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    Starting the conversation is indeed the way to go. As for uploading images I personally use zupimages, yes it's in French, but honestly it works wonders and is not that hard to find out what to do even if you don't speak french

    We get it, you're throwing your baby tantrum over on the forum to cry about how you've got banned over not following the set rules at the time. Good luck getting unbanned on a dead game Kappa

    Was the other character already made? If I recall there was a glitch where you could only get your account wide dragons on new characters.. not a mistake by Gamigo but a flaw RW closed their eyes on

    Edit: create a new character and check to see if you get the dragon on it.

    Oh yeah.. it was worded in a way that made me think they were talking about the old English server lol.. well in that case be sure it says the dragon is supposed to be account wide, it's not because it has been in the past that it'll always be account wide whenever it's up for sale. If it indeed is supposed to be AW, then wake the fucc up gamigo

    Dragon on account (Elaris) NOT working. Wake up dear GAMIGO pls... Ty

    I think you should be the one to wake up as Elaris is no longer a working server. You have to do the migration and download the new DP client which has a single server. Go to the official Savage Hunt website and look for the Dragon's Prophet migration thingie

    Different channels* there is a single server. Be sure to be on the same channel otherwise you will not be able to see each other (unless it's in instances ex.: Dungeons, raids, PvP, houses, etc). You can switch channels by opening up the game menu (default Esc key) and clicking on Change Channel. The bigger thing could be you downloaded a whole another game from each another. Savage Hunt and Dragon's Prophet, while being pretty much the same thing, are not the same game, and so, have different servers. You cannot transfer a character from DP to SH or SH to DP, if you do play on different games, one of you will have to start fresh on the game the other is playing.

    First, a request for a "stat boost" incubation lamp is markedly different from your arbitrary interpretation of a "max stats" incubation lamp, since a mere stat boost—say, from one orb to the next on the stat meter—wouldn't guarantee max stats. Second, how much good is the elixir, really, when the server is apparently going to be crashing weekly, and therefore constantly depriving players of days' worth of cares? Some eggs require two weeks of incubation, and if a crash lasts all weekend, that's up to four days lost that are pretty much impossible to make up without massive (and highly unlikely) player cooperation. A stat-boosting incubation lamp is, at this point, pretty much a necessity to give players reason to even bother to use the elixir in the first place, as it provides insurance against the next crash.

    As for the inconvenience of the bonus, the point—an extremely simple one that you utterly failed to grasp, despite the explanation provided in the post—was that since a random four-day bonus may be inaccessible to players who have actual jobs to work and lives to live, it'd be more beneficial for both players and the company to have a regular bonus event scheduled (which may actually lower expectations for certain compensations, since players can rest assured that there'll be another one soon); even if it were only for a single day each month, though two sequential days would be better, every player would likely be to take advantage of the bonus a few times a year. But in lieu of that sort of regular bonus, mailing a bonus potion to be used when the player is able to take advantage of it is much more accommodating to the realities of life.

    Further, the comment about players hoarding luck potions, and therefore spending less money overall, is a valid point that a company out to make money should consider strongly. So it's very strange that you'd ridicule a person who's merely a) asking a business to treat its customers with more regard, and b) showing the business that its current practices are actually harming its bottom line.

    The thing is.. you can't win an argument with this guy. He'll always make it look like he's winning, even if he's not. He'll just flip you off when he gets tired of his own bs