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    I really hope that they consider a way of earning this slots with a in-game (non diamond) feature somehow... I mean, for a game BASED on capturing, collecting and training 600 dragons, advertised as free to play... When you start playing and realize that all you are able to have are 4 dragons for free, and the only way to have more is by spending real money... it's kind of a deal breaker for me (and I guess for many new players and old DP players as well)...

    I understand that they need a source of income for the game, but making such a key and essencial feature of the game paid-locked, is not the best way... This slots should have another mechanic to get them, even if it takes longer. They could still be bought with diamonds (for players that want them faster), but could also be achieved trough normal free gameplay.

    Personally, in my opinion, even that wouldn't be ideal. I believe that stuff related to capturing, training and collecting dragons shouldn't be on marketplace, because they are essencial to make this game special, different from other MMORPG... I believe marketplace should focus on aesthetics items, or items/bonuses for faster character progression (less grind), or many of the stuff that are already on marketplace. Just don't make the dragons related features exclusive for diamonds.

    HOWEVER, I understand that at the current sittuation of the game, that would be asking too much. After all, gamigo is a company, and needs to pay their bills and profit. Therefore, I think a mechanism that allows players to get the slots for free, in a moderated and realistic time (don't do something like "grind 4 months every day and you get 1 slot for free"), while also being able to purchase the slots with reasonable diamonds prices (so the players who don't want to grind can get them faster), would be good, would attract a lot more new/old players, and would help the game!

    Please Gamigo, hear us on this... And please let us know if this is something that you guys consider/discuss or if it's out of the table... It's been 2 months, the company probably has at least an idea on where they stand on this matter...

    Thank you again :)

    Sadly, this matter still is like in the beginning. They said they were working on changes coming to the marketplace, but the dimension of these changes or when they'd come is unknown...

    Thank you for the update... Sad to hear it tough :(

    Hello :)

    I was traveling and therefore away from the game for a while, but now I'm back, and looking for news! I'm glad to read the "future of the game" post in announcements, gets the hopes up for the game knowing that gamigo discuss the suggestions and feedbacks we give them.

    That being said, I would like to know where do we stand on the lair/chamber/stable slots matter... are they still only unlockable trough diamonds? If yes, is this a change that is being considered/discussed?

    Thank you for the attention ^^

    Hello :)

    I've been reading this forums and I've seen many feedback, suggestions and questions from players... However, not many from gamigo...

    I would like to know where we stand on changes that are necessary on this game...

    Personally, my main concerns would be the dragon lair/chamber/stable slots, the low exp rate, and the absurd prices on everything... But there are many other problems that other players brought to light, that weren't adressed... Feedback from Gamigo on any of these matters is appreciated and necessary (ideal would be on all or most of them, but unfortunally I'm tired of being optimistic with this game).

    Thank you for your attention

    THANK YOU Ravij!!!! I feel the exact same way!!!

    They claim that SH will be more focused on taming all the free dragons... nice! HOWEVER, if you want to do anything else with those dragons, like training, or even KEEPING them, you need to pay with diamonds! This is a pay to play game masked as free to play, because the main feature, the core of the game, demands payment.

    Like Ravij, and many of my friends from DP who tried SH, we WILL NOT play this game any further, until it's fixed in several features, this stable/lair/chamber situattion being the main problem.