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    GAMIGO is the owner of DP + SH - therefore GAMIGO decides what will be published and what not!

    The developers (of what is left of them) have nothing, and I mean nothing to decide.

    Oh you're right, I forgot you worked 25 years in this do you *must* be the boss.. where's our content dumbass? We want the 108 zone for DP and the 102 zone for SH, FOR TOMORROW. After all the devs are just a bunch of monkeys that can't do anything right? So give us content now andmuell

    Ofc there are parts of the lvl 108 cap hell even bakra and satuma since they might were planning on brining them back.

    he was referring to this I think. Also, Gamigo can't "find new devs" for the game, the current devs are the one deciding who does what and Gamigo has nothing to say about this. They only publish the work the devs are doing.

    I was ready to post one of the first comments when this thread started almost a week ago, but deleted it, knowing that I would raise a shit storm form gender (non)players like Aykalia, who know nothing about anything, but stick their nose into everything and by doing that get personal with their comments - unable to stay neutral.

    That seems pretty personal to me tbh :w in what way am I a non player that knows nothing by the way? The only reason why I didn't play since last September was because my PC was broken. I finally managed to get one 2 days ago so I'm back on the game. I also have been playing since the NA beta so I know a crapton about the game as well. By the way, did you know GM/CMs will silence you if you point/tag people out to diss them? Seems like you're the one in the dark for that one:w

    You are the same man what's wrong with you. And im not even talking about that this post shows that you have 0 clue of this game wich is definetly the funniest thing concerning some other post you did before lol. People will spend money because they don't have shit here what the fuck is going on in you head. You think they come over with all there stuff or what. use ur brain for 15 seconds and think about what exists in this game and there you have the answer.

    i have been absent from the game since last September due to my PC dying, if in the meantime DP and SH have got a separate Dia balance, I was unaware. Of course no one has their stuff from DP, but last I checked, the Dias you bought could be spent on both games. Assuming someone from DP goes over to SH *with* having already bought diamonds, there will be no need for them to buy more diamonds. (Unless they are short)

    Oh, right, didn't think about that, but if they make new content in SH, every player of DP will come and money will be HERE MWAHAHAHAHA GAMIGO THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING XD nah seriousely, can be great but we will stay at 108 after ? like racmon ? O.o

    Stupidest thing you've said all day, diamonds balance is the same for both games. Of course they'll need like 3% more dias to buy stuff but it's not because they buy dias for SH that it's technically a better thing.

    Why were you talking about the red item rarity then? Clearly you're the one not using your brain. Talking about something that is not in game even on DP will bring out people thinking you're talking about releasing the 108 map. Think about it a second.

    Edit: also if I'm typing for nothing, you responding to my shit also means you're typing uselessly. Look who's brain-dead now.

    Be as angry as you want it won't change anything. The devs stopped caring and putting efforts into DP. That's a fact that's been established 5 years ago. It's not much different now.

    Sorry for you Ayka (i never liked you anyways) but people make game for money, they don't make game for our own fun, so if they push away people who use money for the game, they will never win anything, right ? :) so i'm really sorry but we are important for the game, dead or nah :)

    Exactly, if no one pays for it anymore, the game simply dies. It's common sense. It doesn't mean you get to cry because you paid a bunch on a free to play video game just for it to die afterwards because there wasn't enough people paying for it. Also on another topic, if they were as cashgrab as people point them out to be, they'd let us buy the biggest dia pack more than just once or twice. That way they could make more money off our stupid asses (especially mine)

    Technically, 30 minutes is a few minutes. It's not even long at all.. and for people to try and fix something like this, 30 minutes is NOTHING. If your life depends on DP so badly you cannot wait for 30 minutes to pass by I don't wanna see what'll be your reacting when the servers will have a closing date..

    Goddam it Gamigo, again and again problems, which take too long to fix.

    No word from you - unacceptable!!!

    I still cannot log in - "thi zone has not been activated" .

    My mailboxes of my support chars are full of goods (with some high values) that are due 30.07. - will I loose it all?

    Worst of all - NO ONE WORD!

    Honestly if you're so full of it, quitting might seem like an option.

    There was a bug present on mobile before the crash so I wouldn't be surprised if it was still there. On the dragon's prophet side of the forums, both general and personal notifications are on the right side of the screen (about where the profile icon is) while on SH's side, the gen notifs are on the left side, and personal notifs are on the right side, as it should be.