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It's maintenance day! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Servers can't be on perma summer/winter times as this would mean they'd be twisting time itself. (Not really but you get what I'm saying, actual time of your timezone is shown in game so it's impossible for the servers to keep the same time even tho your PC automatically changed it.) Ancients still spawn on the same hours they've always been, with an hour difference between winter and summer time.

    You have to understand that with the Marketplace Dragons now being free (which was their main income imo), they have to boost up the prices of other items in the marketplace. As for the shells, I believe it can be reworked a little but not too much. Shells and gold prices have been increased in SH to make it more challenging than DP, in which you can do pretty much everything super easily.

    I don't know about every noodle but opal fortune will definitely be a soulgaze imo since it has a physical difference from its captureable counterpart. As for other dragon's I think they will stay event dragons. If they are put in the marketplace as a flash sale it should be around the time or during the event. That's what I think would work best

    Like everyone above said, you didn't do much research and just wrote down a bunch of nonsense. I ain't gonna say anything about it since people already stated pretty much everything wrong with this video.

    "our own little clique" fyi, I haven't played the game in months and hardly know anyone that still plays, so people backing me up are people that just happen to think the same as me. And again, people could've accidentally killed dragons. Posting their names out like that gives them bad rep for nothing and just causes unnecessary drama. True there are some people that are out there just to kill ancients, and these people are enjoying the attention it gets them, so just don't feed trolls and don't give good people a bad rep. This is what I meant to say. Now let's all keep this thread a thread to post the times at which a dragon has been captured or killed. Without saying who did what.

    Well, first things first, to go to the sky islands you gotta go to the huge beam thing that's north of laedis and land on the platform there (once every two weeks there will be a huge yellow/brown dragon standing there, talk to him but do not choose the Island of Lost Souls option. That one is for high leveled players.) And choose any sky Island you want your home on. You have plenty of different islands to choose from, I personally like Baerton Snowdrift. Once you're on an island find the apartment manager on your map and go to him, he's gonna sell you an apartment for 100k gold with a rent of I believe 265 gold per IRL day. You do not *need* a secret apartment but it can help and it also looks a lot more beautiful than a regular apt. From there, when you're inside your apartment there will be a huge blue house button at the middle top of the screen, click on it, the first page should be where you put money for your rent, and second one should be to manage furniture. As for egg incubators, you have to buy them either with diamonds (real money) or with draconic insignias that you get for completing daily quests.

    Corzine is still a faster way to get exp, but I prefer running road quests than dungeons because of the lack of gold you get in a dungeon. You get a little bit less exp per hour running RQs but you get a crapton more gold than if you ran dungeons

    Well sorry maybe event the game doesn't understand nothing ;)

    Well maybe using your e mail address to login instead of your name account or vice versa ;)

    I remember a same problem after the migration account.

    You didn't understand at all. Even after being told multiple times that he cannot CREATE the account.

    well create account and play

    ...but obviously u can't use any old e mail address you previously used

    I used the email I had on Infernum DP and it worked just fine.

    Well opal fortune won't be up to capture ever, it's a special marketplace one with orbs between its talons. For the spawn thing, noodles spawn from Puretia to Porthis, with laedis having 2 channels. That means noodles spawn about 27-36 times each, considering they don't spawn on the 6 hour mark of their respawn.