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    If you're wondering what happened to the first one, it's on the actual version of Dragon's Prophet.

    Was this intentional or does Gamigo literally not care that they've produced the same game in duplicate and will just begin to post things arbitrarily between the two?

    Such a mess.

    I did these Quests with 10 different characters in DP, here nothing has changed so why should I do it again? People are bored because nothing has changed. Game is expensive and we only have free dragons.

    I would prefer to buy a dragon for real money than to be bored in the game. For old players it's like a slap<X

    Not to mention, some of us play the game with the dragons that are tamable anyway. When I buy stuff from the marketplace on DP, it isn't dragons.

    Ildruin, I know you're just getting caught in the crosshairs here, it's not your fault any of this is happening.

    Surely you can understand why we're all frustrated.

    Make it more f2p and not p2p?

    In fairness, as far as f2p games go, the original Dragon's Prophet is quite lenient. Most of the things for sale in the marketplace are purchasable through ingame means (it just takes longer), or are cosmetic (dragons, costumes, etc). The things that actually contribute to a player's build (weapons and gear and shards and whatnot) aren't, and that keeps the game mostly balanced.

    I agree, basic upgrades (stable, bank, inventory slots, etc) ought to be in the DI marketplace, and a DI loot pet would be awesome (especially since, mechanistically speaking, the limiting factor remains the player's inventory space). I have ever dwindling hope that whatever twisted logic is behind this completely pointless re-release will continue to leave gear and whatnot out of the marketplace to keep the core game mechanics fair across the board. I can't help but notice the gear ranking system that's in place; I haven't decided yet if that's ominous.

    I dunno if this is the case for anyone else, but whereas Dragon's Prophet lets me login to the client using my registered e-mail address/password, the Savage Hunt client prefers that I use my account name/password. If Ildruin's suggestions don't work, you may want to try using your account name rather than your e-mail address.

    Probably because they reused images from the first time this game was released.

    I'd bet the folks doing the re-releasing didn't even realize they were including pictures of an unavailable area.

    The XP curve has been ruined for some reason, and leveling is akin to self flagellation!

    Mobs also hit harder...not fun.

    The exp. is lower because the level cap has been markedly reduced (I believe to 40?). If they had left it the way it was you would have been done in a day.

    Things that are different:

    • Lower level cap (therefore fewer usable skills)
    • Fewer zones (therefore, more limited wild dragon selection)
    • Kindred Wheel prices (200/1000 vs 50/200)
    • VIP levels are gone (including level 1, so no bonus dragon slots right off the bat)
    • Some minor UI changes

    Things that are the same:

    • The core game.

    This better be worth it :)

    I have a sinking suspicion "free dragons" means they won't charge us for the dragon.... but they'll most definitely charge us for the KI/shells/whatever it takes to get the dragon.

    I wouldn't get my hopes set on any free handouts.

    It's a business, and I get that, but that is a pretty nasty bait and switch if you ask me. Most of us are happy to support the game we play, you really don't have to try to swindle us out of our money. Honestly.

    There is no US server. The rights to the game in the United States are still owned by Daybreak as far as I know, who shut their servers down a few years ago.