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    You shouldn't try to give " Informations"

    there are not Prooved and ya are wrong.

    if you really want to know more about SH. you should try out my Threads. maybe i translate it to english.

    Actually, i had played dragons prophet under SOE (Or now known as daybreak gaming, or as i like to call, shitstorm games) up until it was discontinued, while i hear there are some changes apparently (don't remember phantom dragons in wynnadia, unless people are talking about the shade of kronos, or a variant of doom dragon i cant remember, which if thats the case, im referring to a tamable breeds, which has a similar design to avian, but a different model and different evolution skills), i desperately wanna see dragons prophet be developed again, but im not sure if that will happen anymore, the EU version has yet to see a proper update in years

    I miss my Recursive nightmare :(

    Hey there,

    thanks for voicing your opinion, although I feel like I have to correct you on some points.

    First off, this game is run by the same team and company as Dragon's Prophet (gamigo). Runewaker still holds the development rights. Every change you see was developed by them and custom dragons aren't one of them.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but I think it's best for everybody if I correct false information.

    I see, i was informed that you had bought the rights to dragons prophet, which i would like to see get some development but from what i understand its no longer the case

    So you bought out dragons, but are you gonna act like its a new game, and relabel all the old content as your "updated features" and basically sit on your asses and not develop anything, or are you guys gonna truly try to make this game great again? IE Updating content, Adding content beyond what Runewaker did, and create your own custom dragons?

    IF not, heres to all other players

    Duskreaver/Phantom Dragons will be added on the last 2 maps, Max level will be either 105 or 107 (cant quite remember where dragons prophet left off), and there is specific fabled ancient spawn dates for Cobalt lightning, midnight shade, (the others i cant remember), learn it and you will be able to capture these dragons no problem