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    Not to brag or anything but I'm the first non-GM user to reach 2K points (and get the second title, Dragon Sage) on here 8)

    Stats wise get constitution, strength (where you can get it, not every piece can), fero and focus, rest is up to you, I would put in charisma if you plan on using your dragon's in PvE, other than that it really is to user's preferences. As for the jewels, definetly use assault.

    All I can see is this is what the real life alabaster sailhorn would look like. And now I'm scarred for life and will never look at him the same way.


    This skill unlocks at a certain level (30 I think) and allows travel to your house once per hour. From a house it is possible to teleport to Arteicia for 600 gold.

    you get the skill by entering your house/apartment for the first time. It also costs 600gold to travel from a skytouched knight to your house, the opposite is impossible if I recall.


    Transport book is limited uses depending on VIP - but there are items that can be used to give an extra transport book teleport, or a home teleport. Free ones used to be given out in bulk on the Kindred Wheel as the booby prize - HINT HINT Gamigo!

    Transport runes can also be collected through zones daily achievements

    You don't really enable the skill, you just get it by completing a quest in the very first town (where you have to register a translocation point whith the transloc dude next to the mailbox) you receive the skill as you complete the quest but I don't think it goes directly to your skillbar, you have to open up your skills with K and it should be on the first page, then drag the Icon over to your skillbar (or just click it in the skill book) to teleport to your last registered point. (Since you seem to have no idea about it, I'll assume you only registered to the first town and you'll be ported there, you might have a bit of a walk to get back where you were quest-wise). Another option is on the character selection screen, click on your character and then click on the weird white/blue sky icon thingie that's next to your characters to teleport directly to Arteicia (main city of the game. From there you can teleport to every zone you visited at least once.

    The translocation (same concept as WoW's hearthstone) is a skill you get at the very beginning of the game (default is K if I'm not mistaken) other than that you *should* be able to go back using Misty, unless you are participating in the event in question. If you have a different skillbar than the one you usually have (event skillbars have a brown outline usually) try clicking the small X to the top right of the bar and then talk to Misty.

    Some specific mobs need to be killed in order to make the egg spawn. I've had this issue in tangaroa mine while getting to the boss through where indigo flare spawns, had to go back to the main tunnel and kill the mobs there and the egg would be there when I got back to the boss' room