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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Oh - look what appeared as Forum headline:

    "We are aware of the current technical issues of Dragon's Prophet and are investigating. We apologise for the inconvenience!"

    Ladies + Gentlemen,

    this is the 3rd working day (half gone already) in Germany (GAMIGO's home) and we still have the same situation:

    1) server down 2)no announcement(s)

    Those who have read mine (and Ohno's) threads in the past, know about my opinion about the whole situation.

    Reading some of the replies I had to correct some of it - like the ownership of the SH code by GAMIGO (arguments being the language, intolerance and arrogance by Runewaker etc.). This said and looking at the situation as is, it looks to me as follows:

    1. DP is down / SH is running

    2. DP server in Asia has been/ will be (05.09) shut down. Various sites (discredited by some people here) say that the EU server

    will be shut down as well. I think it has happened already - on Sunday - by a technical cut between Runwaker + GAMIGO9.

    3. The end of DP must have been known by GAMIGO! On that basis GAMIGO developed SH in collaboration (official statement by GAMIGO!) with Runewaker

    4. Assuming that it would mean, that SH (the game) is owned by GAMIGO.

    5. Taking the valid points here by other players - my conclusion is, that Runewaker is servicing the game in Taiwan for GAMIGO.

    6. And GAMIGO, knowing about the death of DP (incl. EU,) set up a bullet prove SH - Service Contract with Runewaker (like fixing bugs, restarts within 12h or 24h, depending on severity, development etc etc).

    In my opinion, this is a logical, analytical, and pragmatic view on this miserable situation - without any communication by the owners/publishers!

    There might, or might not be some hectic discussions, actions (more by GAMIGO then Runewaker) going on behind the scene - we do not know.


    Mein MMO vom 30.07.2019


    "Das MMORPG Dragons Prophet hat in seiner Heimat Taiwan keine Zukunft mehr. Anfang September machen die Server dicht. Was bedeutet das für das Spiel im Westen?

    Was passiert mit Dragons Prophet in Asien? Das MMORPG Dragons Prophet vom taiwanesischen Entwickler Runewaker (Runes of Magic) hat in Asien bald ausgedient. Denn schon am 5. September sollen die Server des MMORPGs abgeschaltet werden. Damit ist das Online-Rollenspiel zumindest in seiner Heimat nach gut 6 Jahren endgültig Geschichte und kann nicht mehr gespielt werden.

    Warum werden die Server abgeschaltet? Dragons Prophet ist nicht das einzige Spiel von Runewaker, das bald abgeschaltet wird. Auch das altehrwürdige Runes of Magic wird es im September erwischen. Grund sind die allgemeinen Rückgänge bei MMORPGs in Asien. Dort haben Mobile-Games die großen PC-MMORPGs weitgehend den Rang abgelaufen.

    Kann die West-Version ohne das Original überleben?

    Wie steht es um die West-Version des Spiels? Hier im Westen wird Dragons Prophet unter dem Titel „Dragons Prophet: Savage Hunt“ vom Publisher Gamigo vertrieben. Das Spiel erschien im Dezember 2017 überraschend als Reboot ohne große Ankündigung.

    Auf der polnischen MMO-Seite wird bereits befürchtet, dass Dragons Prophet im Westen keine große Zukunft mehr habe und nur wenige Spiele den Untergang der asiatischen Original-Version im Westen überleben.



    Der 05.09.2019 war bei Runewaker der 25.08.2019, d.h. für mich - Good bye 12 char's, 250 Mio Gold and lots of in-game valuables.


    Hello Savage Hunt - which is owned (not only published) by GAMIGO.

    I refer to one of my and Ohno's analysis in the thread "We want answers" in Savage hunt forum in the beginning of August, where we made just those predictions and got a heavy shit storm because of that, i.e. Publisher vs. Owner.

    That is b.t.w. also the reason, why SH is still running with no crash (so far).

    note 1:

    I am sorry, but I only found the german version.

    note 2:

    What die Freddy Mercury sing:........." The show must go on" 8)

    Still down....

    So, heute Abend läuft auf SAT1der Film

    "Fack ju Göthe"

    werde mir den reinziehen, an Stelle von DP - und sage stattdessen

    "Fack ju Runewaker and/or GAMIGO"


    My god - GAMIGO / Runewaker or whoever.....

    another day ... and

    - log in still not working

    - NO word from you here or website....

    W H A T - A - D I S G R A C E !!!!!!

    S H A M E - O N - Y O U -------- TO - T R E A T - Y O U R - C U S T O M E R S - L I K E - T H A T !!!!!!

    About the down-time we are talking here - I have lost items in 3 of my mailboxes, which were due on the day of the crash, i.e. 17.08.2019.

    I was talking to one player in-game and also saw a few messages in the chat, that other players had same xp.

    So I want to ask the GM to confirm that and see to it, that it is solved.!

    And - please - do not ask us to write tickets - they are NEVER answered!!!

    Thank you!