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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    i think no server merge would be worse news for dp.i have more than 12 chars as my bank and all of them are full with items(i was hoarding orbs and stuff like that to fix my gear till when i am not lazy to do it)i didnt use any dias to expand storage so it will be really hard to fit them in one server but i am still happy they decided to merge.they cant wait for people who dont play for long time there is no way to know when they will come back to game.i have seen people coming after 3 years.they should just let them know via mail and facebook and let it go because if they are still somehow in touch with community but not playing it active they will still know about it before server merge via friends.

    Will Dragons Prophet still get updated along Savage Hunt? if not, then there is no reason to play Dragons Prophet, right?

    both of them has same developer so you can have your answer probably no update for both or update for both in future but i wouldnt get my hopes because probably no updates anytime soon(probably never tbh)but i would appreciate if they told us if there will be update for both if it ever happens.(tableflip)

    Tbh I kinda read that as "it's too pay to win" too but ye +10 penetration for having a star maxed piece of gear just seems like a waste of time, if it were 10% it'd be a whole another story tho

    not at all but yes this stars thing is bit pay to win because i saw people got full stars in a day with paying while i am still working on it for a while with alts but it wasn’t the point I wanted to make.just wanted to say bonuses in general are so tiny to make many people bother with it.they should give more i think.

    That will be so cool. When my game loads up one of the screen shots is of the insanely full egg circle in Arteicia. Then I cry a little inside because those were the good old days...

    it would make me emotional aswell.i always wanted to see many people around like in past.i wish they didn’t make many mistakes with managing this game.i hope things will get little better with current teams’s effort.i dont sound much optimistic but thats legit after all what happened in years i guess.

    I guess the egg circle won't change at all, only that whole Auratia will become "Cross-Server" ;)

    i mean if they make one server no need for egg circle in b19 better in my opinion i always thought there must be one server since there is no meaning in spliting already small player population:D

    can we have a new forum section has properly working dp download link for now?till something better comes up from team?people are still keep asking for working dp download link and they say they can only find savage hunt link.most of them think dp is down for that reason.i think it will be good temporary solution.if there is already such a topic can we pin it or something where people can see at least when they open dp side of website?(

    savage hunt belongs to gamigo?or gamigo is just publisher,same as dragons prophet?i am curious about something so i need to know that if possible (ninja)

    So only Sh got compass? Why? its the same game same mechanics. If there is an exploit in one, its the same in the other. so if u can give it to SH u can give it to DP as well.
    I so annoyed that nobody cares about Dp even tho they still exploit it to forward Sh. And yes i know that the alternative would have been that no Dp would have existed any more, but then i could just quit for good.
    I love this game and always come back to it but i would never go all the way again in Sh coz it doesn't provide me with something different that Dp(and marketplace dragons for free doesn't cut it for me coz i dont care about those) and its far more expensive so its not worth it to go through all that again.

    I really appreciate that u are "Trying everything in you power" and we get it.

    But its frustrating when even tho we still support this game we dont get real

    compensation in return.

    agree with whatever you said there if no dp i will quit for good aswell.i have no time,patience or money to support copy of dp for what free market dragons?i dont care tbh when i need to pay more for other aspects of game it just not worths.if publishers or developers idk who is responsible from current situation in dp doesnt care about game enough to fix issues and just want to support sh then why dp is still up even?it kills all my desire to invest in game moreX/my main issue isnt no updates anymore i am just upset because we expected something new for long and what they gave us was a copy of game which killed dp even more.i know many dp players feel betrayed not only me.i dont think it is gms fault but it is really frustrating to see game doesnt get enough support anymore because of another(same)game.

    i didnt get why sh got wheel back but dp didnt?(if someone could exploit it in dp then they might do same in sh.if exploiters are already banned and no solution still cant you give it back and keep an eye on it more than usual to see if exploiting is still going on?i think it has been long time now people started to get impatient:wdp players dont have anything and it is making me really website,no launcher no download link...i know it isnt your fault but i think something must be done already.

    Understood! :)
    I'll forward your suggestions accordingly!

    i want to add something please also forward i want it happen regular i mean not just once or twice in a year.i dont want to wait to open slots for a year if i miss it once.if it happens once in 2-3 months even it would be nice.once in a week or month would be better.

    Hey there!

    So, we are definitely planning on reconstructing the download page to include Dragon's Prophet and a small how-to on how to actually play the game as a new player.

    The idea for a separate website is probably not the way to go, but we are looking for solutions to make players from both games feel welcome. :) Sometimes this starts with small changes, as our border changing depending on where we comment in the forum^^.

    The big stuff will surely come in one way or another. :)

    so i guess we wont get another website?then at least something make sure new players see us and see our download link because many new players and some of returning players are very confused about dp and sh are different games.some of them think dp isnt avaible anymore even,so situation is definitely againist for dp on that matter.i am counting on team to make things fair for both game:w

    hello,i was curious when can we get our own website soon?it was mentioned before in few topics but i think it has been a while since migration.i want to know if anything is still in progress on that matter.i think it is essential for future of dragons prophet.if we dont have our own website with working download link i dont think we will get enough new players?(i noticed today auction house in game is so dead so it made me concerned about it more than before.i can tell team is working still for sake of game from recently added stuff like egg circle so i just want to make sure if it will be solved aswell soon?:wi already got compass wont come back anytime soon i hope at least we can get our own website back:(