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    No entity lives without flaw, nor can he at all things be great.

    So pity Morgath, give him due, for all the world did he create.

    For earth and seas, the plants, the trees, our very home in which we dwell,

    Give thanks to Morgath, praise him high, despite the depths to which we fell.

    To further finish off the world, our Morgath chose to delegate,

    To lesser Dragons gave the task, the verdant world to populate.

    Great Kronos the Osirans made, and others beasts to share the earth.

    The dragons started all that led to fates and deeds of mighty worth.

    But Morgath saw a future bleak, and long he sought to find a way

    To save the world from darkness dire and bring us safely back to day.

    Before his death and dying breath, bequeathed he two parts of his mind

    He split his strength from wisdom then, two archives of a special kind.

    To Kronos Morgath gave his strength, but left no wisdom for his guide.

    Our devastation came from this, a fatal flaw we must abide.

    To fight the dark Osirans joined, the dragons to their dwindling ranks.

    This saved the world, at least for now; for this to Morgath we give thanks.