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    as in the past often requested I organize a Speedrun-Contest Event !

    The rules are as following:
    1. The very FIRST person who can beat my Speedrun till the release of LvL98, will be rewarded 10mio Gold of mine.

    2. If no one can beat my time, but atleast 10 Players participate at this event, I will reward the first (after my own) 3 places with 1mio/500k/250k Gold.

    3. The Speedrun -videos have to be posted/linked in this Thread.

    4. No cutted or speed up Videos are allowed

    5. ONLY SOLO-HARDMODE Speedruns will count

    I would love if Players actually participate at this Event.

    To start this Event. Here is my Video. I hope everyone has fun :]

    The event duration will be till release of lvl 98 !!!

    A little Tutorial on how to Solo the Styx Festival in no time.
    Its best to do it Solo because u dont need to share the Coins :)
    I hope it will help some of you.
    Have fun <3


    Im looking for Players to trade shards. I have high Phy Shards which i want to trade against MAG Shards. I created a list of my Shards and how to fuse them. x2 or x4 stands for the Number for Trades.

    Im also Buying any Mag Shards and trading against any Shards for Mag Shards.

    If u have any questions or interessted in my offer u can write me here on the Forum or in Game under Aquatic :)

    Mag : Phy (Update)

    457 = 457

    465 + 443 = 2x 457

    461 + 443 = 2x 457

    452 = 457 x4

    448 = 448

    446 = 448

    443 = 448 x2

    330 = 330 x2

    219 * 6 with glue = 330 = 60 shards + 5 glue

    330 * 4 with glue = 457 = 240 shards + 23 glue

    219*2 without glue = 250

    219*2 without glue = 250 => the 3 with glue = 323

    219*2 with glue = 257

    323 * 4 with glue = 448 = 240 shards +15 glue

    Just because we´re trash ( SH/ DP/Company) doesn´t mean we cant achieve great things. Its called garbage can, not garbage cannot.

    We're loosing cata D:

    Ouh noooooooo :o

    You know that u cant loose ? If you would have read the rules then you should notice how easy it is to win.

    You can post a vote as many times as you like, but you must post your votes one at a time and there must be at least one person between you and your last vote. IE. If you vote for coffee you must then wait for someone else to place a vote before you can vote again.

    You are two participants. Easy Game

    - Water , obviously :) Aquatic

    . And there is still a new problem, it takes more VIP experience on Savage hunt to reach a step that Dragon's Prophet VIP7 on Savage Hunt requires 234742 vip experience Dragon's Prophet it takes 195618 VIP experience.

    Hey there. This might be true but not true :)

    195618 / 500 = 391 Days u get 500 VIP xp on DP

    234742 / 600 = 391 Days u get 600 VIP xp on SH

    Wären die Inseln eine Option ? : B16 B05 B10 B27 D16 D05 D10 D27
    Das sind alles Inseln auf denen kein PvP stattfindet.

    Was ich zusätzlich als kleines Problem sehe ist die Zugänglichkeit.

    Um es kurz zu fassen: Spieler sind sehr bequem :) -> Fügt wenn es euch möglich ist einen Port, von dem ArteciaNPC der einen nach oben und unten portet, zu der Insel oder dem Haus auf dem der Serverübergreifende Eierkreis sein soll. Vielleicht könnt ihr ja einfach den oberen "Partner" NPC duplizieren und der Spieler sucht sich halt einfach aus zu welchem er möchte :)

    Edit: Wie wäre es mit einer kleinen " Schablone " . Es ist wirklich frustrierend mit anzusehen das ein Viereck für manche auch ein Kreis ist. :D Das könnte vllt als Vorlage dienen ? Ihr habt bestimmt auch eine Idee :)
    Bei der Inselauswahl würde ich die nehmen mit der besten Performance, wobei die Fläche keine Rolle spielt, denn wenn euch das mit dem Porten möglich ist, dann kann man ja dann den schönsten Fleck aussuchen. Vllt in der nähe eines Apartmentmanagers :?:.

