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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Thank you Catarix. See you in next game.

    This has long been an issue, even in DP. I have spoken with Ildruin about it. I am talking about alienating a large part of your audience. In a NA based game with the same problems, I would be standing up for all of you in EUR right now. I do not expect special treatment. I am asking for fair treatment. And when I posted my very first reply on this topic I knew all those players who got to purchase one of these apartments would defend it like crazy, cause they had no other competition. This isn't only about the apartments, its about Simon Says GM event, Missing Brimstone GM event, or Valentines Day Weddings, or so many fun events that half the world doesn't get to attend or even have a chance in. Thats ok, there are other games. I have loved DP since it was released. And realistically SH has hardly any active yes, alienate half of them and push them away. Don't worry, I know you won't miss me. But you sure as hell are going to notice a game with less actives, and one you are spending money on that won't be able to sustain itself long term because it is pushing away players because of high marketplace prices (huge issue!) and the"local only"mentality that it caters to. Any game that I invest in, I want to keep it alive for a long time. I will be be moving on with my time and my money now.

    I have not been suggesting or even asking for events to be suited only for NA players. What I am saying is they ARE suited ONLY for EUR players. And There are many other players who contribute to this game. Maybe 24 hours notice so all could have prepared for the sale of 20 apartments? But you know what...what the many people have walked away from this game already....If german players can support it on their own, then do that. Have fun!

    12 hours ago was 5am for me and the rest of us in NA. I got home from work at 4pm, 45 minutes ago. So what I see is EUR players who are wide awake in their daytime, received the information. Then waking and going to work for me, and others not in EUR, means we missed out. So no notice for us, plus the sale happening 2.5 hours ago, while NA players are at work or in school mean we did not know or have the opportunity to participate.

    Here is my issue: Yes I know Gamigo is a German company. However they have a German server, a French server, and an English server. People who keep German hours are most likely playing on the German server because they are IN Germany or the surrounding countries. The ENGLISH server has players from all the rest of the countries that do not speak German or French. You have Americans and Brits, and Brazilians, and all crazy places that speak English on this one server. But yet, Gamigo and Ildruin continue to hold in game events, make very important announcements, have special apartment sales all at times that most of the players of this server cannot feasibly be in game to attend. Having GM events at noon or 1pm on a week day in an English server is crazy. The players with no job may be able to be online at that time, but unless they beg their parents for some money, are not the ones spending money on this server. People who WORK or go to school, have no chance to participate in server events or (in this case) grab special limited available items for sale. These are the very people with money to spend on stupid unnecessary stuff in game like red wings which don't even let you fly. (yes that was a dig on myself for spending $35 real money on a set of wings just for decoration). WHY is this server leaving those who can spend, out of all the good stuff???

    Honestly I would love to know how many people who were able to grab one of those Misty Shroud apartments live in England or North or South America. I will guarantee you almost every single one is a german or close by player that speaks English. Which will prove that if you aren't EUR you are getting left out of a whole lot of stuff in this game.

    ***Damn and I was preaching being positive in complaints on forums not too long ago....

    Misty Shroud blueprints sold out!!!??????? Whaaaat????? We had no prior notice that there would be a limited item going up for sale, and you did maintenance and they sold out while I was at work. I am mad. Thats crap. If I would have known that only 20 were going to be available after maintenance, I would have made sure I was sitting right here at my pc when the server came back up. Now because I have a real job, so that I can spend lots of money in game, I miss out on something really cool. Not happy. I am not waiting a year for them to come out again. Yeah, things like this are what make people walk away..... I sure feel like doing so right at this moment. I better take a break to cool down. Maybe I will be back tomorrow....

    i'm a vet player from the orig dp, i just found out this was around. i have a few questions and i was wondering if you could answer them. is the game the same as before before ?? that's all i really need to know. i really loved that game and miss it. where are the game servers i looked everywhere on their website and couldn't find any info about that. let me know and than maybe if your guild isn't full i could pm you in game for an invite. any info you could provide would be awesome

    magic 8 ball:love:

    Hey Magic8, The game is mostly the same, except it definitely focuses more on dragon collecting. No more marketplace dragons that you can only get by cashing. Now all dragons are available in game, most through drops in dungeons, found in the wild, and of course still incubating eggs. Its still new, level cap is still low, so its a good time to jump in! I would love to see you in game! And of course if you want to give Reawakening a try, you are very welcome here. We are having a blast!!!!

