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    Well, sure it is RNG, but the birdies just outside Helmoth got usually big chance to give you Healing Light, heck that's the one soul skill I get usually after catching at most 10 birdies with an alt on DP, still is so here on SH. Plus "being forced" , I don't think anyone minds giving up a slot for a dragon that can heal you when you really need it lol.

    Though it is indeed still ridiculous, it's too slow, way too slow. Not to mention you're pretty much stuck until say lvl 21 for "real" attacks.

    Okay let me rephrase that.

    It's less about giving up a skill slot and more about being forced into sticking with a Skytouched Dragon taking up one of your free slots due to how convenient they are in terms of combat healing skill droprate opposed to bringing along a dragon that's more suitable for combat because last I checked prior to mounted combat Skytouched Dragons suck.

    The lack of "real" attacks further backs my point. Under normal circumstances level <40 content is meant to be to ease you into how the game functions instead of being a grindy (challenging for those that somehow die to chicken...) mess. However because of the gimpy exp curve you fall behind in gear if you don't grind certain dungeons over and over again and solely relying on healing potions which should be more than enough isn't a viable option forcing you into using dragon soul skills.

    That can't be healthy neither for the game nor the players mind.

    It's called prestige. You don't buy it, you earn it. Where's the satisfaction in aquiring something through the AH? The people that got the dragon after two days of running the dungeon, crying in a corner and going back to mindlessly slaughtering dungeon inhabitants will feel *insert overused EA/gamigo meme here*.

    Also selling those "rare" dragons on the AH inevitably invites gold sellers because gold is a semi-limited ressource and I bet you my Left-Hand-Mario-Kart-Blue-Shell-Finger that the pricing would be ridiculous high making the entrance more lucrative for bots.

    Point being hitherto: The game offers meager bag space in the first instance...embarrassingly infinitesimal amount!

    Even Runes of Magic, gave us more bag space than the initial 3 rows we get!

    If you think that is sufficient room - including quest items - you are addlepated!

    Sure, I'm the addlepated one since I can't read....shoot that's not me. There's 6 pages in total and you get the first one for free. Buy the rest like everyone else does

    just saying that the rates on the old DP kinda sorta matched with the progression of the story.

    Except they didn't. Go through the archive and the countless complaints that "old" DP had before the initial adjustment to the EXP curve which was long before the forced puretia start and the additional experience increase that came with it.

    The status quo is they are recycling the same patch without fixing any of the issues the game had during it's infant days. Back then it was tolerable because it was a new product. Now it's an insult and further proves the point that this is nothing but a pathetic attempt to take some kids lunch money.

    Please give us a few more rows...I'll happily pay for a few more rows myself if this occurs!

    You are contradicting yourself. If you are going to pay for additional rows anyway after fully unlocking the first page when reaching level 20, why not do it from the get-go? How is "give me more free stuff so that I feel inclined to pay" a sound argument?

    Jesus christ do I despise a badly set up WoltLab Suite 3 board...

    Exp rate is WAY too low. There are too little quests and I wouldn't mind the grind IF the mobs weren't hitting that hard. Public Events bosses are mostly impossible to solo (at later levels). At some point its hardly possible to kill group of mobs to grind your level. Besides, even mobs don't give that much experience. It's horrendous to see random road quests giving 10% of your level, and regular quests giving barely 4%. I do understand you do not want people to get to current cap (40) too soon, but don't make it too long either. Please reconsider.

    I am level 20 right now (guardian.. so can't imagine what squishy classes are going through) and I am so exhausted I'm considering quitting at this point. No fun, too much struggle. If you don't change it, many players who wanted to casually play will quit.

    And I was really excited for this reboot.

    It's closed beta all over again. At this point doing the Napolite grind Yuuyake recommended in their (gender neutral pronoun because I'm too lazy to remember what sexual attack helicopter someone identifies as) and then going back to soloing PEs, RQs and whatever other questline currently isn't bugged seems to be the only way to keep your sanity. I'm open to any other approach but odds are they didn't remove that exp brick wall that leads to falling behind in the gear curve and having to party until the next level treshold.

    None of the squishy classes have a harder time. Kiting and multiple hitboxes are still a thing that can be abused. I share the feeling of quitting tho. I had low expectations from the get go and was just gonna use Savage Hunt as a time sink but there's far more enjoyable options to do so than EXP witholding and bugged quests.

    that's just crazy. If I want to grind I'll go to bdo.

    But BDO is at least rewarding you for the exp grind while also be less annoying until you hit the soft cap.

    I play Guardian with shield, i use basic attack for leveling and... OMG 2 MINUTES FOR KILL A LV12 MOBS HELP ME PLEASE.

    There's genuinely no excuse to use basic attacks for leveling. Even before you unlock weapon masteries combos exist leading to a damage increase of 300% compared to plain basic attacking.

    I'm not finding any problems soloing and such... then again healing soul skills ftw lol.

    RNG and being forced to bring along a specific dragon like this one can't be the answer tho since not everyone gets them early on.

    If you are not use to the original DP it might feel odd for you.

    Member Since 07 Apr 2013. The update you are refering to was after Hwarra's registration date so not a valid argument. Dungeon mobs give awful exp just like everything else. Beating the grind through more grinding sounds hysterically funny.