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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Everyone can throw accusations into the room.

    I'm not surprised that people like you (over 1 Week offline) will start to "play" in the forum.

    Tell me Facts. But yes you dont have the Set because you dont know anything.

    I know you.

    You want some facts? How about the fact that some people have full-time jobs and responsibilities outside of a video game? You act as though being offline from a game for a week is somehow insulting to me or something. You really need to take a break, reflect on yourself, and grow up a little kiddo. :)

    Also for a record I don't have the set because the chests are too inconsistent and broken to farm 1800 Components 3-5 at a time on this version of the game. Especially in the limited time of day I have available to play, also especially due to the fact that i've already obtained the set on DP and have zero desire to farm it again. Nice try though!

    SH is basically the "Dragon Collector" version of DP. Tons of dragons available for free, but everything else is much harder to obtain than in DP. Considering the rate at which zones are released, and the drastically inflated prices of virtually everything in the cash shop, it's almost counter-intuitive to play SH in its current state. Inflated cash shop prices are due to dragons mostly being removed from the cash shop, but you can't even build all these dragons reasonably unless you pay an exorbitant amount of money for slots/whips/skill removal crystals.

    On DP you can at least farm alts quickly to assist with this, but they've "fixed" alt farming on SH. Coupled with the non-existent Dragon Insignia shop and the fact that you're severely limited on Incubators, which you can only purchase for an outrageous amount, instead of crafting like on DP really hampers training overall. I'm not saying that Gamigo doesn't deserve to make money from the game that they publish, but it's borderline extortion at this point.

    I've also been experiencing a lot of CTD crashes ever since the last couple of maintenances. Mostly it happens when I use any dragon transformations, but sometimes it happens just when flying around. I haven't changed any settings or done anything differently and I have had absolutely zero crashes of any kind up until recently.

    There's no use trying to argue with them. They have their own little clique and will back each other up no matter what. I will be publishing a list of Dragon Killers with evidence at a later date. ^^

    Belzie is correct, while all of the dragons are for free in the form of Soul Gazes, occasionally a few of the common dragons will pop up for sale in the marketplace. You need only do some of the dungeons a few times to get them, so buying them from the marketplace won't give you any sort of advantage

    That's all well and good, but can we expect a Marketplace update with the costumes/weapons associated with the Lunar New Year Event any time soon?

    If they've sold any dragons through the Marketplace, it would've been when I wasn't playing the game. I stopped shortly after the Alentia update and they still had adhered to their promise never to sell Dragons on SH. I would hope that if anyone wanted to pay MORE money for recolored Dragons they would just do it on DPEU where it's normal.

    Usually when the Eastern Dragons are activated, the Marketplace gets updated with the costume sets and weapons associated with the event, i.e. Dragon Messenger. Will that not be happening this year?

    Actually, Magic Damage is the primary damage source for Oracles as well as Sorcerors. All of your personal damage and healing skills will be affected by your Magic Damage stat. You'll also notice that if you hover your mouse over the icons for your skills, you'll see that they scale partially from your secondary damage types, which are Natural, Dragon Spell, and Elemental Damage. Certain skills will scale from certain secondary damage types with different values. For example as an Oracle, the healing skill "Cure" scales to a higher degree from Natural Damage than it would from Dragon Spell Damage, which is the other secondary damage type that most of the skills scale from.

    Once you acquire your God skills and have invested points into and activated the buff associated with your class's Gods, you will gain secondary damage based on which God buff you are currently using. For example, Oracles have a God for both Talisman (one-handed) and Scythe (two-handed). The Talisman God gives you Natural Damage from your Intelligence stat, and the Scythe God gives you Dragon Spell Damage from your Dragon Affinity stat, for example. You can also gain secondary damage from your accessories, shards, certain dragon skills, or from your Class's orange gear sets from the end-game zones.

    So in short, most of your abilities will scale from all of the secondary damage types, but will scale primarily from either Physical Damage or Magical Damage depending on your class.