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    Its not about dying. Weapon is getting destroyed over time and weapon alone costs 50k gold or more. Kind of funny, can't imagine how much will it cost to repair 102 gear.

    And no, I don't use shards, but people stopped buying them recently, figures why :p.

    Still, we are getting off the road here. Main issue with alts in tournament is that there are hardly any places for main, regular players because alts take 90% of the spots within 5-10minutes of registration period start. Which is crazy.

    Last time I checked, month lasted 30 days, not 7. So you are still 20+ days without hammer and need gold. Especially if you farm as much as I do (16h+ a day).

    Kisses to begginer ;*.

    Tell me what u want to buy for the Gold right now ? Heal Potions ? XD

    btw asking this question shows how little you know about SH economy, where repair costs are beyond 100k with Wynnadia gear :p.

    I answered to your CoP logic with multiaccounts since you can't use twink with your main in CoP without having multiacc :p.

    It's really interesting how hard you are trying to justify alts in Tournament :P.

    Considering how little gold there is in game atm and how much stuff costs (especially repairs), yes, everyone cares. If someone doesn't care for people gaining gold through shady ways, it means they are doing it themselves.

    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if having more than one account is forbidden. You can't log 2 characters from one account at the same time, and having multiaccounts is forbidden in 90% of mmorpgs.


    1.9. You may only participate in the online games operated by gamigo using a single account. Multiple avatars are not permitted. Please see the Rules of Conduct for the applicable online game for further information

    From gamigo ToS.

    If Ildruin said he is looking into this matter, he acknowledged this as rule breaking. Otherwise he would say that it is not forbidden to use alts.

    Does it have ranking? Yes.

    Does it make players fight against each other and compete? Yes.

    Do players steer their dragons if they are not alts who registered for profit? Yes.

    Your argument is invalid.

    Although I understand the frustration on the 99% of your list of contents, please note that Ildruin will most likely not be able to respond this week as he might be on holidays, like most of the people who took days off for Chrimstas and New Year's Eve.

    And I dont buy the price increase thing, dont recall them being different and won't believe it without a solid proof of screens 'before' and 'afrer'.

    Aint it because I gifted you some slots and now expansions cost more by default, as designed?