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    I've never seen that show, but I've certainly watched Rugrats growing up - might be because we didn't have as many shows over here in Australia (that and I didn't really watch too much TV as a kid)

    OMG you're right that looks so cool x'D I mean, it's bad that there's a bug an all, but at least the bug has the courtesy to give you some good aesthetic :thumbup:

    Well since it would be impossible for the game to decide itself if someone killed the dragon by accident or deliberately we'd just have to punish everyone or no one - it's not like we'd be able to have any players controlling it, people would abuse that right for sure.

    How dare you have the audacity to think that you're allowed to have a dragon, psh, what do you think this game is about?? Certainly not catching dragons. lmao I kid, I kid.

    I mean, we wanted to take the game in a more story-heavy direction, then having a curse or debuff for killing off ancient dragons - even accidentally - would be a really fun idea. Currently since there's no repercussion for killing ancients they're just kinda 'there', a pile of wandering XP x'D

    Unfortunately people have been saying this exact thing, including the "so much potential" bit and all, and it's been falling on deaf ears pretty much since the days of Closed Beta. I highly doubt that Runewaker are going to suddenly take an interest now, although I wish they would...

    And, another unfortunate thing, is that changing the game's engine would basically require a complete rewrite of the game's coding and functions to fit on a new engine, and while that would help the problem I'm sure, I doubt Runewaker has any incentive at all to do something like this when they won't even look after the game they've got. Props to Gamigo for at least trying to do stuff for us, though.

    Aye, it would be a looot of work. DP and SH aren't exactly coded like your 'average' MMORPG, so Runewaker and only Runewaker could rework the coding. It's a real shame that they're for the most part willing to just leave the game as-is and just let its potential wither away.

    In NA you could report a player for killing an ancient if you were trying for it. They would check the logs and ban the killer for a day or two.

    Aye, but unfortunately this was when there were no GMs actively in the game so there wasn't anything that could be done :(

    At the risk of sounding like mean, I really don't see the issue with killing ancients. If no one has turned up to claim it, then it's fair game. They provide a little bit of exp and they're quite a lot of fun to battle since they have such strong attacks. Obviously, if someone has turned up to try and catch the dragon then I wouldn't try and kill it, but if it's just me and the dragon I'll probably kill it for the exp if I don't need to add it to my collection.

    On the other hand, the rude people who kill the Eastern dragon that you and your guild have been camping for 6 hours really get on my nerves. The whole 'if I can't have it no one can' attitude is not one that helps the game feel friendly and welcoming :/ To each their own I guess, there's not much you can do but be salty.

    Ayyy another fellow Australian player :D

    I usually just pay as I work my way through, though I'd suggest opening some of the slots in your dragon chamber first as that gives you a whole storage line to fill with dragons and then have two slots in your lair and on your character. The cheapest option should give you enough to open a couple of character and lair slots and you should have enough left over to open some chamber rows.

    Unless you plan on buying a lot of training whips or DD potions then the $33 one should last you a fair while, at least until you've maxed it out on rare soul gazes and ancients.

    Hope this helps my dude ^-^

    I believe that means you're missing a file - it'll just continue to try and download it with no success - I'm pretty sure the only solution is to get a fresh download :3