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    They could prolly but Gamigo would need a DEV team

    we tried during the NA time however runewaker would not allow us to use their source engine or graphics engine to do so, we did get to take part during the end working on the design for the new map past silarian as well as new content area on certain maps that never made it in the first place, however it was difficult translating. I do wish we could throw in the lvl 200 scorpion back on the original inertia in the mountains off map again lol

    i wish we could get na account back though

    you and me both...sadly I was right there when Rick and main man in charged pulled the plug, I spent enough time with heartbreak through that whole ordeal. Me and a few others spend days, weeks translating game code for the marketplace and a lot more shanigans trying to keep DPNA alive....with the majority of the time giving our kidneys to runewaker for allowing us to have the simplest things such as housing items

    np, I thought that was the case, I did also check to see if this had been brought up lol no luck either. Thanks for your answer and hopefully one day we can see some continued steam from them or support like you guys have for this game, they should just hire gamigo to take it over hopefully I can say that :P

    Just out of curiosity is gamigo actually involved with new content updates or modding of the graphics etc for savage hunt or you still tied by good ol runewaker. Never really thought to ask but before DP America went kapoot RW was about to give us some reigns on design and content add on for some of the old maps which never grew into anything, this was also during the same time we were translating and putting together a list of market and in game items via codes etc.....not enjoyable. Just curious if this is something that possibly has been brought up, I have some knowledge in working with the graphics on the game as well as the item code translations for the market and furniture store.

    This def was my all time fav game, still try to play but since Im in American my pings are hit and miss, but I would love to see things added to the game or re looked at.


    those interested should change how the game works, game always ran 32 bit in north America, deleting the 32 bit file forced it to run in 64 bit and the game ran 2x as good. Just an fyi

    hey guys, should see me in game sometime. Reviving the old bones for SH. alpha NA player - PanzerGoddess

    if you got any spots open let me know, should be able to jump on tonight. Those wondering to smuttey - he jumped ship and went to two other games :P