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    I checked game and i should say i really liked you added stable,lair expansions in shell market.I think it would be great if you make shard sockets,bag expansions avaible all the time at dias market with fair prices,also drop rate skills should be avaible too in future but please do something about that cost of unlocking masteries.they are essential and it would cost hella if we have multiple chars and want to use good might be good game if you keep listening your players.

    in my opinion DP/SH it is a great game with many possible activities... but it doesnt mean i have to be happy and swallow everything i got.

    Some activities are more interesting for me, some less. Your voice says: game is ok, my - is not perfecrt. We dont have to egree.

    But one think. In DP people asked for many, many things and always some other people come and said: " no, it is ok, you are wrong..., " - look at DP now.

    i agree.i am tired of people trying to defend sh or try to bash me when i point out something suck to me.i grinded hard in dp and i can grind even more in sh but it doesnt mean i will find it amusing or rewarding and i will acept it without questioning.i think it is pointless to deal with all alt chars and stuff to level dragons.just give us nests what's wrong with wanting easy way we knew before?if you dont want to use nests then dont even if they my opinion game has long way to go to be successor of dp.prices should be lowered and shell-dias market should have more will be good if we give as many feedbacks as possible and our opinions about it might be different.

    You can still get good dragons but i dont get why you people are always okay with more grind?it would be nice if we had more nests thats all i would like to say.yes there might be other ways to have good dragons but why they make it harder than necessary?also price is so high regardless.