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    Aaaah sorry, I forgot to edit that! I wanted to include that in the original announcement :(

    So, specifically, Soul Gaze IS affected by it! I'll go change the news immediately. The rest is like speculated, special stuff like sets or quest items are unaffected.

    Thank you for clarification! It was mostly in relation to soulgazes I was wondering about it :P

    The luck-potion buff everyone's been given has the following description: "Increases 50% the drop rate of loot with Green Rarity or higher. (Note: Specific loot from monsters will not be affected by this.) while in effect."

    Could that "specific loot from monsters" be clarified please? :)

    A lot of games getting a 'global' release are tailored for NA players, despite their 'global' tag. I'm sure that for once when a game is very clearly EU based that the NA player base can suck it up and just roll with whatever time stuff is released/announced like EU players usually are forced to do.

    As others have pointed out; the announcement was made well ahead of time for all time zones to get the notice.

    Hi. Since the two last threads are no longer being updated I assumed sooner or later someone else would take up the mantle and make a new thread on this. As no one else did it I thought I might as well go ahead.

    I don't plan on quitting the game anytime soon and will keep updating as new zones are released.

    Please keep posting your finds here.

    Update: Marked the rare drops of each dungeon in red.




    Brimstone Glow

    For those of you new to Savage Hunt, welcome! The dragon 'Brimstone Glow' has 100% drop rate. All you have to do is find the dungeon and beat the boss at the end. You will then loot an item called "Soul Gaze". After right clicking it, look around the room for a glowing egg, which you should approach before pressing "F". After this, you will have your first Ancient!





    What should be in the marketplace at all times is not up to me or you ^^ I will however speak to the management about it :)

    Personally I don't use the marketplace a lot, but I know there are quite a lot of people who are upset by the sudden disappearance of items. Especially considering we were given no warning that these items were leaving the store as far as I know?

    If a marketplace rotation really is necessary according to management at least have them tell us when they plan on removing items and an approximate time frame on when they return.... While just the fact that these items are in rotation will probably have people upset, at least knowing a little bit more about it would make people slightly less upset.

    The small loot drops were removed from the marketplace for now - you will see them return alongside the stronger 100% boosts in rotations I assume.

    Sooo that means that even the 'basic' marketplace items that kinda should be in the store at at all times have a chance of being rotated out of stock after each update?

    Indigo Flare isn't exactly a marketplace dragon but a wild dragon that can spawn in a dungeon for a cancer-ish chance and exists in both games. He has been there long time before SH. :P

    (I still can't believe you hitted that jackpot %. Lucky you! )

    welp, my bad then. But yeah... me neither.... I'm still heartbroken that I couldn't capture it ;_;