    we didn't remove the PvP from B19, it never had PvP enabled.

    das finde ich persönlich schade. Spielt momentan vielleicht nicht so die große Rolle aber ich kann von mir aus sagen das ich dort echt viel Spaß hatte. Sei es duelle zu machen 2 v 2 ; 3 v 3 oder Gilde v Gilde. Man könnte hier jetzt weit ausholen, aber ich denke mal ihr wisst worum es geht :D

    GGGGGG -.- its english only Thread. im stupid. Ima sorry !
    Sum up:

    B16 B05 B10 B27 D16 D05 D10 D27 Options as Island.
    B19 is fun PvP island.
    Teleport from artecia to Cross Server Egg Circle

    we'll just need 3 days to get to a new cap instead of 2 and maybe a week for a twink to new max...

    Please let the magic happen :) u can lvl all my chars np :) GL in a week. from 0 to 105

    i leveled from 60-70 in 2 days

    it would be rather silly to allow players to jump up to the new level cap in an hour

    I think u guys dont understand the concept of the game. If they release a new lvl cap. EVERYTHING u have is completly useless. The best way ALWAYS is to rush the new max lvl cause the best items dropping there. Unless u start farming u gear already with 70 for 80 its a complete timewaste and even that is not worth because u are slower with lower lvl in higher lvl dungeons. Its always better to grind out lvls ASAP. This game is about max lvl only in my opinion. Nothing to do in lower lvls.

    You guys dont complain right now bc its " only " 6 hours but lets bet something. At Olandra lvl 90-94 it will be rare to see a lvl 94 char and if only one of you guys go and complain here on the forum. Remember : You are on the list !

    Payday is mostly talking for the future. If its not gonna change with the Xp-rates its gonna take ages. I understand that in a lot of MMOs the main part is about getting lvls etc., but this game is different.

    I can see how it would be a lot easier to test out a class and all of their attacks and such if you just ran through and quickly levelled them

    Dont worry just ask Torbinius he will lvl your char in only 1 week to max.

    You guys forget a big factor.

    Incubators are OPTIONAL and definitely NOT the most important item ingame. You dont need to buy them now. I think they will add them later on to craft as it is on DP, but many people asked for them and they take the opportunity to make some money and make few people " happy ". It´s not working as intended, because ofcourse everyone wants to get their hands on it. Also till now u could have made a Dragon easily to lvl 100 just by provisions. Also with 8/10 good skills. You guys just need to be patient and farm several dragons, if not even hundreds of them. Just wait till the Dragon has only skills u need or atleast 66% chance for good transfer. Just dont farm specific dragons as some people say. Just go fill your Collection :)

    things like incubators is making this game more pay to win

    This is also not true.

    P2W = Items or benefits u cant achieve from playing the game and only get by investing money.

    In DP it was always the same concept which also applies to SH.

    Money = Time and nothing else. This is why i like this game alot.

    Everything except Bankslots was viable through Shop already ( Bagpack and Masteries included).

    Ofcourse its tricky to get everything unlocked but again. The only thing it takes is TIME.

    To sum it up:
    Relax and u will see :) Incubators will come in the future as craft. im 100% sure of that. And for those who buy Incubators for Dias now, you just have a little advantage, buts its nothing non achievable :)
    Also dont compare everything . This phrase makes me sick: " but in DP .... " YES in DP lvl 105 maybe, but check earlier patches or viability of items on lvl 70 or 80 90 94.

    Hopefully this makes you aswell look from the other side :)

    Have a great Day all.


    which item exactly are you missing? "Shard Expansion" doesn't click right now, but I'll be happy to request any items that were overlooked
    Removing Shards can be done via the Interface in a Shard Anvil (or similar, I forgot the exact ingame name) and does not require an item.
    Shard removal in general got more expensive, since it is seen as a optional service - if you want to switch around your shards all the time without your equipment breaking, you will have to pay the associated price (or commit to always having the shard or always having the equipment). That is the general idea behind it. If you feel this needs a reevaluation, please let me know so I can discuss it here.

