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    I would think so, yes. The Insignia Shop is not limited by what items are in them, but rather by the calculations that have to be done ("How much does this need to cost to give them a viable alternative while not going bancrupt" is probably the premise of these calculations :D ).

    Thank you for the reply.

    I also have problem running Savage Hunt. Sometimes I d/c and try to run it again it says "clientupdate.exe is now running", have to wait a bit til i can get back in. It never happens on my laptop, I am assuming its not very compatible with window 7 (desktop) but is with window 10 (laptop), seems to be the only thing i can think off. Both my laptop and my computer has same graphic card and specs.

    I know how to level, its just i like doing my quest to level. I also know "new" people who can't even level properly at low level since quest gives 1% exp or less.....This isn't about doing PE or spamming Corzine the whole world in DP knows how to level. Its about doing quest and making gold while leveling. IF its all about PE and Corzine, save the newbies from doing quest and just take them all out. Do PE daily until u hit 44ish to run corzine.

    Hey GreenDeath,

    Thanks for your positive feedback :) we are always happy when we read such comments ^-^

    And the moment we don't have a date for you - like everything else: as fast as possible :)

    Yes Great work on revamping the prices. I did spend some on main, but now I can spend on my alts (the extra space) is greatly needed....I just hope you guys adjust the exp rate, killing monsters is not worth anything. At lvl 60 we get 80 exp per kill @ our level, 5 exp if few levels below....

    Am i the only one finding it hard to turn of the dragons. When our guild does guild boss, can't even see the boss due to all the dragons. I tried to ask friend to open their dragon while i click every button in the interface to turn him off and it doesn't work. Will this be fix soon? It gets annoying for guardians who has to be in front.

    For example, if you are a new player and leveling the (regular way). It takes around maybe 6 days to level to 55. Now that quest exp and mob exp is reduce by 75% . It will take the regular player 24 days to get to lvl 60, that is assuming if they are a grinder. I know there are other ways around this since i can level from 1~55 in one day if wanted to.

    Just stating this is bad for incoming players.

    AS for high level players you are farming gaze and items to level up, being low level just to level it can get tedious and boring.

    Draco, the chat is not dead, its the exact opposite lol just that most people are chatting in their guilds, not in worldchat XD

    and you say everyone is leveling too quickly? Well cause we actually play alot and level the right way. the exp rate got adjusted yeah, but still i got to 60 in one day lol just by clearing all korhala quests, PEs and lots of Dunar temple~

    Anyone can get to 55~60 in couple hrs farming corzine, this isnt a problem for high level players its a problem for low lvl players.

    I was lvling the day before update and was getting 400+ exp per monster kill. I am now only getting 100 exp per monster kill. How do they expect us low level to catch up with the lvl 60 players. Is this temporary or permanent?||