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    Your spelling and your mind kill this game yeah

    It have a new forum, a new website is building, where is the problem if the old is closed ?

    Keep us from your uselessness. When players come here, is not to see you crying for nothing, stop it for the well-being of the forum please

    I totally agree with the idea of adding a new language, the Asturian !!!

    Indeed, even in the minority, I find that the population speaking in Asturian is too largely undervalued.

    When I see the French people crying over their minority, it is perfectly legitimate to defend ours.

    So please, Wonderful Translators, think of us on occasion !

    Ahah Thank you for relaunching the topic but you could be a little more grateful to Momo for this universe. 8o

    And an update of the emotes list can only gladden your interactions between Osiras. ;)

    Hi o/

    It would be cool to have the 'pray' emote, like kneeling in front of the Dragon God Altar, in the Guild Sanctuary, isn't it ?
    Maybe with the possibility that it is continuous, that it doesn't have to restart it regularly, as well as any other already existing, such as '' Think / ponder ''. ^^

    Hi, I have paid 8€ a loot pet which disapear very often, lost in dungeon's map ( average : 3 runs per 4 runs). Hence, I have to loot by myself. It is with the feeling of beeing cheated at, that I ask now if that very annoying bug, already met in dragon's prophet, will be one day patched in savage hunt.

    Best regards.

    Salut, j'ai payé 8€ un pet looter, qui disparait 3 runs sur 4, me faisant faire son ramassage à sa place. C'est avec la vague impression de m'être fait arnaquer que je me demande si ce bug, déjà présent dans dragon's prophet, sera réglé sur savage hunt.

    Cordialement. o/