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    But as far as I know, and it could be totally off, gamigo pays RW money for the licence to host the game, part of the income usually also goes back to the dev to pay for development aswell, but that is besides the point.

    You mean what by "host" , as a publisher ? or they will become the new host of both game ? O.O

    Except You're the low IQ here now.

    Gamigo is the publisher based in Germany, all they do is keep it running. Runewaker OWNS the game, Runewaker EDITS the game, without Runewaker You dont have a game. If Gamigo doesn't like what Runewaker does, Gamigo has a problem because Gamigo isn't Runewakers boss. Gamigo have no right whatsoever to edit the game, and would risk a huge lawsuit if they did.

    Anyone who plays DP knows this, so think before you write.

    Runewake will soon leave this game (as the CM Dema said) no more runewake soon, so who will be our devs now ? :)

    Blaming the whole company because it's not only our game who's dead, it's every games of gamigo, and they never did (as a support,or what you want) to answer us what we wanted to know exactly because they already know they make bullsh.t

    LOVE IT ! i really love your post '-' if only a new developper can dev this game ! CAN BE JUST >< AWWW, but still a dream, but yeah, we want to know an official informations about both game please :) we don't care if it's negativ we want to know.

    I agree, gamigo is a bad company, every games of them are actually dying, so no, stop defending gamigo , 1 : they never said anythings to us, like, We have a problem, the map 102 (ALREADY IN THE FILES OF YOUR COMPUTER) will be reported, or something like this, they just don't take 1 fcking seconds for read what we think or what is our problem, so no, i totally disagree about defending gamigo, If they have any problem with the patch 102, they can tell us, take 2 fcking minutes to make a post to said Hey dear customers who use money for this game and take time for farming for the game i published, we have a problem and can't post sh.t :D But no.

    I already stopped , he continue saying something wrong, anyway, Everyone here is here for Dragon's Prophet or for Savage Hunt, and if possible we want an answer about the map 102, Who ? i don't know, we are tired of waiting , and most of us are leaving, as a player/customer, can we have please something "Official" about the new map please ? thanks

    You wouln't be here if they make it, but not the opinion of everyone ^^ and i disagree, explayer will leave again ? nah i can't agree with this, and if they make a new cap, can bring really lot of people who already stop playing at this game

    Oh, right, didn't think about that, but if they make new content in SH, every player of DP will come and money will be HERE MWAHAHAHAHA GAMIGO THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING XD nah seriousely, can be great but we will stay at 108 after ? like racmon ? O.o

    I'm okay with that, but they will not but, if they add the 108 content without any build 108, what is the problem with the 105 gear optimized ? they can at any moment, in 1 month, make another one if they want it, so release the 105 or 108 gear will not change a lot of things if the game stop at 108 , will be same as racmon, farm, optimize, and then wait until you stop the game nah ?

    As i said, they will never make red items means we already know they will never improve the game ... god god ... some people are annoying these days, everyone in every post before EVERYTHING , they post it about what they think about that, your'the only one who don't write your opinion of this, and come here to said SPENDING MONEY IS YOUR PROBLEM AGA AGAA

    You write for nothing it seems , like always anyways so .. 'Be as angry as you want it won't change anything', and ? this is actually what i do, are you captain obvious ? ^^ i don't need you to said what i'm actually doing, i can buy a perrots if i need to, devs stopped to improve the game and we don't care, we already know it, but the map 102-105 is already in game, don't need any devs for this, use your brain please for the love of god..

    Lot of people already using money for this game, already enough :) + as a customer, i can show if i am not happy, it's allowed as a player and as a customer , right ? so i show how much angry i am of these lazy dev's
    Edit : and not me :) lot of people are angry and many people are already leaving the game