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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    I'm pretty sure there should be some pictures of those around here in the forum, gonna search a bit! We had such parties in SH aswell one or two times :D

    Some specific mobs need to be killed in order to make the egg spawn. I've had this issue in tangaroa mine while getting to the boss through where indigo flare spawns, had to go back to the main tunnel and kill the mobs there and the egg would be there when I got back to the boss' room

    Thats not true completely ^^

    To be exact there is a sort of invisible "trigger" in every dungeon, that indicates a bossroom. It's usually around where the bossroom barrier is located.

    I had that in tangaroa mine aswell as bloodstone fortress :D if you take a shortcut like the 2nd tunnel in tangaroa, or in case of bloodstone fortress just run into the bossroom too fast, it won't trigger. All you need to do is run in and out of the bossroom area again and your soulegg should be there

    Also a little reminder: It is probably best you search for an active english guild instead of creating your own ;) most guild features need alot of active members to unlock/achieve. There are no benefits to having your own guild with less than 10 active members

    Looks pretty awesome, good job :D

    i dunno if i could join you on saturday maybe, i'm just gonna wait for the set date/time :3

    in case i manage to join you i'll grab the 42.

    oh and the english is fine, its easy to understand :thumbup:

    As you said it: its the programming. Runewaker just decided to code this for nvidia systems, they can run it just fine, tho no system can run this game 100% crash free :D thats just the nature of the game

    But your installation problems might not be your system, browse the forum, there are some threads with solutions for installation problems ^^ AMD should just give you some more laggs and boss bugs in 3 specific dungeons, apart from that its playable

    Yes powder does always work, there is no fail when using it ^^

    If you want a certain dragon make sure to actually make it 100% cause youre gonna be angry when you make it 99% purple and 1% blue and then hatch the blue....

    BTW you can find a complete hatching guide here: [Guide] Dragon Hatching System

    You have to take into consideration that the whole balancing of the game is different. On DP you had to PAY for any nice dragon you wanted, and it was a good amount of diamonds too. Here in SH you only pay for the other items like costumes, so obviously they had to re-balance the marketplace.

    I don't think it was a bad thing tho. Everything in DP was easy to get, and in SH you need to put much more effort into it, so it feels more like an accomplishement once you reach your goal :)

    I had to change my button quite a few times aswell, as any sort of special key would sometimes just get ignored by the game :D the numbers on numpad seem to work best for me

    other than that, did you try running the game with admin rights? the folder for the screenshots requires adminrights, so it might actually be your game doesnt have the allowance to save the screens ^^

    The only Hidden Quest that never got out of my mind is the one in Wintertide, where you get the key to a bank safe and after you give that Key to the owner you get a riddle, saying "The treasure is in the left eye that gazes upon the Lake"... i never could solve this one and i'm pretty sure there doesnt even exist an actual ending to this, but if anyone knows where to complete this please tell me ^^

    Nope Ezeriel is the normal Duskreaver Model ^^ (just looked that up XD) there is also a fat Duskreaver Model for Deep Abyss etc but i dont like that one, probably not going to draw that lol

    For those interested, i wanted to show the making Process of the Duskreaver Signature

    Step 1: Sketch

    First i sketch the rough anatomy, then refine it to have all important body parts there (the picture for that failed me qq)


    Step 2: Add Detail and Draw all the correct lines in a different Colour (cause pencil on pencil is hell after 2x of redoing the lines)


    Step 3: Now that the Sketch is done, scan it and open it in your Art Programm, i use Paint Tool Sai and Opencanvas 6, depending on what i do i use either of them. Now for the Lineart Paint Tool Sai has an awesome Feature: i draw some random black Lines, that just need to barely add up with the Line on my sketch


    Its a Mess, i know lol BUT if i do this in a Lineart Layer i can correct every single Line now by pressing CTRL i can form the Lines freely and it will make beautiful Curves that i could never draw by Hand :D


    This is before and after, its Magic! Well i'd love it to be magic but actually its really Hard work itself. A little Time Comparison: The whole Paper Sketch took me ~2h with 3 different Layouts (of which i didnt like 2 in the end.) The Lineart Step took me ~4h now + adding the Shadows, another 1-2h....

    So yeah, now that this is done we got a clean Lineart and only need to apply Shadows in a seperate Layer:


    And its done! The PNG file without a background is in the Signature Dragon Thread if anyone wants to colour it :D