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    I must be doing something wrong. I obtain a park pass, use the dragon to teleport to the area and handed park pass to the lady with red quest. I cannot find how to enter to play the games. I see the dungeon portal but no where to actually do the quest.

    Anyone know how to enter this event or is it even working.

    Thank you.

    Apparently, In-game players says its not out yet.

    Adding on to Torbinius

    1. The Leadis Hero Materials for each dungeon drop rate is increased per member in party and amount- i.e. solo chance at 1 per run, two people i notice an increase in drop rate, three member = 0~2 items per run or nothing but rate is higher, and 4~5 members have a chance at 3 per run.

    2. I would use all training to switch it up because of boredom. I personally would consider Dunar Temple the best since you are farming gold, shards (most important for endgame/profit making) and its easy dungeon to level up if you know how to run it- using a Hydra.

    3. All elites drop Bizarre Essence (to form bizarre crystal) and Ruthless Core (Elites do not drop Chaos Core). Chaos Core is from Guild boss pouch the higher the ranking the higher chance of obtaining it from pouch.

    4. Using alts is the fastest way to get a level 100 dragon

    Also, there is many other ways to get Leadis Hero Set i.e. Handras with group of 4 or 5 for Bizarre Essence x80-120 per run (4 man) and x120 per run 5 Man, Weekly Achievements from Expert Technician, Moon Merchant (Most easiest way if you just want to use gold), Tournament which isn't really worth it.

    Since you are leveling might as well run the dungeon you need materials for Leadis set while u are at it. From experience, using all methods to obtain all 8 Leadis weapons and accessories for all classes, Palace of Methus and Ruthless Core I am always lacking. Level in Palace of Methus to get your demon eyes and farm the ox and lizards for dailies and ruthless core- is fastest I have notice to obtain ruthless core. Assuming you have a hydra.

    Tjings must've changed since the last time I played then :w

    Yea, they have been very good at putting w/e i ask for in timely manner- i ask for dragon shard binding (after that put dragon shard removal). I should have been clearer and said the exact item, dragon shard binding agent.

    Ildruin is no longer part of the team sadly :/ also they won't put extra stuff in the marketplace as soon as someone asks

    I am very sad @ IIdruin leaving, in the 1 year I have played this game. lldruin has fulfill all my request in a timely manner. This is very sad news to me, I myself might have to move on.

    So both my sorc and oracle have Physical Critical Damage 10%.....

    Why is it not named Critical Dmg 10% instead of Physical Critical Dmg 10%? Would the bonus apply for mages if not this was a waste of 5 staring everything. Thank you.

    and since we on the subject- this is above the head of the character window- if we reach full 1 star to full 5 star is there a bonus? or is this just for show.

    I would like to suggest an event. I know it might be hard for the under geared (casual), but make Handras extremely hard and reward someone for soloing it under super hard mode? Are an event where you go solo every last dungeon in each zone in super hard mode- for special reward for completing all. Also, don't make it so only the first person wins because then it will be pointless for some to even try since.... OP sharders like Shot- Aquatic will get first place.

    Eventduration 14:00 - 20:00 CET

    As this led to some confusion here is a short explanation:

    Registrations and participation will be open after 14:00 CET. Your group should plan ca. 20 minutes to do the challenge, and you can participate at any time between 14:00 and 20:00 CET. There is no need to stay there for the whole duration of 6h!

    I was told by Scylla the items will be sent via Mail- on Monday but my guild mates and I have not received anything, yet. Scylla can you clarify when we will get the precious ^^ Ironhide from the event?

    hi i got a question i just downloaded the game... but when i go to open it the game login screen is black and i cant see to type anything and i hear the sounds like the fire crackling but no picture and the blue mouse moves... any ideas?

    It's best you submit ticket, its your best option at the moment. GM's is on vacation til the 7th of Jan. If gamigo team is not on vacation itself, you wont get any reply til Monday since they don't work on the weekend. I had tons of issue to and it was because I had to install new directx. Good Luck.