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    Why so complicated ?

    The Clients are identical.

    You should check your client.ini = DP = SH

    If you downloaded the latest version and it still doesnt work then it would mean that they should reup the whole patch system.

    Since Gamigo switched to theyre own System, it seems like they only make the latest Version patchable.

    If you have a older client and want to update it, then it wouldn’t work..

    They maybe didnt recognized that this change will force the players to download the latest Full Client again, instead of patching up..

    Because there is no Reaction of anybody, here some facts.

    From VIP 0 to VIP 10 we have to invest around 5500€.

    Or Login Around 4 Years each Day.

    Savage Hunt Players get the following Rewards for VIP 10:

    1. +8 Free Transports trough Transport Book
    2. +3 Daily Quests
    3. +4 Dragon Stable Slots
    4. 15% XP Bonus
    5. 15% Normal Dropbonus
    6. 6% Rare Dropbonus
    7. 15% Crafting XP Bonus
    8. Mobile access to the Bank
    9. Mobile access to the Auction House
    10. Mobile access to the Mailbox

    Dragon's Prophet Players get the following Rewards for VIP 10:

    1. +10 Free Transports trough Transport Book
    2. +10 Daily Quests
    3. +12 Dragon Stable Slots
    4. 50% XP Bonus
    5. 50% Normal Dropbonus
    6. 50% Rare Dropbonus
    7. 50% Crafting XP Bonus

    So Savage Hunt Players buy 2/3 too much, for nothing.

    No wonder that there are not many people who want to buy Diamonds.

    LadyThora Can you, or somebody else answer ?


    I would like to request better VIP Rewards for Savage Hunt like at Dragon's Prophet.

    Comparison: [Guide] VIP System Rewards

    Maybe the Same Rewards + Mobile Access for Savage Hunt ?

    (DP Related: Any Progress for the Localization for the Dragon's Prophet Client ? There we have still the wrong VIP Descriptions)

    The whole thing why SH has been released is still confusing, but the original game, dragon's prophet, has not had any major updates since 2014/2015. The Devs are taking any bits of money both games still get them but once that amount will be near 0, both games will be closed IMO. It's not a matter of if it's possible or not, it's a matter of if the DEVs still care enough to fix shit (which they don't)

    Edit: the "new map" and lvl cap increase is for Savage Hunt which is a clone of dragon's prophet. Both games are from the same DEVs for some reason. Savage Hunt started back at lvl cap 40 and is getting every maps DP has. Most likely, neither will get a *brand new* map.

    Wrong Topic.

    Those who play Savage Hunt know this already.

    Why cant Gamigo just give the Players a little .bat File so they can toggle between SH and DP.

    Or a something similar. I mean everyone could code this by theyre own, but the most doesnt know about the fact that both clients are identical.

    It doesnt make sense to have 2 identical Clients installed, because of only 1 line of code which is different (IP/Server Adress.)

    Just saying.

    Hint: this week you have a huge world-merge first (sheep)

    and right after this you will have the creation festival and the christmas event, so plenty of stuff to do

    I can say this much: no new Zone/Level Cap this year, so expect it in 2019

    Not really.

    We did the christmas event last year and the world merge isnt content for players.

    Sad but if gamigo wants to miss the best Time

    for a new Lv Cap its not our problem.

    Try to extract it at your User Folder somewhere at „my Documents“.

    Seems like you have problems with Admin Rights and/or UAC.

    And you can solve this by extracting somewhere else and copy/move it after the extraction manually to your Program Files Directory.

    Seems like you did your Dailys at the Sitheran Seaside. 8|

    No wonder that people will not have you there.

    There are so many other and bettter Dailys where you can farm Daily Items for like a Week or longer.

    I just think you are doing your Dailys one bye one with the Eventbosskills.

    And yes, this is annoying and ridiculous for other people.

    I never understood this nonsense daily farm system which some people do.

    Nothing against you but i can unterstand people who dont like to have Dailyfarmers there.

    I think the same about the problem with these less channels. But I think they wouldnt give us more channels because of one little Map Area which is highly used.

    Players wanted to play together and now they arent happy. Why did i already expect this ? ^^

    Nobody got more stable Slots at SH instead of others. Only DP Players have more (there are wrong VIP Descriptions).

    Everyone has the same reward, if you compare the same VIP Stages at SH only or DP instead.

    But i think the same. These low amouth of stable Slots we can get from those VIP Rewards at SH are way too low.

    Its not only about the stable slots. If you compare Droprate, XP Rate and Dailys Amouth with the DP VIP Rewards, you will wonder why anyone ever should spent money for crap.

    [Guide] VIP System Rewards

    There is already a German Guide about this Topic with my complete List of all Spawnpoints in total.

    [Guide] Treasure Hunt - Schatzkisten-Jäger (Verschlüsselungskomponente)

    But you should better stop sharing exact Spawnlocations.

    Everyone who have worked hard / searched a very long time for those Points will understand this.
    And dont take this as bad criticism but everytime i saw people sharing some Screenshots/Spawnpoints they never searched for them by theyre own.

    They got it from other People who have have really earned the Spawnpoints, because of motivation and much much hours of searching.

    If you share all of the Spawnpositions then you will ruin this Game Feature which contains searching the Spawnpoints by theyre own.
    I dont want to say nobody should help each other for finding some more Spawnpoints.

    But its like if you are a employee at a Lottery and share the Correct Number via Facebook to everyone.

    The Idea of a Step by Step Guide is good, but dont let it grow to a "solution book"

    Edit: and by the way, there are many wrong red dots on your Map.