    I wont mix myself into the whole 1h/2h guardian discussion, but IF there is a specific skill(or multiple) you'd like from 1h while still maining 2h(or opposite), hybrid builds and quick change is a possibility. Mastery switch is ofcourse an option as well, but will require you to invest in unlocking mastery slots.

    Will this discord group be sued to help players build their character correctly?

    It's aimed at being a place for players to both socialise with, and help, each other. So yes, it should be suited to ask for help with builds.

    Of course there is never a guarantee people will reply right away, it's also been quite silent as of lately - but we try to reply as quickly as we can to questions we are able to answer and surely more members do the same.

    If the company wants to give me a free high end Nividia gpu I will switch but since they all over priced and expensive they will need to be forced to fix this issue.

    Weird thing is on original dp and dp eu never had this issue.

    DP has trouble with the AMD gpu as well, f.ex in RG certain mob skills crash you. However (to my knowledge) not to as large an extent in the "usual" gameplay as we are seeing in SH

    sorry need to correct myself.. seems like on SH it´s different. Not all Sunmoons have max stats

    they dont have guaranteed maxed stats on dp either (i have a nonmaxed from last year). Max slots however is a thing

    Edit: omfg sorry. I didnt see someone had already replied on that >.<"

    Oh? i was in droan few minutes ago didnt see one, tho i helped fight a 60 shunji there yesterday afternoon, maybe that was the one, and yeah it got capped by Harrypotter

    Possibly! He was there while we were looking for Lingze earlier. I know Harry was poking it at that time as well, though I didnt stay around long enough to see if he tamed

    I'm.... confused.

    On each respective dragon, in your Dragon Book ingame, it shows captures, wins with , and wins against. It also shows how many of each you need for next stage of that certain thing. Once you have stage 2 on all 3 of these, you get 1 star. Get all 3 to the next stage, another star. Etc.

    Note that these have to be done with the SAME dragon, so doing captures on say Verdant Predator Dragon, and Dragon Arena with Crimson Blackblood Dragon doesnt combine. With each dragon, you can get up to 5 stars(5 stages)

    Maybe its badly explained ingame, and they could consider fixing that? Or maybe I 100% misunderstood what ypure getting at. Excuses in that case, and double excuses if I explain it poorly.

    Just find 3 or 4 people, hit the noodle to 5,3kk hp, then try to tame it: If it works everything is fine. If it doesn't work the noodle respawns and can be tagged to lv10 for example. Works too. Just takes 15-20 minutes to take down said noodle...

    From what I've been told, it takes a LOT more than 20min, with a full party. Personally I haven't bothered touching the lv60s(or rather, i havent had time to really hunt yet, let alone bother with the 60s), so I'm not speaking from experience there.