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    About the down-time we are talking here - I have lost items in 3 of my mailboxes, which were due on the day of the crash, i.e. 17.08.2019.

    I was talking to one player in-game and also saw a few messages in the chat, that other players had same xp.

    So I want to ask the GM to confirm that and see to it, that it is solved.!

    And - please - do not ask us to write tickets - they are NEVER answered!!!

    Thank you!

    ........., the current devs are the one deciding who does what and Gamigo has nothing to say about this. They only publish the work the devs are doing.

    I honestly did not want to comment any of your comments anymore, but if I read total stupidity I cannot keep quiet.

    GAMIGO is the owner of DP + SH - therefore GAMIGO decides what will be published and what not!

    The developers (of what is left of them) have nothing, and I mean nothing to decide. Only to leave the company - and that is whats happening and what is the problem = the KNOW-HOW (of DP+SH) is leaving!

    I was ready to post one of the first comments when this thread started almost a week ago, but deleted it, knowing that I would raise a shit storm form gender (non)players like Aykalia, who know nothing about anything, but stick their nose into everything and by doing that get personal with their comments - unable to stay neutral.

    After reading the 6 pages today, it is clear - in my humble opinion - that there is only ONE person who said it ALL:


    To compliment his views I just like to sum it all up as follows:

    We have a "saying" (Sprichwort) in german, that says:

    "Der Fisch stinkt am Kopf zuerst!"

    "The fish stinks on the head first!"

    The "head" in this case is - of course - GAMIGO - the owner of this game, i.e. the CEO, CFO, CIO or whatever.

    They are our Service Provider and they are responsible to communicate to us here in the forum, on their main web page or by mail newsletter on important subjects, like new caps, the future of the game, the many technical problems etc etc. Of course they will not tell us everything, but players can make up their own mind by reading between the lines.

    At the end of the day that means, who is willing (or not) to pump more hard €uro's in exchange for funny money into GAMIGO's cash box.

    By the way, only those players - in my opinion, are the one's who should be allowed to criticize GAMIGO on their business decisions.

    The rest play for free a nice game - enjoy as long as you can/want - but stay away with critics!

    I will now put my helmet on and dig a deep hole for cover :evil:

    oooh - there are wonders in this world.......... a GM - of whom we have not heard ONE word in 1, 2, 3, ...? weeks.

    And now, while you here - how long it will take THIS time? 30 minutes - becooming 2 hours and then another shut down?

    WHAT is the reason, please?

    Technically, 30 minutes is a few minutes. It's not even long at all.. and for people to try and fix something like this, 30 minutes is NOTHING. If your life depends on DP so badly you cannot wait for 30 minutes to pass by I don't wanna see what'll be your reacting when the servers will have a closing date..

    What do you know? Nothing!!!

    I have been in the IT business for almost 25 years - as a service provider - and when we had problems we told our clients the TRUE time it may take and not some fantasy period. If we said 30 minutes - it was 30 minutes. Because we knew our business.

    gamigo does not know DP or SH!!

    By the way - are you gamigo? If not, stick your nose not in MY business - understand that??!!

    And if you have time to comment on ANY thread - I suppose, you have all the time in the world to wait until you can play again.

    I HAVE NOT!!

    That was a short moment of hope - gone with, yet, another term of down servers.

    But they said ..... "only a few minutes".....

    I started to try and lock in at (CET):







    so 30 minutes minimum is a "few minutes" for gamigo -that we know now. a joke!!

    I will be away now for only a few minutes - approx. 1 hour. Perhaps DP will work again by then, at least

    for a few minutes.:cursing: