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    One last thing, as I did not address the thread to YOU!!!

    Why on earth should I use a dictionary? And why do you quote from a german dictionary?

    It is my mother language against your german/english dictionary - another loss after 2 world wars and 1 world cup ;):saint:

    So if YOU want to criticize a third person in a thread, which does NOT concern YOU, REFRAIN FROM writing fairy tales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I respect your opinion - please respect mine

    @ Zalari:

    thank you for your support - I will continue.

    Refrain from saying who killed dragons, it's unnecessary drama.


    - A simple please ... is possible

    - The noun "Refrain" on its own is referring to Poems and songs

    - "Refrain from" is used in courts - in Online Games perhaps from GM's not by players like you

    - If you want to criticize me - use your manners - by writing perhaps "Please avoid.........."

    Thank you :)

    It is on both games - DP + SH

    and since the year 2019 started ..... getting worse every day.

    I believe most of the guys are on leave - will be back on Monday after Xmas + New Year break.

    Hope they can fix it..... it is really annoying

    If you have a plot on an island the method you described adds a sign at that plot, that it is now on sale again and another player can buy that specific plot.

    That doesn't work when you have an apartement (when you've visited your house through a portal next to the apartement manager), since this can only be "given up" and not be sold to other players.

    Thank you - that makes sense...... although I think I will not be able to sell it, as the population of players is still too low, even after the merge ....8)

    I bought a piece of land on one of the sky islands.

    Now I wanted to sell it - for that I found an icon on the bottom of the Window which opens when you are on the plot.

    The icon says: "Sell land" a pop up window opens and I entered a price - clicked on "Yes" and then went to the Warehouse Manager

    on the island. His response was that I do not own an apartment.

    SH says I can sell the land - but where?

    Thanks for any help

    Randolph spawns every 3 to 6 hours upon capture. He's gonna spawn every day for like 2-3 weeks so I don't think he's worth noting

    Why? There are many people who might want that dragon - because he is only 2 weeks around.....

    And you are wrong - it is 3 and 5 (not 6)hours - as you can see from my notes.

    Ancient radiant? Lmao

    Ha ha - stupid me. That shows how one's brain works sometimes. Like with songs, that you can't get out of your head all day when hearing in the morning waking up. The same with me with that dargons name. When I started the game some years ago, I played a german version and first time I saw the dragon (Lichtschimmer)I shouted it out to the world as Ancient Radiant (being to low to capture it myself). And that name I get almost always wrong ever since. I apologize but smile at the same time 8o.

    Of course it is

    Pale Radiance

    The button can only be clicked if you have unlocked the first page entirely, as for the thing where you can't buy rows with dias I think it might be a glitch or something cause I unlocked a full page with diamonds only

    Thank you very much for the fast reply and explanation. But what you mean by the "first page" - all slots of Dragon Liar (I have 3 unlocked AND Stable (first row all unlocked)? (that was not the case in DP) or all Stable extension purchases in the Dragon Insignia's Marketplace?

    Thank you already for the help :saint:

    I tried to find a thread about my problem - but as it looks I am the only one (or to stupid to find the solution). Anyhow -

    I have a level 36 who I play for a while now. During this time I have added slot by lot of the first row of the Dragon Stable

    by either buying a slot with diamonds or using accumulated Dragon Insignia's .

    To start the next row in the stable I have accumulated (hard work btw :-)) the necessary 1.750 Dragon Insignia's and bought 1 Dragon stable extension card, which

    is now in my Market Place bag.

    But I cannot get the first slot of the 2nd row - as I cannot not convert the card by clicking on the small silver button under the first row (as I knew form DP). I get no

    reaction. Unlike in DP one cannot buy slots with diamonds after the first row, as far as I can see.

    What do I do wrong or do I have a bug on my character?

    Thank you for your help!

    Could you explain a bit more specific how the already ealier announced website shutdown kills the game?

    We already said while the migration started that this will happen in the future and everybody should save what they want to keep.

    We know that this is a "bit" spontaneous, but we didn't got informed ealier too.

    There is nothing to explain, i.e.

    - the short notice of the shut-down - as other players agree with me

    - you kill the game with these sometimes erratic (in this case), sometimes endless actions (like the "special, unique dragon").

    In this case for instance the VERY helpfull dragon spawntimes by Aykalia might be lost.

    By the way - I did not mean you personal. It was meant for the people in charge-

    Your spelling and your mind kill this game yeah

    It have a new forum, a new website is building, where is the problem if the old is closed ?

    Keep us from your uselessness. When players come here, is not to see you crying for nothing, stop it for the well-being of the forum please

    Who are you ........ to critizise my typo's - but at the same time unable to write in english:

    - how can my or anybodies "mind" kill a game "yeah"???????

    -"It HAVE a new forum, a new webside "IS BUILDING" ??????


    -"When players come here, IS not to see you crying for nothing"?????

    Learn english .... litlle french nightingale!