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    Just get on with it and come out with an official statement. But if your hands are tied behind your back with a knife to your throat give us a sign!

    Watch as Gamingo starts charging dias to enter the tourney as a way to combat alts.

    So pretty much the original VIP system they got rid of but its sub based instead of it being boosted by dia purchases and activity for those that are f2p?

    Im sure Gamingo will love that. Give that marketing rep a giant smile. What? They want to give us more money just to get a discount on our inflated prices? Sure why not! Will give them more incentive to spend $25 on top of the sub fee just to make use of the great discounts we can provide! We can give them a couple diamonds with it just to make them want to save them up or spend more to get the items they want.

    Joking aside...

    If done this way it will be locked behind a paywall and it will vanish unless you get back onto the subscription again. Surprised people are not just asking for VIP to come back in the first place. Yes I know most of the people talking in here have spent tons of money on dragons they ultimately stick into the storage. So the free dragon perk really is triggering people to buy more spots to stuff them into. Kinda makes me think of a Pokemon game that charges you $15 a month to store your Pokemon in Bills PC or buy a page to store 9 in for $4 a pop.

    I think you would be better off just bringing back the VIP system and giving better items overall at later lvls. Gives ALL people a reason to log in every day and play and chat with the others in game. Also gives people that do spend money something more like a investment instead of a membership perk that ends the day you stop paying the sub fee.

    Assault or riot

    Well they will be good for this server tbh. Reason I never used them normally was due to the damage cap on dragons on the main game. No point having a glass cannon with 45k + phys dmg when the game only uses up to 16-20k of it. Reason I have those above a assault are due to noodles cyclone/ raptors evo skills for heal and the charm? double strikes. The phys dmg windrider has a fast strike and can really shine with with 40% main stat steal and skills like mighty and glacier strike.


    I didn't know this actually, OML. I feel a bit stupid now. ROFL

    Its easy to miss. Each 1k exp you get with it out converts to 1 provision or 600 exp for 1 skill exp I think. With that you need about 250k exp grinding to get a dragon its first lvl using companion exp alone. I think you will need close to 39 mil companion exp to lvl a dragon skill from 1-10.

    Note that most of the exp you gain is from the quest inside the dungeon overall and less from the mobs themselves. Dragons do not get that quest exp and only get it from mobs. So yeah, they will need to update that a bit to make it worth while currently.

    - As other had said no. Yes you get some extra stats listed on them. However, you will not see a huge difference overall. Even from a base 1.0 to a 6/10 hatched dragon its not really a major difference in overall power. On normal DP I could have a base dragon with lets say 30/30 con when it reaches lvl 100. One has lowest possible stats and the other with max. Since most do not run with charisma builds overall you will not notice any difference between the two outside of some hp diff. Yes crit chance might go down a percent or so but its not a deal breaker. When you are full charisma the amounts grow in difference a bit but again nothing noticeable. You can toss some charisma on your gear or stats on your dragons armor to give it that extra boost if you really wanted to.

    -Overall no such thing as a bad one. They all have different uses based on your play style. Personally I always start with my bird. Tanky, ok dps and great heals. Noodles I normally go for a more dps roll behind raptors and phys dmg windriders. Play with builds and see what you like. Overall if you find a dragon you really find great try for that.

    - I rarely need anything outside my bird tbh. Yes, I could get away with one slot. However the main pain is not being able to get lair slots to lvl your dragons faster. As of now you need about 100k dias for laedis provisions/books/skill transfer crystals to lvl a dragon to 100. + you still need to get the normal provisions via farming. Exp at these early lvls will not do you any favors in regards to combat exp dragons get. Just make sure your dragon is well balanced. Make sure healing wind, life reflux and will to live are on them and you should be fine no matter what type you get.

    Hope the info helps. Tho I am also repeating some of what others had said already. Below is my go to with some tested skills. Note its stats are on a 105 guard with close to 1700 cha


    Hope they dont start nerfing durgans for arena reasons. Only reason birbs win early game is due to their fast strike speed in the arena. After they are built up that strike becomes weaker unless they build a bird with ele strike. But by then most other dragons overpower it with raw damage anyways. Overall I dont care about arena but when they "fix" this stuff they just lower stats on that dragon type overall and it carries over into their normal use. Why years ago dragons got a -20% impact dmg nerf for the arena and it made dragons even weaker outside of it. I know dragons will be fine now overall but once 90+ maps come out they will be back in the role as a support healer you jump on to avoid damage.

    I could post all my suggestions again that ive made on dragon updates but its not been accounted for since I started posting them in 2014 lol.

    Well they did hack up the maps to use for other parts of the game. If they bring back Satuma they need to make another map for the 102 items.

    So chances are slim for them. Can always hope. ;)

    I don't know about Consus cave but I did drop a second Sould Drop in Abandoned Quarry while still having an egg from the same dungeon in my marketplace tab.

    Perhaps you can't get the same dragon again if you leave the egg unopened?

    Or you simply had bad luck. :/

    Hmm. Might be due to you being able to get multiple types of eggs in that dungeon. Consus only has one that can drop as far as we know at this time.

    Its more like an 90% chance to drop. It seems like you also need to use your egg before getting another soul drop. I had one in my inventory and ran several times without getting one. Once I hatched it it was good to go. It could be that I have super bad luck like I did on na and eu with this sort of thing ;(

    Yeah, sadly that is how many people will be in the upcoming days. Same game overall with some extra egg drops you can get off the boss.

    As for the person grinding to max lvl and skipping the quests. They will could have done a decent amount of the quests overall in this amount of time. Most people are slowed down a bit only due to the only new feature of his game.

    Except they didn't. Go through the archive and the countless complaints that "old" DP had before the initial adjustment to the EXP curve which was long before the forced puretia start and the additional experience increase that came with it.

    The status quo is they are recycling the same patch without fixing any of the issues the game had during it's infant days. Back then it was tolerable because it was a new product. Now it's an insult and further proves the point that this is nothing but a pathetic attempt to take some kids lunch money.

    Idk I felt like it was not too bad. However I skipped it mostly on EU. Think for a bit NA had higher rates on the second half of its life.

    I'm just outraged by Admin's response that "you only need to grind a bit". You also happened to say so.

    Its not a bit. It takes hours. Not to mention Soul drop rate is horrendous, at least for Catacombs. We dropped 1 soul for 4 hours of constant farming...

    Hah yeah I hear ya. Idk my first mmo was a grind fest. Took years to lvl up to max unless you paid tons of money. Killing 1,000s of mobs for hrs on end to get 5% of your exp bar for the day was great progress. lol