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    Hello Alaylia , i'm a little lost about the date and the time :/ Razayel already asked me yesterday, but i don't see any post about people who prefer to play the morning , the afternoon or something like that .. so the event will start the Sunday 28 April at 17:00PM !
    Please, tell me if you want to change this time and we will see what we can do, hope we all have fun !

    Edit : why not the morning ? because we all sleep the sunday :D (sleeping is the best things ever on this life)<3

    DustyAngel : 3

    Hereon : 4
    MiSSLeNa : 7

    Saki : 10

    Razayel : 12

    Rexnocsy : 13

    Nathaira : ??

    tatii : 21
    Kiroshi : 22

    Md3po : 24

    Valhandriell : 28

    Tenkai : 29

    guardiansheaven : 33

    Daenaerys : 37

    Alaylia : 42

    Izolyne : 44

    Tabitar : 57

    Takko : 61

    LostCrusader : 66

    Pipiooo : 69

    Delnadis : 70

    Darktigress : 77

    Probaly : 88
    Aquatic : 89
    cybergoku : 93

    Thanks a lot Suzumi :) <3

    Hello ! :|

    I present to you today (after days of preparation) a small labyrinth & a difficult course (at least I hope so) done by myself! (in order to make you suffer)

    The course is not flawless, I would be present to monitor (if I do not see you god you see X(), and if a benevolent Game Master want to help me with my task, it would be even better! :saint:

    That being said, the event will take place on the island of twilight (B12) in a secret apartment, at> Ilafe <, The price of entry (yes, it must make a good living) is a hug by participant in the creator of the event, no hug, no participation:!::!::!:

    Not yet decided on schedules, I can not display them immediately, however, I can tell you that the event will take place on Saturday 27 or Sunday 28 April!

    I would like to know as much as possible your availability level hours to give me the best free time of all :)

    Let's get right to the point of the game! :3

    The course takes place in two stages: The labyrinth, & the Course which consists of jumping on objects in height to arrive from point A to point B, the final goal being to arrive in the house that I post in the screenshots below!

    The rules are simple, no shortcut! no glitch or flaw to get through a wall to cheat on the course will be tolerated,: whistling: more than skipping a step is too.

    Edit: Transformation (raptor, dragon and others as well as invocations) are forbidden!

    The rewards :

    The first prize is 10,000 Diamonds! :thumbup:

    The second prize is 3,000 Diamonds! :thumbup:

    The third prize is 1,500 Diamonds! :thumbup:

    In addition a Mini Lottery will be made :love:, Please specify in comment a number between 0 and 100 (no commas, only round numbers (1,2,3,4 etc. ..) a digit will be drawn randomly (the day of the event) to designate a winner, you cannot post the same number as a post above you! :evil:

    The prize of the Mini Lottery is 5,000,000 gold!

    Thank you to specify me in comment your availability for these days, & if I forget to specify something in my initial post :)<3

    Made by : My dear Google trad, if an english want to help me for the mistake in this post , can be really helpfull <3(private message:whistling:)

    the event will start the Sunday 28 April at 17:00PM !(You can use a link to find out what time it will be at home at 17h (french time)) (Paris)

    Please, tell me if you want to change this time and we will see what we can do, hope we all have fun !

    Bonjour ! Après avoir passé de longues heures à avoir fait un parcours pour tous vous faire souffrir , Je vous livre enfin ce petit mini-jeu fait pour votre bonheur (ou votre malheur) !

    Les régles sont simples, j'ai fait un parcours d'obstacles dans mon appartement secret, le premier à atteindre la maison à la fin du parcours remporte

    1er : 2000 Diamants

    2éme : 1000 Diamants

    3éme : 500 Diamants

    Le parcours se déroulera le Dimanche 3 Mars à 17:00 de l'après midi ! Il se peut qu'il y ai quelques problémes au sujet du parcours, mais après y avoir passé de longues heures à le testé pour trouver d'éventuelles failles, il ne devrait y en avoir :) ! Sur ce bonne chance à tous , & n'oubliez pas ! Je ne suis qu'un joueur qui fait un mini jeu :p ne me blamez pas s'il vous plait à propos du jeu (trop dur, ou trop irritant etc etc..)

    Hello! After spending long hours making a journey for all to make you suffer, I finally give you this little mini-game made for your happiness (or your misfortune)! The rules are simple, I made an obstacle course in my secret apartment, the first to reach the house at the end of the course wins

    1st: 2000 Diamonds

    2nd: 1000 Diamonds

    3rd: 500 Diamonds

    The course will take place on Sunday 3rd March at 17:00 in the afternoon! There may be some problems with the course, but after spending long hours testing it for any flaws, there should not be :)! On this good luck to all, & do not forget! I am only a player who makes a mini game: p do not blame me please about the game (too hard, or too irritating etc etc ..)

    Hallo! nachdem ich viele Stunden damit verbracht habe, eine Reise für euch alle zu machen, um euch leiden zu lassen, gebe ich euch endlich dieses kleine Minispiel für euer Glück (oder euer Unglück)! Die Regeln sind einfach, ich habe einen Hindernislauf in meinem Geheimapartment gemacht und der erste, der das Haus am Ende des Kurses erreicht, gewinnt

    1. 2000 Diamanten

    2.: 1000 Diamanten

    3.: 500 Diamanten

    Der Kurs findet am Sonntag, 3. März, um 17:00 Uhr nachmittags statt! Es kann einige Probleme mit dem Kurs geben, aber nachdem ich viele Stunden damit verbracht habe den auf Fehler zu testen, sollte dies nicht der Fall sein :)! Auf alles Gute, und vergessen Sie nicht! Ich bin nur ein Spieler, der ein Minispiel macht: p tadeln Sie mich bitte nicht über das Spiel (zu hart oder zu irritierend usw.)