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    I know there's an option to auto-reject duel invitations; mine is turned OFF. I don't like PvP very much, so I rarely do it.

    I don't know why, maybe I'm just a klutz, but about once a day I hit that damned duel invitation menu option. It embarrasses the hell out of me to be so clumsy. Most just decline, which is fine, but one person ACCEPTED this week! Damned near gave me a heart attack! Thankfully she was just joking, and we had a nice chat about it. But's annoying as all get-out, and I'd rather not have the duel button so close to the view egg button.

    It reminds me too strongly of things like Genesis' song "Land of Confusion", with the "Nuke" and "Nurse" buttons too close together, or the recent false missile alert in Hawaii because of a badly-worded menu.

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    I just ran Consus with my lvl 21 guardian. Killed everything along the main route. Went up against the boss with a dragon. Killed it and did not get a Soul Gaze. I haven't gotten one from Consus in many runs. If it's supposed to be a 100% drop, it's STILL not working.

    The egg circles are good, and I'm glad to see them out of the big lair in Artecia. But there's been a mild annoyance since the hatching system was first introduced years ago.

    You can only care for a given egg once per day. But when you've got 20+ people standing in a rough circle around a Lair Manager, it's hard to keep track of which ones you've cared for and which you haven't for that daily cycle. It would be useful if the eggs had a colored aura, say green, when you haven't cared for them yet that day, and a different color, perhaps red, when you've already done so. Or simply turn off the aura entirely when you care for the egg that day.

    That way it's less frustrating, since you can avoid the "You can only care for an egg once per day" message when you try to care for an egg you already got. Every little bit of player satisfaction helps to support the game's playability.

    If I''m off base, or there are significant reasons why this CAN'T be done, I'm open to feedback. But I think this is a good and useful thing to add.