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    So correct if i am wrong! but this game is slowly walking to is death, as long runewaker, keeps the ownerships?

    In truth as for now that sure sounds to me the exact thing that's to come , possible that we are just going to be like at the stage we are at but at 105.I been playing DP since launch and it's very much an old snail when it comes to new content.

    Don't get me wrong i love DP/SH but if no more new content is to come witch every year so far is looking grim , so will this really end up like DP for the next year's to come ? (Getting nowhere fast)

    Just wish there was more communication for you guy's so we can hear some good new's that SH will carry on but with new content.

    I can play any game fine on max and i work night's and would not be leaving my PC on all that time.EU DP is not like it for me, it's after being in game for about 2 hours or more it get's like it even if a quick relog was to fix it, it should still not get like it.It's not a game that's extremely demanding like some of the newer games out so i can't see what the problem is.

    Recently reinstalled windows 10 home prem x64

    Updated all drives

    checked my net speed multiple times and tested other games

    Still problem persists

    I have i7 cpu with 64 gig's ddr4 ram and geforce gtx 1080

    not seeing how it could be possibly on my end.

    I know it's been said and the game is getting on now but this is something that has and does need to be really looked into, i can play near all other high end games gfx no problem ram and cpu no problem but the fps and general lagg loading after being online for awhile gets to much after awhile.The memory optimize is not even helping.

    Will this game ever be properly optimized ?