    OMG! I just saw one of those Fuying lvl 60 on Leadis ch 1. Oh, that is so pretty!!!! and work today was all full of disasters and emergencies. I have missed all chances to get one. :( I am so sad right now!

    Hey there,

    we can actually shorten the respawn timer, let's see if that is necessary :) The event only runs for one week, since it was programmed that way I believe.
    The marketplace variants of Dragon's Prophet will in one way or another make an entry into Savage Hunt as well ;)

    Please shorten spawn time! This is terrible. And you have a ton of fighting on German server over spawns too. Shortened timers would really help! There are not enough maps open yet for this to have 3 hour timer. Edit: I have already seen multiple times that 3 hour timer is the minimum, often its up to 6 hours before spawn after cap.

    A roaming Kazer, already tagged lvl 50, capped at Fungal's cave 11:55 AM EST

    Another Kazer spawned at Fungals cave while this one was being caught. Helped another player cap him on Fungals route 12:05 PM EST

    I kow and no one wants to take time and help. I do not have alts only my main so how am i suppose to tame a noodle with no help

    DragonProtector, I still have not caught one of these darn orientals, but I promise you, if you have one tagged, and I am online, I WILL come help you!!!! Please add me as friend and message me any time! I do not go back to work until Monday, so I will be here all weekend. I am very happy to help!

    Not happy already after first day of event. 3 hour spawn rate is WAY to long. You have a few people capping all of them, and nothing for the rest of us. These are the same people who did it on DP. No regard for letting anyone else have a chance at all. Do you guys realize if you purposefully ruin the game event for everyone else, that all you do is ensure you are among the few players left in game and the game dies? You are sitting ON your capped Guangren, camping out to catch more of the same so no one else can get him. Uggh!

    I fully agree with Nickapow, and I am glad that someone has voiced our appreciation for the staff. I probably would have done so first if I had read the news before now. I see a lot of complaining in forum since the game has been released as SH. It disappoints me to see such. I know Ildruin has always been responsive and has worked for the community, for us players, when he was CM of DP EU. Yes there have been some issues, some changes we would all like to see, some improvements.... As we can see now, the SH team is listening, and more importantly they hear us. I would like to urge all forum users to try to bring up issues, problems, changes you want to see in a more positive manner. Explain what is wrong in your opinion and offer suggestions instead of bashing the staff before they have even heard this is an issue the players are concerned about. Angry complaints instead of encouraging, positive suggestions or feedback posted in forums are not likely to be taken as seriously.... BUT also have another even more harmful side effect to all of us. New potential players see these hate filled rants and will immediately bypass the game thinking its not worth trying. And all of you here, whether you have come from EU or are brand new to SH, know that this game is very definitely worth trying! I have been with NA, then EU, and now am here with SH, that's literally years I have put into DP/SH and so many of you I have known in game all those years. This is a great game! HELP to make it better by explaining what is broken and ways to fix it - no more bashing. They will hear you! I, personally, want to see Helmoth filled with new players every day! Long live Savage Hunt!!

    the downloader does not always work. I have zipped game files and sent to a friend who was able immediately once unzipped . I will upload tomorrow and give you a link.

    I invite all new or veteran players to join Reawakening Guild. We are an English speaking guild with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our players are all levels and very helpful, from current max level to newbies just getting started. We are here to help you grow and succeed in game. We do daily public events and dungeon runs together. All players are welcome!