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    My guess would be that the poison would be this bad? How does it feel: I have no clue. And Izamu is the third boss in DHT, he is a legendary dragon that you fought only because he was being manipulated. Same goes for Sammos and Vita (first and second bosses of DHT) they both later help you through your main quest in Porthis and Thadrea

    As far as I can remember, that's a hidden quest, not the main quest

    Edit: tell her to back off to the town next to it and go back but most importantly, dismount her dragon as the quest will glitch if she approches him while mounted

    Yeah I said character, not account lmao, you log in on your alt, do the things then head to your house/apartment (you gotta place chests there first), place the coins in the chests, log in on your main, go to your house and collect the coins. You can do this infinitely if you want (now taking the end of the event into consideration)

    Regole you should write books for a living lol, everytime I see you on the forum there's this huge wall of text coming right after the name xD (not complaining, it's actually entertaining to read it all)

    I mean, if you'd actually measure dragons, many are over 20 meters in length. If you want a massive dragon, find yourself one from the Ancient Dragon Family

    To that I can say, the DEVs do not care if the game is being published correctly or not. They stopped caring for this game a long time ago (due to mobile games being the big thing in Asia, where their target audience is) so the game will not get any new updates. No updates = no players. Sure you can have like 6 months of fun leveling up and getting your gear but after that there ain't much to do. People still play it for the nostalgia factor and that's it. Even if the game would get published everywhere and a lot of people would come in, I don't think RW would care enough to fix/add anything to make the game better. They are done investing in it and proof of that is they constantly cut the DP team and assign it to other games. If, if the game gets any real updates, it's not gonna be before a few years, when everyone will have dropped the game out of disinterest.

    You can find the link to Savage Hunt on the official Savage Hunt website, but can only get the download link for dragon's prophet on the dragon's prophet part of the forum. As for the migration, it was about migrating your dragon's prophet account (if you had one) from the Infernum platform to the Gamigo platform, from then on using your Gamigo username and password to get on the game instead of the previous email+password

    Edit: also it does not matter if you try to play any of the 2 games from NA, I live in Canada myself and have been able to play both games 0 problem, heck sometimes I have better ping than some of my friends in EU lol

    The whole thing why SH has been released is still confusing, but the original game, dragon's prophet, has not had any major updates since 2014/2015. The Devs are taking any bits of money both games still get them but once that amount will be near 0, both games will be closed IMO. It's not a matter of if it's possible or not, it's a matter of if the DEVs still care enough to fix shit (which they don't)

    Edit: the "new map" and lvl cap increase is for Savage Hunt which is a clone of dragon's prophet. Both games are from the same DEVs for some reason. Savage Hunt started back at lvl cap 40 and is getting every maps DP has. Most likely, neither will get a *brand new* map.

    You sure of that? I've seen you complain multiple times that you were lagging and crashing too much and you also used that as an excuse to be low level