    The small loot drops were removed from the marketplace for now - you will see them return alongside the stronger 100% boosts in rotations I assume.

    Drachensplittersockelschlüssel und Drachensplitter extraktor, gab es zuvor beide hier für 400 dias und 90 dias. Vielleicht brauchen wir sie jetzt noch nicht, aber ich würde mir wünschen wenn beide Items dauerhaft im Itemshop erhältlich sind.

    Wenn ich mir jetzt überlege wie viel Dias man bräuchte wenn man ab Winterflut anfangen würde immer sein komplettes EQ zu öffnen dann ist das schon echt übel. Bei 1 hand klassen kann es im schlimmsten Fall zu 27 Sockeln führen. Das ist echt brutal. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr euch das etwas einfallen lassen könnt. Die extraktoren könntet ihr ja wie in DP handhaben. Einen pro monat im Login und 1 pro Monat für X-Anzahl Insignien, weil da könnte man ja mit neuen Set teilen arbeiten. Das öffnen des Sets sieht wieder ganz anders aus :/. Was auch cool wäre. Laufe 100 mal einen Endcontent Dungeon ab lvl 60+ im Wochen achievement = Sockelschlüssel.

    Was ich sagen will. Ohne Schlüssel kein F2P, weil ich sag mal bei 400er splittern mit ca.90Schaden pro, sind das bei 27 Stück ca. 2500 DMG. Was halt gewaltig ist.

    Und aus welchem Grund sind die Masterys um über 60% an Preis gestiegen ?

    Really ?

    975 Diamonds for 1 more Mastery ...


    No comment. I was thinking of opening them. NVM on that. Please Fix !!

    Also Fix SHARD Expansions ?! Why did they disapper from market ?! hellooo, its mee. MARIOO.

    Also shard remover , this gonna be unplayable if cant open up our gear. makes farming useless. Please Illdruin. Go make all dragon 100€ each but give that back :(

    EDIT: ?! Why did both 10% loot drops from market disapper ? i wanted to buy them actually :(... please

    I dont understand the problem here. I would recommend you doing daily weekly and monthly achievement and also from time to time lvl an alt for repair hammers.

    I do run Solo only.

    is that from solo or in a party? Well I do grind but there only so much I can do with prices being out of wack

    Free dragons on sh is nice but it worthless if gaze drop rate so low you spend days trying to grind one and nothing.

    Droprate isnt to low. U just need to grind more. I do get a bunch of Gazes every day. Just keep farming :)

    Still, we are getting off the road here. Main issue with alts in tournament is that there are hardly any places for main, regular players because alts take 90% of the spots within 5-10minutes of registration period start. Which is crazy.

    This argument makes no sense. I Personally dont care about arena and dragons, but u always can participate in the tourney. Just click on someone and do a little fight for your spot. Simple is that. If there would be more players there would be the same problem with having no space for registration. Also Alts have very bad dragons. If u look them up, which i did casue of this thread, u clearly see they just captured one dragon and registered. I dont see why people are not allowed to log alts in there. + everyone has the same conditions in this game. Everyone can create alts. Its not like u need to purchase slots for chars or some BS.
    About CoP. U sure u need multiacc for manipulating rank ? dont make me laugh. I give u a little example: Assume we both would run CoP together. We are rank 1 at most runned levels with a big gap to others and we still have saturday and sunday left. One day i would pick as much twinks of yours to top 100 and on the other u would do the same for me . So this is fair ? getting more rewards or even STEALING them from others cause they droped out because of our 10 alts.

    For repair costs.... i really cant imagine u did press more than once on this button "repair for gold".. i really dont want believe that.

    Daily,weekly, monthly achievement. New Eq . Alts.. New fighting strat to not get damaged. There are A LOT of options

    No hatered or negativity against you !
    Would also like an official statement so the hate can stop.