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    I decided to give Ranger a shot! I don't plan to ever go PVP and I am a little lost with how I'm supposed to build around PVE?

    Everything in Ferocity and STR? Or...

    I'm so utterly lost. ROFL

    That actually sounds like a great idea, with the world bosses being introduced the quest might even be "take down this/that WB!" Now I kinda feel like a dumbarse for unlocking everything early if they actually go with your idea or something like that xD

    I hope they see/listen! D:
    I think the #1 thing that will drag this game down is the slots being locked behind a paywall! If they wen't purely cosmetic or "pay to save time" I'm sure this game would be more fuller and people would stick around!

    I like to dab in SH, but it's a hassle having to keep releasing dragons /JUST/ to make space. That isn't fun. That's not engaging, and it makes me dislike wanting to pay even more.
    Maybe link the slots to WB/quests/leveling, keep it interesting, alive and something to work for it!

    I'm not going to lie. I love this game, it's a great game. There's dragons, quests, eggs and so on!

    But, I am sort of upset that lair/dragon party slots are /STILL/ behind a paywall. I personally believe they should be quest/level up acquired.
    (I know a lot of you are going to say: Well, it supports the devs and the game!) and I fully realize this.

    Sure I agree, Marketplace dragons now being in the wild and tamable without having to spend money is great!
    But, personally. Seeing as I spent money into the original DP and it caved in on itself. TBH, I don't want to take that chance, again. I don't want to put money into a game that /MIGHT/ collapse on itself again from lack of players, content, updates, and so on.

    I think SH would do a ton better if slots weren't locked behind paying money. Keep the Marketplace purely cosmetic/exp potions/w/e

    As for unlocking slots, it would be great if you were given a quest every 10-20 levels and a choice if you want to unlock a lair slot or a dragon party slot. It's still grinding and working towards something.

    Just my thoughts.

    (No flaming please.)

    (Devs please hear our cries rofl)

    Don't you love it when you're working on a quest and you're doing an event-

    and some overpowered player comes out of nowhere and basically takes the event from right under you and than flies off. And, you're stuck waiting for it to cooldown? (and your quest never finishes.. so you have to wait.)

    Great times. 8)

    (maybe its me being petty, but I needed to vent. <3)

    But.. such system is already in game. Your dragon gets companion exp when fighting with you (or mounted combat) which you can later convert to Combat Skill EXP or regular exp to level it up in your lair.


    I didn't know this actually, OML. I feel a bit stupid now. ROFL

    I know this is probably going to spark a lot of debates and I'm not looking for a fight, but I thought- it would be pretty neat if dragons could level beside you. Maybe, they wouldn't get as much experience gain- and so on.

    I don't know, something about leveling them via lair + food just feels.. "disconnected" from the game, they feel more like a chore than they do an actual "pet/companion"
    I understand you need to probably quick level your dragon and grinding it would be the probably a hassle also.

    I don't know, I'm just spilling nonsense,

    This was just a quick thought that came into mind.


    1. No, I personally never used htached dragons in original DP, and there was no real diffrence in PVE, PVP with them, hatched dragons are mostly needed for tournament, but are not nescesary.

    2. No, every dragon can be good if you build it right, that is for PVE ofc. When it goes to tournament people use mostly birds, ironhides, orientals and duskveavers, and they seem to be best choice for it. But for pve you can take anything.

    3. Not really, you literally have to have few dragons with you, few for soul skills, one buffer and one healer - that is minimum in my opinion.

    Thanks so much for answering! Tbh, this really puts my mind at ease, I was stressing and thinking I had to get the best "everything" to actually do anything decent in PVE!

    I'm defiantly going to be passing this along to my friend!

    I know in this game that 'wild' dragons are more weaker than hatched dragons.

    Now, what I was curious to know is:

    -Do you need to hatch a dragon for better PVE or is hatching dragons mostly for PVP? (Do stats matter overall for PVE?)

    -is there such thing as a BAD dragon? (Like, can any dragon be good in this game? Or is it narrowed down to only Named/Fabled/etc. Will also come out on top, because they're "rare")

    -For those who don't want to buy slots right away, is it possible to throw all of your attention on a single dragon? Or do you /NEED/ more dragons out in the field with you?

    Thank you in advance for all the answers! <3