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    nailed the tail better than i did on the signature recolor -cries- i never really looked at it and i couldnt find any good screenshots of it xD (also the noodle event being in like 3 weeks i couldnt get my hands on one either lol) good job tho! looks super duper awesome <3

    Why thank you!! Your recolor looks awesome too! ^^ I'm so excited for the noodle event tbh

    Btw as this was totally getting on my nerves today i would like to add 2 more suggestions to the chat system:

    1. Regarding the Chat filters there should be a way to choose between "Local" and "Zone"Chat, because both are considered "Normal" as of now and it is really nerve wrecking to get spammed by local messages from NPCs all the time, especially while running roadquests, so much that all other potentially important messages get flooded away...

    2. Also about the Chat filters: It is possible to adjust what messages we want to see in which tab of the chat (apart from seperatinc local and zone as mentioned above) BUT those custom settings disappear everytime the game gets closed. So everyday i need to adjust the tabs anew because i cant get all my important chats into one tab, ONLY in the "All" tab, that is flooded with local messages =.=

    I agree 100%. I was going to suggest #2 as well. This would also help in aiding the whole censorship problem I think. If someone didn't want to read the chat, they could just turn off that chat channel and have the game save it.:thumbup:

    Also we need way to block out any messages we do not want to see (make it rated pg 13)

    Considering this is a game catered more towards adult players, I personally find the censorship to be kind of pointless. People find a way around it, and it's not hard to figure out the meaning of their words. I understand that many words are censored merely to try and mildly control any discrimination/flaming, but it's bound to happen in any MMORPG. This is why we have a block button, simple as that tbh.

    I remember an older SIM game called "WolfQuest" that was extremely popular to that crowd and released in 2007/2008. It started out extremely popular, but within about a year after release flame wars were everywhere, and so a censor system was added. Literally it made it unnecessarily hard to have any kind of conversation at all, thus ending ultimately in the game's failure. People enjoy freedom of speech. When it's taken away, interest in a game drops dramatically.

    Wow, you are one talented artist! Zios looks amazing! Would you may draw Diamond Fortune, when you have time? Don't feel obligated to do it, if you don't want. I'd just love to see a picture of him.

    Sure, I think I could do that ^^
    I'm currently working on a 'lil Pixel drawing, but after I'd be happy to start a Diamond Fortune drawing.

    You'll get a Fan Art subforum next week! :) I love fan art :)

    Yessss awesome! I'm looking forward to that for sure :D

    I love to see more and wish we could see the whole body as the head just beyond words :). If some one could draw a family photo of Balge and the parents and have it like a very cute scene it be amazing :).

    You mean like a Balge family? .o.

    So because I thoroughly enjoy drawing and being creative as a whole, I sometimes like to doodle things from DP/SH. While not all of my doodles will be posted, I figured I could share the better ones as I go along. Hope you all enjoy them! ^^
    P.S. please do not copy/steal/trace my art. You may only use it as long as I am credited. Thank you!

    > Zios the Cloudburster <


    > Diamond Fortune <


    This is more for personal use than anything, but I figured I could post it here as well, since the other one hasn't been updated in a little while. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so and I will update accordingly. Enjoy! :)